Top 5 Best Free Football Streaming Apps in Kenya

The Champions League is here and so is the curfew. What now? What are the best free football streaming apps in Kenya? Nowadays you don’t need to pay the expensive DStv Kenya monthly subscription to enjoy football.

You also don’t need to own a Smart tv to stream your favourite programs. You can now easily convert your old tv into a Smart tv by using an Android box. Keeping reading to find out how.

Best Free Football Streaming Apps in Kenya

In this post, we’re going to show how to watch and enjoy the free champions league matches at home for free! Most f these apps are available both for smartphones and TVs on Playstore.

So, tet’s get you started on best free football streaming sites in Kenya.

  1. Live Football TV Streaming HD
  3. Android box
  4. Mobdro

Live Football TV Streaming HD

This is currently one of the popular apps for football streaming that is available on Google Playstore. Live streams are available immediately at the start of broadcast thus giving you ample time to prepare yourself.

The only downside to this app is that the broadcast in the English language lags behind depending on the speed of your internet connection. Click to download it here on your device.

If you have a good internet connection and a fan of online tv and different sports channels, then this site is for you. offers lots of live streams sports channels for free.

However, since is a free site, there are far too many adverts and webpages redirects. For a comfortable experience when using this site, Click and follow links that open within the same window.

Football Streaming Apps in Kenya – Mobdro

Nest on our list of football streaming apps in Kenya is the Mobdro app. Although the app isn’t available in Google Playstore, Mobdro is a free online app that is specifically used for video streaming services. It is also easy to use this app to search for your favourite videos over the internet.

This application is compatible with Android systems, the IOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Android TV Box

Now, this is the part that most of you have been waiting for. You’ve been probably wondering where you’re going to enjoy you live matches from. As it is pretty difficult to watch a live match under the blanket or in the bed.

Here we go… Do you know that you can convert your current tv into a smart tv? How? By connecting it to an Android TV box just like you do for a decoder.

But with an Android box, you need a good internet connection. See How to Access Free Internet in Kenya.

The average cost of an affordable Android TV box is about Ksh 3,500 available on Jumia Kenya. Click here to buy one if you are interested.

Lastly on our list of football streaming apps in Kenya is the site which provides live links to some of the best streaming sites around the world.

Let’s hear about your best football streaming apps in Kenya in the comments section below. You can also add one of your favourites too. Remember sharing is caring!

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