How to Check CRB Status in Kenya (Free Method Included)

Here is a quick and efficient process on how you can check your CRB status online free of charge to know whether CRB has blacklisted you or not.

What is CRB?

A credit reference bureau (CRB) is an entity that specializes in the collection and sale of credit performance information for individuals and companies. You can use these entities to check your CRB Status in Kenya.

The law permits Credit providers to submit names of individuals with any Non-Performing Loans to Credit Reference Bureaus for blacklisting.

There are currently three licensed CRB companies in Kenya:

  1. TransUnion CRB Kenya
  2. Metropol Corporation
  3. CreditInfo

How to check your CRB Status in Kenya

To qualify for an instant loan, you must have a good credit score. To check your CRB status, you need to register with one or all CRB companies.

A credit provider may sometimes give adverse reports about your credit history to more than one CRBs.

You can also read about how to get Instant Unsecured Mobile Loans If you have a functional credit status (CRB Score).

How to Check your CRB status with Metropol CRB


  • Dial *433# on your mobile phone using Safaricom line
  • Enter your National ID Number
  • Enter an agent number if you were referred by a Metropol agent else enter zero (0) to proceed
  • Confirm your details to complete the registration process
  • Pay Ksh 100 as registration fees through the Pay Bill number 220388 and use your National ID number as the account number.
  • You will receive an SMS with Crytobol PIN, a Reference Number, and a Link to access your credit report.
  • Visit the Metropol website through the link provided and enter your phone number and reference number to download your credit report.
To access other services on the Metropol website, follow the following steps. Remember to pay for all the charges the same way you paid for registration.
  • Visit the Metropol website.
  • Enter your PIN, in case you forgot, Call 0709 834 000 for assistance
  • Select your desired service from a variety of options like Listing Status, Credit Scores, Credit report, Clearance Certificate, and Who listed me.

All payments are made to PayBill number 220388, use your National ID number as the account number. The following fees apply for the type of service requested.

  • Credit Score – Ksh 150
  • Blacklist Status –  Ksh 50
  • Credit Report – Ksh 250
  • Who Has Blacklisted Me – Ksh 50
  • Clearance Certificate – Ksh 2200

2. Checking your CRB Status online with TransUnion

TransUnion CRB Kenya services can be accessed via SMS number 21272, default TransUnion Nipashe app, and through their official website.

  • Text your full names to 21272 or 21CRB. Note: SMS Charges cost Ksh 19.
  • The free method involves downloading the TransUnion Nipashe app from Google Play and filling in your correct details. If it shows Good, then you are not blacklisted. 
  • Register by paying a one-off payment of Ksh 50 to PayBill number 212121 and use your National ID as account number
  • Request your credit status CR (Credit Report)
  • Reply with your email to access it.
  • Receive your CRB status. (Good means a definite state (not blacklisted) and default means a negative state ( you are blacklisted))
  • For subsequent credit reports, Pay Ksh 650 to either Mpesa/Airtel PayBill number 212121 and your National ID Number as an account number. This step enables you to get more than one Credit report in a year.
  • For a Clearance Certificate, pay Ksh 2200, then Email your Mpesa/Airtel transaction details to, and you will be emailed back the Clearance Certificate.

How to check CRB Status online for free with Creditinfo CRB

  • Fill in the Credit Report Request form Online to access your credit report.
  • For a  certificate of clearance, please fill in the Credit Certificate application form here.
  • To correct and solve any dispute on your credit report, fill in the Credit Report Dispute form here.

How to clear your CRB status with CRB Kenya

To clear with CRB, first, check your credit status via the above methods. If your credit report is not right, ask for the creditor that sent your adverse reports to CRB. This attracts a fee of KSH 50.

If wrongfully blacklisted, visit the concerned creditor to resolve the issue by either clearing your loan or making them know that you have never borrowed from them.

You will be issued with a clearance certificate, scan and email it to a CRB that you are registered with

Borrower’s Right

The law requires that a Creditor must alert a customer before blacklisting him/her on the CRB blacklist. However, At times, this does not happen.

This lead to the introduction of a regulatory government body called the Credit Information Sharing [CIS], which looks deeply into unfavourable situations in the Credit industry.

CIS formed a constitutionally recognized help centre named Tatua Center which offers free services to place and resolve disputes with CRB and creditors

CRB Contact

This section will guide you on how to contact CRBs in Kenya. Most people do not know that different Credit Reference bureaus have been licensed by the Central Bank of the Kenyan government for credit referencing.

We are going to give you the contacts of each bureau to facilitate your clearance or queries. People get listed on CBRs for many mistakes like late payment of loans and tax evasion.

With the introduction of Loan Apps in Kenya, most people find themselves blacklisted on CRB. You may not know how to contact them and clear your name; therefore, this post will help you out.

As such, it is essential to maintain a good credit score so that you can continue to get loans in the future.

When you want to know your credit report or would wish to get a Credit Clearance Certificate, it merely means you should contact one of the licensed Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya.

Here is how you contact a CRB in Kenya

The licensed bureaus include; TransUnion Kenya, CreditInfo, and Metropol Crystobol. Here is how you can contact them to get your name cleared from their list.

1. TransUnion Kenya

The Transunion Kenya has launched an innovative new SMS shortcode solution that enables consumers in Kenya to access their credit information easily. We have dedicated this article to explain that to you.

TransUnion Africa is located at the Prosperity House, Westlands Rd, Off Museum Hill, in Westlands, Nairobi.

Use the following information if you need to contact TransUnion Africa.

  • Tel: 020 3751799/3751360/2/4/5
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Date licensed: 9th February 2010

2. Creditinfo Kenya

Creditinfo Kenya’s core business is information related to credit, offering services to cover each stage of the customer life cycle.

  • Call:+254 20 375 7272
  • Physical address: Spark Suite, Parklands road
  • Email:
  • Date licensed: 29th April 2015
  • Website: 

3. Metropol Corporation

Metropol Corporation is the leading provider of business information and debt management services in the Eastern Africa region. Metropol’s vision is to become Africa’s leading business information and debt management company.

This is the most established Credit Reference Bureau in Kenya found in different towns in Kenya.

  • Physical Address: Shelter Afrique, Upper Hill
  • Tel: 020 2689881/27113575
  • Mobile: 0727 413 733/0732 774666
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Date licensed: 11th April 2011


  • The service branch is located at the Eldo Bliss Hotel, 1st floor.
  • Call: 0725597245


  • Service Branch located at the NSSF building, 6th floor, North Wing.
  • Call: 0733177722


  • Nakuru service branch is located at the Wilmer House.
  • Call: 0728414264

NB: Getting listed in CRB can be great; it has its benefits too. Check this video to find out.

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