List of National school in Kenya – Cluster 1

Updated on 2024/03/21- It’s almost time for Secondary school selection for the KCPE candidates this year. However, most of them just like us at their age, do not know the National schools available for their selection. In this article, we are going to list all the National schools in Kenya. Currently, in Kenya, there are about 103 National schools in Kenya which have been grouped into four clusters. We will discuss each school in each cluster in details.

National Schools in Kenya

There are four main clusters of National schools in Kenya. These clusters include:

  • Cluster 1
  • 2nd Cluster
  • Cluster 3
  • Cluster 4

When doing a selection for secondary school a candidate will be required to select only one National school per cluster.

Cluster 1 National Schools in Kenya

  1. St. Theresa Tartar Girls National School

Tartar girls is a girls boarding school found in West Pokot County and it registers the most number of people send to University from this county. Apart from doing very well in curriculum activities, the school also performs exceptionally well in sports, especially football.

School Code: 24500004
Address:P.O.Box 337,Kapenguria 30600

2. St Brigids chemelet National School In Kenya

This school is a girls boarding school located in Kiminini. The school Motto is to provide girl child with a diverse education in a competitive and supportive environment.

School Code No: 23500003
Address: P.o box 591-30200, Kitale

3. St. Patricks High School Iten National School in Kenya

St.Patricks high school is a boys boarding school located in Elgeyo Marakwet. This school has over 1000 students. The school has produced notable Olympic champions. This school is among the top 100 schools in Kenya in every KCSE. However, the school is also not short of scandals.

School Code:  34500010
Address: P.O.Box 310 Iten

4. Ribe boys National school in Kenya

Ribe boys was established in 1963 as a boys boarding school. The school is located in Kaloleni constituency. The school is focused on nurturing students talents as it even as a school magazine running by the title the Herald.

School Code No: 04100002
Address:P.O. BOX 198, Kaloleni 80105
Website: Ribe boys

5. Nyabururu Girls

Nyabururu Girls is a religious girls school located Kitutu constituency. The school is a girls school. Recently, the school has had bad publicity after some girls were admitted as a result of suspected food poisoning.

School Code No: 40700003
Postal Address: P.O.Box 533,Kisii 40200

6. Pangani Girls High School National School in Kenya

Pangani Girls high school started out as Duchess of Gloucester School in 1932. After independence, the school was then renamed to the current name. So far, this school has the best website among the national schools already discussed above. The school is located in Nairobi city. In 2017, the school produced the top student in the country, which saw its rise.

School Code: 20400006
Address: P.O. Box 30152- 00100
Website: Pangani Girls

7. Muthale Girls High school

If you have ever heard about Muthale high school, you know that it is a giant in the Eastern region. The school has produced and continues to produce great minds and professionals. More to this, the school has participated in most of the major contests in leading Television Networks with various other schools. The school is conveniently located to very good Missions hospital. The school is in Kitui County along Mwingi road.

Address: P.o Box 20 90203
School Code: 13300005

8. Murang’a high school

Murang’a high school is a Catholic-sponsored mission school. Some of the old boys of Murang’a high school include Hon. Simon Gicharu and Hon. Kembi Gitura. The school is located in Muranga county sprawled across 31 acres.

Address:101, 10200
School Code No: 10200008
Website: Muranga High school

9. Moi High School Mbiruri National school in Kenya

This school is located in Embu East Constituency. The school is sponsored by the Anglican Church of Kenya. Moreover, the school is located in a very nice environment which is very conducive for the environment.

School Code:14300006
Address: P.O. Box 34, 60103

10. Meru School

The school is located along Meru – Maua road in Imenti constituency. Currently, the school has a population of around 1,200 students and about 60 teachers. The school Motto runs ‘in understanding, be men’. The school has a notably good website where one can access any information they need to know about the school.

School Code:15300002
Website: Meru School

11. Moi Girls Isinya

Moi Girls Isinya is a public National girls school in Kitengela town. The school has around 655 students.

