Cluster 2 National Schools in Kenya – A Comprehensive Overview

Updated on June 4, 2024: The article has been revised to reflect recent developments in Cluster 2 national schools in Kenya. Notable updates include the inclusion of new schools like Kisima Girls Secondary School, Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School, and Nanyuki Boys High School, providing readers with additional insights into the educational landscape. Added more information on Moi Girls Nyabohanse Secondary and Moi Girls Mandera Secondary .

Cluster 2 national schools in Kenya are a group of high-level secondary schools known for their excellent academic standards and facilities. These schools, part of Kenya’s national education system, provide top-quality education to students from all over the country. They are categorized into clusters based on various factors like performance and resources, with Cluster 2 being among the best.

In the previous article, we discussed in details cluster 1 national school in Kenya. In this article, we are going to go into details on the Cluster 2 national schools in Kenya. We will dig deeper to try and understand each school, where the school is situated, the school code among other things.

List of National schools classified as Cluster 2

The clustering of national schools in Kenya is based on the availability of human resources and infrastructure within these institutions. The infrastructure plays a key role in determining each school’s capacity to accommodate students, ensuring optimal learning conditions and promoting high academic performance.

This clustering system aims to uphold high standards of excellence while providing sufficient space to meet the needs of the growing student population in the country. Let’s now delve into the details

1. Wajir high National school

Wajir high school is found in Wajir just like the name suggests. The school has been in existence for more than 50 years now, having celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015. The school has held the title ‘ Best in Garissa’ for the longest time ever. Apart from doing very well in studies, the school also does really well also in sports. It is interesting to note that the governor for Wajir county, Hon. Ali Roba is a product of this school

Address: P.O. Box 29, 70200
School code: 46802011
Website: Wajir high school

2.  Turkana Girls National School

Turkana Girls secondary school is boarding all girls school physically located in Turkana County. The school has been tremendous in helping with the development of the county at large as some of the elites in this county studied here.

School Code:21550101
Address: P.O. Box 280,  30500

3. Wajir Girls School

In addition to Wajir high school, Wajir county also has Wajir girls secondary school which is an all-girls boarding secondary school.

Address:P.O. BOX 172, 70200
School Code:46802103

4. St. Joseph Chepterit Girls Secondary

This school is found in Nandi hills and it is an all-girls boarding school. Moreover, the school has about 31 teachers and a population of around 580 pupils.

Address:P.O.Box: 51, 30300 Kapsabet
School Code:B7100478

5. Sironga Girls School

In addition to the schools mentioned above, Sironga girls is also a cluster 2 national school found in Nyamira county. According to various reviews online, most of the Alumni of this school are very proud of where they are in life because of passing through this school. More to doing very well in K.C.S.E exams, the school also performs very well in the music festival. Check out one of the school choir song – Amani.

School code:G6070993
Address:P.O.Box 453,40200

6. Tenwek Boys Secondary School

Bomet County is the home to Tenwek boys boarding secondary school. The school became a secondary school in 1961 and its sponsored by the African Gospel church. Most of us may remember the school from the fire that razed down its 5 classrooms in 2017. However, its worth to note that the school is more than just that. It is a national school in Kenya, that’s a great academic giant in Bomet county.

Address: P.O. Box 49, 20400 Bomet
School Code:25500023

7. Oolaiser Boys Secondary School

Among the many schools that Mzee Jomo Kenyatta opened during his time, this school was one of them. Oolaiser Boys Secondary School is found in Kajiado county and is a National school in Kenya. Moreover, the school’s motto is ‘study for serve’.

Address:P.O. Box 71, 00208
School Code:31500026

8. Ngao Girls Secondary School

Ngao Secondary school is found in Tana River county. The school is a girls-only boarding school that strives for its students to excel in all areas of life.

School Code:5112202
Address:P.O. Box 22, 80203, Tarasaa

9. Sa Kolanya Girls Secondary School

Kolanya location in Bungoma county is where this school is found. This is a national school under cluster 2 category.

Address: P.O. Box 95, Malakisi
School code:35606102

10. Nyandarua High School

Nyandarua high school is a different kind of a national school in Kenya. It is a mixed school with both girls and boys.

School Code:D2040390
Address:P.O. Box 61, 20303, Ol Kalou

11. Moyale Boys Secondary school

This school is found in Marsabit county and it is a boys school. The school is found in Moyale town and despite the school operating under adverse conditions, the students perform really well.

Address:P.O. Box 22, 60700, Moyale

12. Bahari girls school

Bahari girls as the name suggests is found in the coast region. Currently, the school has around 700 students and about more than 20 teachers. The school performs really well in the exams within the region.

