List of International Banks in Kenya – Everything You Need to Know

This article was updated on June 4, 2024: Included information about Bank of Africa, Barclays Bank (now Absa Bank Kenya PLC), Dubai Islamic Bank, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), and additional details about Standard Chartered Bank.

In this article, we will look at the list of international banks in Kenya.

A bank is a financial institution offering financial services to its customers in its regions of operations. An international bank is a bank that not only operates in Kenya but also has a global presence. In this article, therefore, we will look at the list of top international banks in Kenya.

Top International Banks in Kenya

Kenya ranks among the top best countries in Africa for investors to invest in. As a result, more and more banks have opened branches in Kenya as they keep diversifying their investments. Let’s delve into these details below.

1. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is the first foreign bank to start its operations in Kenya in 1911. It tops the list of international banks in Kenya offering impeccably high services to its customers. What’s more, is that its investments are more diverse and in more than 60 markets all over the world.

This best International bank in Kenya operates in markets such as South Africa, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Australia. Moreover, at the London Stock Exchange, it is among the top 100 listed companies.

Apart from bringing good money to its customers, Standard Chartered Bank also sponsors some major sports in the world. For instance, it has been the main sponsor of Liverpool club since 2010. It has also organized 9 races spanning across the continent hence giving people to give back in a cause that they believe in.

Moreover, the bank has won a number of accolades as a testament to the good work that is doing. These awards include:

  • Best Global Consumer Mobile Banking – Global Finance Awards – 2016
  • The Best Global Consumer Mobile Banking App – Global Finance Awards -2016
  • Best Global Information Security Initiatives – Global Finance Awards- 2016
  • Overall Best Consumer Digital Bank Middle East & Africa – Global Finance Awards- 2016

Contact Information:

Kenya Office – Standard Chartered at Chiromo, Level 4,48 Westlands road
Phone – +254 20 329 3900, +254 703 093 900
Email Address –

2. Habib Bank AG Zurich

This bank ranks among the best international banks operating in Kenya. In Kenya, Habib Bank AG Zurich started its operations in 1973. However, let’s dig a little into how Habib Bank AG Zurich came to be.

This bank was started in 1967 in Switzerland. Its main operation Motto is service with security as it strives to offer highly personalized financial services in all its branches sprawled all over the continent.

In Kenya, this bank has only four branches, three branches in Nairobi and one branch in Mombasa. Moreover, this bank has also won an award in Kenya for its operations. In 2012, Habib bank AG Zurich won the best bank – Tier IV award.

Contacts (Main Branch)
Address – Habib House, Koinange Street, P.O. Box 30584,00100 GPO,Nairobi,
Phone – ☎ +254 20 3341 172 – 76 – 77
Email – ✉

3. Stanbic Bank

Stanbic bank is often known as the largest African group in terms of assets. This bank has been operating in South Africa for more than 155 years. As a result, acquiring the best knowledge in understanding of the African markets which have seen it thrive.

In Kenya, Stanbic bank tops the list of the most elite banks in Kenya, offering personalized financial services to clients. It is safe to say that this bank is well invested in the success of its customers in all arrays of their operations.

If this seems like a bank you would love to bank with, reach out to them through:

Main Office address – CFC Stanbic center, Chiromo road
Phone – (+254) 0711068888/203268888
Email –

4. United Bank for Africa Kenya (UBA)

United Bank for Africa Kenya is among 20 subsidiaries of the United Bank for Africa, Nigeria. This bank may be the youngest international bank operating in Kenya, as it has only ten years of operation.

UBA has more than 70 years in the banking industry and as a result, offers refined banking experience to its customers. It’s services range from personal banking to offering prepaid cards to its consumers.

Contacts – Main Office
Address – Apollo center, Westlands
Phone: (+254) 711027099/203612000

5. Eco Bank Kenya

Eco Bank transnational Incorporation shortly know as Eco Bank Kenya is the bank that came into operation in 1985. It has its presence in more than 36 African nations. As a result, Eco bank is one of the leading international banks operating in Kenya.

Moreover, Eco bank has over the years opened representative branches in China, United Kingdom, Angola, France, South Africa as well as Dubai. As of now, Eco bank has more than 19 branches sprawled all over the country. Therefore making it one of the best banks in Kenya.

Contact (HQ)
Address: Fortis Office Park, Muthangari Dr, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 020 2883000/719098000

6. Citibank Kenya

Citibank N.A Kenya is a branch of Citibank a chartered National banking institution by the federal laws of the United States of America. In Kenya, Citibank has been in operation since 1974 and has only 2 branches operating in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The Kenyan branch is the regional hub for its East African branches located in Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Moreover, this bank offers a wide range of business and individual services to customers. It has a wide range of diverse investments in insurance companies and other non-financial sectors.

