How to Access Free Internet in Kenya

Free Internet in Kenya? This has always been a dream for many digital enthusiasts and Kenyan internet users.

Ever since we knew how to use the Internet, many of us have tried different tricks to hack our ISPs to get free Internet but with no success.

The prices have been very high only recently with the laying of the fibre optic cable have we seen a drop in internet charges.

How to Access Free Internet in Kenya

Finally, Kenyans can at least afford a smile because they can now access the free unlimited Internet on their mobile devices thanks to and Airtel Kenya. is an organization backed by Facebook to make the Internet accessible to everyone around the world.

They partnered with Airtel to bring the mobile app that enabled users to access the Internet for free in Kenya.

The Android-only app delivers free access to ‘basic’ internet services, covering education, employment, finance, health and more.

According to a press release by Airtel Africa released last year,

Airtel customers will have free access to: AccuWeather; BBC News; BBC Swahili; BabyCenter & MAMA; BrighterMonday; Daily Nation; Facebook; Facts for Life; Girl Effect; Jamii Forums; Messenger; OLX; Scholars4Dev; SuperSport; Toto Health; Wattpad; Wikipedia.

The offer will give Airtel customers the freedom to access these essential services by visiting or downloading the app in the Google Play Store. Standard data charges will only apply when a user browses

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This is excellent news, and more is coming.

5 Ways to Enjoy Unpaid Wifi In Kenya

  1. Free Wifi Hotspots – Make use of free wifi hotspots zones available in public places such as schools, hospitals, cafes and the workplace.
  2. Ask your friends to share their hotspots with you while you are together.
  3. If you have a good neighbour, ask them to share their wifi passwords or agree to share costs
  4. Take advantage of promotions and offers from you, mobile network provider.
  5. Diversify mobile subscription, that has different SIM cards from different service providers. This way you can choose which SIM card to use for data and the other for normal communications.
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