List of Best Mobile Banking Apps in Kenya 2020

In this article, we will look at the list of best mobile banking Apps in Kenya.

Kenya is widely known for its mobile money solutions all over the world. Therefore, it only comes naturally that it has the most secure banking applications in Africa.

A mobile banking app is a service provided by financial institutions such as Banks and Saccos to its clients. As a result, customers do not have to endure long queues to make transactions.

One can pay all their bills in the comfort of their own homes or at work without having to step out whether it is paying for your rent, electricity bills, school fees, mortgages, among others.

List of Mobile Banking Apps in Kenya

Now that we know how convenient installing your bank’s mobile application is, let us look at some of the banks offering these services to their customers.

Which is the best mobile banking app?

The following are the best mobile banking apps 2020

1.Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank Kenya provides its customers with a secure and convenient way to bank through its Mobile bank Application. Moreover, Stanbic mobile banking App in Kenya ranks among the best.

All your transactions are shown as Menu on your app, and you just have click a few buttons, and it’s done.

Moreover, through this application, you can easily track your spending. Stanbic mobile app will provide you with statements on-demand on how you have been spending your money.

To get this mobile banking app is straightforward. All you need to do is go to Playstore or Appstore depending on the kind of phone you use.

2. KCB Bank (KCB Mobi APP)

KCB Bank is entirely known as Kenya Commercial Bank is well known for its innovative products to its customers. This bank has a mobile banking app that is locally known as KCB Mobi Bank.

The KCB Mobi Bank offers everything that all the other mobile banking apps fail to provide you with. For instance, you can quickly move your money from your KCB Bank account to your M-Pesa account.

If just like me, you are in many Chama’s, then this is the right Mobile banking App for you. You do not have to pay fines just because you were unable to visit your bank to make payments.

KCB Mobi Bank App can be easily downloaded from the App store as well as the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions provided here to be able to use this app.

3. Family Bank (Pesa Pap)

Family Bank stays true to its vision of being with its clients every step of the way in many ways. One of these many ways is through its Mobile Banking application.

The Mobile Banking App offered by Family bank is called Pesa pap! Using Pepa Pap, you can manage your finances by just tapping a few buttons. What’s more, is that one can apply and get their salary advance using this app.

Moreover, there are other additional services such as Mpesa and Airtel money transfers that Pesa Pap App offers.

4. Equity Bank (Eazzy Banking APP)

Equity Bank also provides its customers with Mobile Banking. It ranks among the top mobile banking apps in Kenya.  This bank is one of the oldest to have adopted the use of technology in banking.

Eazzy Banking App how equity Bank calls its Mobile Banking App. This app allows you to transfer funds, deposit cheques, schedule payments, among other things.

Google Play Store and Apple store is where to get and download Equity Banking App.

5. Cooperative Bank (Mco-op Cash)

Cooperative Bank Kenya has also not been left out by this revolution. Mco-op cash is the Cooperative Banks Mobile banking App.

Through this mobile banking app, one can borrow money as well as make other critical transactions such as payment for bills and services. On top of downloading this App from Google Play Store and App store, you can also dial *667#, and you will be guided.


ABSA Bank (Barclay bank) mobile banking is secure and convenient for its customers. It prevents them from an opportunity to bank when and how they want through their mobile phone.

Download this mobile App from Google Play Store or App store as soon as you are ready to experience it.

Eco Bank Kenya

Eco Bank is the most diverse bank in East Africa. Its mobile banking app is available to Kenyans, Tanzanians, Ugandans as well as the Rwandese.

Ecobank mobile banking enables one to send money, pay bills, shop online as well as link your Visa from any other bank.

This is the most diverse application in this list of top Mobile Banking Apps in Kenya.

NIC Bank (NIC Now App)

NIC NOW App is the mobile banking app provided by NIC Bank. This application continues to gain traction of the people who are downloading it daily.

Customers can perform various transactions such as balance inquiry as well as opening accounts online.

You can download this top mobile banking application from the Google Play Store and App Store.

SMB Bank

Mfukoni is the mobile banking App provided by SMB Bank. One can buy airtime for free as well as pay bills.

Avoid the inconvenience of queuing by downloading and installing this application on your phone.

Mobile Banking Apps in Kenya Conclusion

Mobile money banking has proved to be very convenient. However, there is a need to ensure that the application is secure.

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