Contact Information:
Address: Citibank House, Upperhill, Upperhill Road, P.O. Box 30711 – 00100 Nairobi
Phone: (020) 275 4000 or (020) 275 4444

7. Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is the second largest bank in India. In Kenya, It is one of the best international banks operating in Kenya. However, this bank has its branches in over 25 countries.

In Kenya, this bank opened its doors in 1953 and it has been in operation since offering the best services.

Contact Information (Head Office)
Address: Baroda House, 29th Koinange Street, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (+254) (020) 2226416/ 2248412
E-mail: 8. Absa group

9. Bank of India

Bank of India is also another bank that hails from Mumbai, India. This bank has over 60 branches, 1 joint venture, and 5 subsidiaries. All of these spread in 5 continents across 22 countries.

Contact information – Head office (Kenya)
Address: Nairobi, Kenya Phone: (+254) (020) 2221416/15/14

10. Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank is another top international bank operating in Kenya. This bank has its origins from Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Guaranty Trust Bank has made it to the list of top international banks in Kenya.

Moreover, this bank is also listed at the London stock exchange as well as Nigeria stock exchange. Its other branches are found in Tanzania, Liberia, and Ghana.

Contact Information – Head office (Kenya)
Address: Plot 1870, Woodvale Close – Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.
Phone: (+254) 703084000

11. Bank Of Africa

The bank was founded in Bamako, Mali, in 1982, and it quickly spread throughout West Africa, establishing itself in the Eastern area in the last few years. It has become one of Kenya’s leading international banks, with headquarters located in Senegal (Dakar) and Benin (Cotonou). With strategic growth plans spanning more than a dozen nations, including Burkina Faso, Benin, Ivory Coast, Uganda, and more, the bank’s influence is further expanded.

Serving 1.4 million account holders and more, the Bank of Africa company reported a turnover of roughly 451.7 million euros in 2012. With around 5,000 workers, its influence is felt in a variety of communities. The commercial powerhouse Bank of Africa (BOA-Kenya) serves retail customers, corporate clients, and SMEs. It began operations in July 2004 and carried on the tradition of Credit Agricole Indosuez’s Kenya branch, which had been a mainstay of the country’s financial system for more than 20 years.

Backed by its emphasis on enterprise solutions, BOA-Kenya has a wide national reach with a network of over thirty branches. Two important business hubs that are ideally situated in Mombasa and Nairobi act as centers of commerce. The bank’s commitment to meeting a variety of business needs throughout Kenya is symbolized by the Nairobi center, which is situated at BOA House, Karuna Close, Off Waiyaki Way in Westlands, and the Mombasa center, which is headquartered in Palli House on Nyerere Avenue.

Contacts Head office (global)

Address: Bamako, Mali Head office (Kenya)

Address: BOA House, Karuna Close, Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: (020) 23751200703050120


12. Absa Bank Kenya PLC (Formerly Barclays Bank)

Absa Bank Kenya PLC, formerly known as Barclays Bank Kenya Limited, embodies a rich legacy rooted in its 325-year history, tracing back to its origins on Lombard Street. As a commercial bank registered in Kenya and a subsidiary of the South Africa-based Absa Group Limited, Absa Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, serving as both a financial institution and a national banking regulator.

With a presence in 12 countries, Absa Bank offers a diverse array of financial services, including personal banking, Islamic banking, corporate investment, insurance, and asset management. Notably, Absa Bank’s popular money lending service, Timiza, caters to low-income earners, providing accessibility through both USSD and online mobile apps.

Absa Bank has played a pivotal role in Kenya’s financial landscape for over a century since it opened its doors in Nairobi. Despite enduring various challenges, including financial crises and technological advancements, Barclays has remained resilient, earning its reputation as one of Kenya’s leading international banks.

Combining a legacy of innovation, a highly skilled team, and a commitment to excellent customer interactions, Absa Bank continues to be a formidable force in the banking industry, embodying consistency and quality throughout its extensive history.

Contacts Head office (global)

Address: Dallimore Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, United Kingdom

Phone: (44) 247684 2100


Head office (Kenya)

Address: Barclays Westend building, Off the Waiyaki way, Nairobi, Kenya.

Phone: (+254) 0203900000

E-mail ID –

13. Dubai Islamic Bank

Established in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank was the first bank in the United Arab Emirates to apply Islamic banking principles. With the cooperation of Panin Dubai Syariah Bank in Indonesia, DIB Kenya started operating in 2017. DIB Kenya Ltd (DIBBKE), a division of DIB PISC, combines modern banking procedures with Islamic Sharia law to provide a distinctive combination of cutting-edge services imbued with moral principles. This strategy has strengthened corporate governance and made DIB a more reliable financial organization.