School Code:31500011
Address: P.O. Box 36

12: Maranda High School

Maranda High School is found in Siaya county. The school back in 2012 was popularly known as a top school in the country. At the moment the school has a very huge population of about 2,400 students.

School Code:42700005
Address: P.O. Box 120

13.Asumbi Girls

Asumbi girl is a Catholic Sponsered school located in Homabay County. It is the only school where a former principal’s skeleton is used for Biology practicals.

Address: P.O.BOX 46-40309
School Code:41700004

14. Bura Girls High School

Bura girls is a national boarding school registered as a four-stream school. The school is located in Ng’ambwa, this is in Mwatate, Taita Taveta County.

School Code No: 01100004
Address:P.O. BOX 81 -80311

15.  Bunyore Girls

BG, as it is popularly known within the high school circles, was in the past known to produce the very good housewives. Currently, the school has more than 46 TSC employed teachers and 15 BOM teachers. Moreover, the school is known to produce great mathematicians. The school is found in Vihiga.

Website: Bunyore Girls
Address:P.O.Box 165
School Code:38600003.

17. Chogoria Girls High School

Chogoria girls is in Tharaka Nthi county. The school has 6 streams and has around 1,100 students.

Address: P.O. Box 76, 60401
School Code: 19300004
Website: Chogoria girls

18. Garissa High school

Garissa high school is located in Duji Constituency in Garissa county. The school is under the central government. Garissa school is located along Kismayu road.

Address: P.O. Box 94,70100
School Code: 45800001

20. Friends School Kamusinga

Friends school Kamusinga is sponsored by Kenyan Quakers church. The school is located at Kimilili Bungoma county. This school produces the highest number of B+, A-, A. The school motto is ‘use common sense’.

School Code No: 36600004
Postal Address: P.O Private Bag Kimilili

21. Kakamega High school

Kakamega high school is among the list of the best National schools in Kenya. Apart from being a top performer, the school also performs very well in sports and drama. The school’s Motto is that in Unity there is a strength.

School Code:37600001
Address: P.O. Box 90, 50100

22. Kagumo High School

Kagumo High school is physically located between Kiganjo and Kiricho townships. The students at Kagumo high school are self-disciplined and do not need any supervision. The school has very great buildings.

Address:P.O. Box 69, Kiganjo Road
School Code:08200007

23. Kapsabet High School

Kapsabet boys school is located in Kapsabet and it is a National school and among this list. This school was established in 1925 and has been on for all this while. Mr. Daniel Moi the 2nd president of the Republic of Kenya is a proud alumni of this school as well as the current deputy president of Kenya, Mr. Ruto.

Address: P.O. Box 10, Kapsabet 30300
School Code: 29500006

24. Kenyatta High School

Mwatate town is where Kenyatta high school is located. This school is the center of excellence in Taita Taveta County.

School Code No: 01100003
Postal Address: P.O. Box 57-80305

25. Karima Girls High School National School in Kenya

Karima girls is located in Kinangop constituency and its part of Nyandarua County. The land of ‘Warus’, potatoes. The school has excellent teachers who strive to instill discipline and knowledge to its students.

Image result for karima girls high school
national schools in kenya

Address:P.O. Box 94,20318
School Code:07200009

26. Kipsigis Girls school

This school is among the list of National schools in Kenya. The school is a girls boarding school located in Kericho county. The school has 36 teaching staff and around 667 students.

Address:P.O. Box 194, 20200
School code:28500005

27. Lugulu Girls

This school is in Webuye constituency. The school is well known for doing very well in volleyball. The school has produced the best volleyball players in the country who are currently playing for the National volleyball team. Moreover, this school is sponsored by Quaker missionaries.

School Code No: 36600002
Postal Address: P.O.Box Private Bag
Website: Lugulu girls

28. Machakos Boys High School

Machakos school is a National school in Machakos county. The school has managed to appear on the list of the best schools in Kenya for a very long time now. Apart from curricular activities, the school has been doing very well in both music, drama and sports festival.

School Code:12300001
Website: Machakos Boys school

29. Mama Ngina Girls high school

Address:P.o. Box 81074-80100
School Code No: 03100001

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