Equity Bank Mobile Banking Registration Via Eazzy 247

Do you know how to register for equity bank mobile banking or through their banking app Eazzy banking? When I realized that I would make some extra cashback on Campus.

I thought to myself that it would be wise if I opened a bank account to at least hide some money from my thrifty hand.

Even so, my schedule was tight since I had classes and a hustle to sustain. I could not afford the time to queue to open a bank account.

Equity bank mobile banking registration

Luckily, it is at that time that Equity bank had launched its Eazzy 247 mobile banking App. I did a few online searches and familiarised with the process.

I realized that it was as easy as dialing *247#. And that is how I got my first bank account without having to wait for hours to be served in a bank hall.

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If I were to be asked, anyone who queues in a bank hall in this modern age is conservative. I mean, who likes sluggish service and frustrating long hours. As such, you should take advantage of what technology has to offer and embrace mobile banking.

It will not only save you time but also your joy. Even so, a lot of people have embraced mobile banking today, and for that reason, the queues are not as long as they used to be years back.

Do you remember times when making a transaction in a bank meant skipping lunches and canceling appointments cause of the necessity of being physically there in banks in Kenya to do your banking activities?

Eazzy 247 and other revolutionary mobile money apps in Kenya such as CBA hoop are doing wonders in the financial sector. It is such breakthroughs that make Kenya be the leading innovator in the financial industry in Africa.

How to register for Equity bank mobile banking

On your phone via USSD code

EAZZY 247 in Kenya is the banking service that allows bank customers in Kenya to access the information in their accounts without having to leave the comfort of their sofas.

Here is how to register for Equity Bank Mobile Banking:

  1. Visit your Equity Branch officer in Kenya and ask for an Eazzy form,
  2. Enter your account number
  3. Enter your national ID card for security purposes
  4. Add your preferred mobile phone number, which you will use for all transactions conducted in the account.
  5. The Equity bank in Kenya will process your information and send you a confirmation message. You will also receive a five-digit password in which you will use for the activation process of Eazzy 247.

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Activating Your Eazzy 247 Account in Kenya

Dial *247# on your mobile phone while in Kenya. Reply with your pin. Enter the pin that was sent by the Equity bank, and you will then be required to change your pin to a more convenient secure one.

A confirmation message will be sent to your phone immediately afterward while activating Eazzy 247.

  • Log in by using your customer ID and your five-digit pin on Eazzy 247.
  • What can you do with the Eazzy 24/7?
  • With the Eazzy 24/7 App, a customer can access their account services such as:
  • Money withdrawals and deposits
  • Balance inquiries
  • Mini-statement requests,
  • Loan request status inquiry and payments
  • Pay for bills, goods, and services.

Via Eazzy banking equity bank app

Visit the Google play store to download the app alternatively, you can also visit the Apple Store to download the app for IOS.

Once downloaded, open the app and register for mobile banking.

Customers who access the mobile banking services via their Equitel line who have a joint account or a Chama account can also use their pins to approve group transactions.

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