Given that both the high and lower classes have Islamic ancestry, DIB’s strength is its adherence to Islamic banking principles, which gives it plenty of opportunity to take a sizable market share. Furthermore, risk reduction is made easier by Islamic finance’s emphasis on financial justice, which allows DIB to promote a financially inclusive banking ecosystem that serves stakeholders with varying financial capacities and backgrounds.

Contacts Head office (global)

Address: Al Maktoom Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 295 3000

Head office (Kenya)

Address: Junction of Bunyala, Lower Hill Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya 

Phone: (+254) 020 709913111

14. State Bank of Mauritius (SBM)

Ever since its establishment in 1973, SBM has grown to become a significant force in the financial industry. SBM has a strong foothold in Mauritius, controlling more than 20% of the market for advances and deposits. In addition, the bank has representative offices in Madagascar, India, and Kenya. As of December 31, 2017, SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, a pillar of the SBM Group, held a substantial market position with 23% of total advances and 21% of total deposits.

SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd provides a wide range of services to accommodate a varied customer that includes individuals, high net worth individuals, SMEs, businesses, international entities, and financial institutions. SBM has over ten branches operating in Kenya, with key locations in Nairobi and Mombasa that provide access to a large customer base. SBM is committed to improving its service market to better serve its clientele, with an emphasis on expanding its offerings in the corporate and SME categories.

Contacts Head office (global)

Address: SBM Tower’s, 1, Queen Elizabeth 2 Avenue, Port Louis, Mauritius.

Phone: (+230) 02021111


Head office (Kenya)

Address: SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited, 7th Floor, IPS Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya.

Phone: (+254) 020 2248842/2242348/2244187

15. Standard Chartered Bank

The bank is committed to enabling people and businesses throughout the world to prosper, expand, and create wealth. With a 150-year history and more than 86,000 workers in more than 60 countries, it has made a name for itself as a top supplier of seamless financial services worldwide. After Standard Bank and Chartered Bank merged in 1969, the bank established itself and grew its network throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It is listed on the London, Hong Kong, Bombay, and National Stock Exchanges in India.

The bank, a major contributor to long-term, stable financial prosperity for both individuals and companies, has sponsored Liverpool with pride since 2010. Premium clients receive individualized services and are attended to by committed relationship managers who respond to their demands immediately. Exclusive members receive benefits like travel privileges, golf access, aviation accident protection with the Priority Visa credit card, and access to over 1,000 international airport lounges with the Priority Pass.

Since its founding in 1911, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited has been a significant player in Kenya’s financial scene. The bank was established in 1989 and went public on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. It currently has over 30,000 shareholders, of which over 25% are public. Its first branch was located in Treasury Square, Mombasa. Maintaining a workforce of about 1,600 people and operating 36 branches and 108 ATMs, it is a reliable partner in Kenya’s banking industry.

In the financial sector, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has accomplished numerous firsts, making it a trailblazer in the nation. It established a high bar for quality by being the first recipient of the ISO 9002 accreditation for its technological systems.

The bank revolutionized banking accessibility by introducing the first ATM Automated Banking Center in Kenya. It was also the first to provide unsecured personal loans, giving clients flexibility and convenience around the clock. Additionally, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has shown its dedication to innovation and customer care by being the first to introduce priority banking services designed for wealthy clients.

Contacts Head office (global)

Address: 1, Basinghall Avenue, London.

Phone: (+44) 02078858888

Head office (Kenya)

Address: Number- 48, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, PO Box – 30003 00100

Phone: (+254) 203293900

FAQs – List Of International Banks In Kenya

How Are International Banks Beneficial In Kenya?

International banks in Kenya offer a range of financial services, including foreign currency exchange, international money transfers, and access to global investment opportunities, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

How Can I Open An Account With An International Bank In Kenya?

Opening an account with an international bank in Kenya typically involves visiting a branch office, providing necessary identification and address proof documents, and fulfilling any specific requirements set by the bank.

What Services Do International Banks Offer In Kenya?

International banks in Kenya offer a wide range of services, including personal and business banking, loans and credit facilities, investment advisory, wealth management, and international trade finance.

Do International Banks In Kenya Provide Online Banking Services?

Yes, most international banks operating in Kenya offer online banking services, allowing customers to conveniently manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and access various banking services from anywhere with internet access.

Can I Access International Banking Services While Traveling Abroad?

Yes, many international banks in Kenya are part of global banking networks, allowing customers to access banking services, withdraw cash, and make transactions at partner bank branches and ATMs worldwide.

What Are The Advantages Of Banking With International Banks In Kenya?

Banking with international banks in Kenya offers advantages such as access to a wide range of financial products and services, global connectivity, advanced banking technology, and personalized customer service.


Above are some of the best international banks operating in Kenya. Most of these top international banks in Kenya are also some of the best employers in Kenya. Therefore, if there be an open position in any of them, please submit your application. You might be surprised!

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