Address: P.O. Box 641, Kilifi 80108
School Code:
Website: Bahari girls school

13. Garbatula Boys Secondary

Garbatula boys secondary school is a cluster 2 national school in Kenya. Mr. Ukur Yattani, the governor of Marsabit county is a proud alumnus of this school. The school is well equipped with all the necessary amenities necessary for creating a good learning environment.

School code:17322101
Address:P.O Box 4

14. Chewoyet Boys National School

West Pokot county is where we find Chewoyet Boys High School, sprawled over 295 acres of land. If you watched Bambika last Sunday 5/19/2019, you know that this school is mostly a Christian school.

Website: Chewoyet National school
Address:P.O. Box Private Bag, 30600
School Code:2450022

15. Kabianga National School

Kabianga high school is categorized under cluster 2 National schools in Kenya. The school is located at Belgut constituency, Kabianga town.

Address:P.O. Box 18, 20201
School Code:L7050770
Website: Kabianga school

16. Hola Boys Secondary School

Hola boys are the second national school in Tanariver county. This school is a mixed day and boarding school.

School Code: 05103101

17. Kathiani Girls National School

Kathiani girls high school is in Machakos county.

Address:P.O. Box 168
School Code:16300014

18. Lamu Girls Secondary School

This school started out as a Harambee school in 1974 and situated in the Coast region. Moreover, the school is the fountain of excellence in academics. Apart from this, Lamu girls also very good at Volleyball sports.

Address:P.O. BOX 88, 80500,Lamu
School Code: 6104102
Website: Lamu Girls Secondary School

19. Mbooni Girls Secondary School

Machakos county is the home for Mbooni girls secondary school. The school started out as a Teachers training school which was done away and paved the way for secondary school. This school has been performing very well in the National exams over the past few years.

Address:100 Kikima
School Code:L4040405

20. Mandera Boys Secondary School

Address: P.O. Box 36 – 70300
School Code:47803101

21. Moi Girls Nyabohanse Secondary

This is the only school in Kuria West constituency, Isibania county.

Address: P.O. Box 29, 40414
School Code:44708202

22. Moi Girls Mandera Secondary

Address:203, Mandera

23. Kisima Girls Secondary School

Kisima Girls Secondary School is a well-known educational school in Maralal, Samburu County, Kenya. Kisima Girls, located in the peaceful and culturally rich surroundings of Samburu County, provides a favorable learning environment that promotes both intellectual and personal growth.

Address: P.O. Box: 293 -20600, Maralal

School Code: E7120078

24. Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School

Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School is located in Mpeketoni, Lamu County, Kenya. The school takes great satisfaction in its committed faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and encouraging classroom atmosphere, all of which assist students’ overall growth.

Address: Mpeketoni, Kenya

School Code: C3030139

25. Nanyuki Boys High School

A prominent educational facility, Nanyuki Boys High School is situated in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, Kenya. With the help of a group of motivated instructors and staff members that mentor students toward realizing their full potential, the institution is dedicated to promoting an excellence culture.

Address: Mt Kenya Rd, Nanyuki, East, Kenya

School Code: D7070007

Applying To National Schools

Candidates must follow the Ministry of Education’s admissions and selection procedures in order to enroll in a national school. When choosing national schools, preference is given to the top three candidates in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

Based on the merits of their candidacies, the last two candidates are selected. The proportion of candidates from public and private schools is another factor considered in the selection process. Furthermore, as the top 18 national schools are regarded as more prestigious than the newly added establishments, candidates are not permitted to choose more than one from this list.

FAQs – Cluster 2 National Schools In Kenya 

How Are Cluster 2 National Schools Categorized?

These schools are categorized based on various factors such as performance, resources, and infrastructure.

What Is The Purpose Of Clustering National Schools In Kenya?

Clustering aims to maintain high standards of excellence and ensure sufficient space to accommodate the growing student population.

How Do Students Join Cluster 2 National Schools?

Students must follow the selection and admission process set by the Ministry of Education, with priority given to top-performing candidates in national exams.

Are Cluster 2 National Schools More Prestigious Than Other National Schools?

Yes, Cluster 2 National Schools are often considered more prestigious due to their higher academic standards and resources.

What Resources Are Available In Cluster 2 National Schools?

Cluster 2 National Schools typically have well-equipped facilities, including libraries, laboratories, and sports amenities, to support students’ academic and extracurricular activities.

How Do Cluster 2 National Schools Ensure Optimal Learning Environments?

By maintaining high standards, providing ample resources, and fostering a culture of excellence, these schools create conducive environments for students to thrive academically.

Conclusion on Cluster 2 National Schools

Cluster 2 national schools in Kenya are essential to the nation’s ability to offer pupils a first-rate education. These schools provide ideal learning environments and promote academic success because of their emphasis on excellence and abundance of resources. Kenya’s education system and the advancement of future leaders benefit greatly from Cluster 2 National Schools’ upholding of high standards and tolerating the school population’s growth.

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