Top 12 Online Transcription Jobs in Kenya

Do you want to be your boss? Transcription is the right place to start. In this article, we will look into the best online transcription jobs in Kenya in 2019.

Here is a list of places to get Transcription Jobs in Kenya

  1. Verbit Transcription
  3. Voxtab Transcription
  5. Transcription hub jobs
  7. Crowdsurf transcription
  8. Casting words transcription
  9. Transcribe me
  10. Speechpad Transcription
  11. Upwork
  12. PeoplePerHour

Earning money online in Kenya today becomes a little bit easier. Transcription is one of the primary ways to make money online at the comfort of one’s home.

Online Transcription Jobs in Kenya

Here is a list of sites to get transcription jobs in Kenya that that pay well: Let’s discuss the websites above in detail

1. Verbit Transcription jobs in Kenya

Verbit is an online transcription website powered by artificial intelligence to deliver quality work. Upon signing up at Verbit, one could take up other online jobs such as captioning and real-time AI transcription. This website is legit and can make good money out of it.


Rev is basically for those transcribers who have been in the industry for some time. This is fuelled by the fact that it follows a stringent guideline while hiring. However, if one wants to go ahead and sign up, it might be essential to go through transcription training.

Apart from offering transcription service, the company also provides captioning services to its clients. The testing phase may take one at least 60 minutes. The assessments, evaluate ones typing speed, transcription skills as well as grammar.

Rev’s pay is better when compared to other companies because its payment structure is based on the following:

  • Number of speakers in the audio/video
  • File difficulty
  • Accent

The pay is made on each Monday of every week for work done from Sunday through Saturday. This website is vouched for 100% by my friends.

3. Voxtab Transcription Jobs in Kenya

This company is affiliated to big companies such as Morgan State University, Sony, Aviva, Tesol, among others. It has also won various accolades and awards because of its excellent work to its clients.

If you are good at captioning and subtitling, this website is perfect for you because it offers these services to its clients.

To start working with them, please fill in their recruitment form on their website. The form has various fields to fill such as:

  • Role details- The position,
  • Basic information section
  • Address information
  • Professional information


Anyone can join it to work for from any part of the world. Despite it being a newbie in this industry, it offers immense experience and skills to its transcribers. The service was known initially as CallGraph.

To join, only a few simple steps are to be followed:

  • apply to their website
  • Take a test
  • Start earning per audio hour.

This site, however, has set a few requirements for new joiners:

  1. One should have a verified PayPal account that is linked to the bank.
  2. Good command of English
  3. Ability to apply context and interpret conversations
  4. Ability to identify mistakes

5. Transcription hub jobs

Transcription hub jobs are currently looking for transcribers and editors to join its pool of remote employees.  Just like the other sites, one has to be evaluated, before entering.

To apply to transcription hub jobs, please follow the following steps as outlined below:

  • The first step is to be evaluated
  • Ranking – after evaluation transcribers are ranked Gold, silver, and bronze
  • Get paid – Then start earning and getting paid.


Just like transcription hub jobs, is also hiring new transcribes. To begin working with them, one has to pass a small test. Their test is not as complicated as the other sites listed above.

7. Crowdsurf transcription

Crowdsurf is an on-demand captioning and transcription services for its clients. The excellent news about crowd surf is that it does not discriminate between experienced and inexperienced transcribers. This website goes above and beyond to train newbie transcribers and therefore making one more skilled and trained.

If this feels like a good enough place for you to start earning from, then follow these few steps:

  • Signing up at work market
  • Join crowd surf
  • Start crowd surfing

8. Castingwords transcription

Work online in Kenya transcribing while using castingwords transcription. Good news is all the transcription work is done by humans and therefore making every work efficient and effective.

9. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers jobs throughout the year. It is also an excellent place to start from if you are just a beginner at transcribing. There is no need to be experienced to start.

However, for those that are good at typing, TranscribeMe is also an excellent place to be. The pay is quite good as they pay $20 per audio hour.

10. Speechpad transcription

Speechpad might be the best site to work in as a transcriber. Here payments are made twice a week that is on Tuesdays and Fridays. All the payments are made through Paypal. Sppechpad boast of having some of the biggest companies doing well in the market such as Netflix, LinkedIn as well as Amazon

This site has a constant flow of work throughout the year. Speechpad is always looking for new people to join their team of transcribers.

11. Upwork

Upwork is a site offering a wide variety of jobs for freelancers all over the world. It provides a variety of online jobs that one could choose from. Apart from transcription, one could do online writing, accounting as well as website development.

12. People per hour

People per hour is one of the best online sites for transcription and writing. To get hired, one only needs to sign up and bid for jobs as they come.

Conclusion on Top 12 Online Transcription Jobs in Kenya

In Conclusion, it is essential to do due diligence before registering to any of the sites listed above that offer transcribing jobs in Kenya.

It is also worth to note that it takes time to build a credible portfolio of clients to earn a decent earning from transcription. Patience and perseverance are, therefore, key when starting in this profession.

To be trusted by clients, one has to create a culture of consistency and delivering quality work. Trust comes from consistently giving quality timely work to the client each time that one has a project.

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