How to Fuliza M-Pesa: 4 Steps (with Pictures)


Fuliza M-Pesa is an overdraft loan facility launched by Safaricom in partnership with Commercial Bank of Africa. See below, attached pictures of How to Fuliza M-Pesa.

The loan facility allows you to complete your Mpesa transactions even if you have zero or insufficient funds in your Mpesa account.

The service was initially intended for the other service offered by the company such as Lipa Na M-Pesa, Buy Goods via till number and Pay Bill as well as Send money. But Kenyans being Kenyans took advantage of it and termed it as Fuliza loan.

How to Fuliza M-Pesa


  1. Dial *234# on your smartphone.
  2. Select 0 as your first option “Fuliza M-Pesa”.

How to Fuliza M-pesa

  1. Then, select 1 (YES) to get started.

  1. Lastly, select 1(YES) again to accept terms and conditions, and you’re good to go.

Now all you need is to do a typical transaction on your Mpesa account as if you had the cash to activate Fuliza. Now, let’s see how to withdraw your money from Fuliza. Continue reading the post below.

Note: You can Fuliza multiple times before repayment so long as you’re within your Fuliza limit. 😉

But first, you need to check you Fuliza M-Pesa limit before you start transacting.

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How to withdraw from Fuliza M-Pesa.

Now that you have seen your loan limit and suppose we say that you have less or zero funds on your M-Pesa account. How do you withdraw that Fuliza cash?. 😛

It is impossible to withdraw from Fuliza 🙄 but here is a turnaround 💡 send that money to your alternative Safaricom line or your friend’s line and ask them to withdraw it for you. Remember, M-Pesa rates and charges apply.

To send the money, go to your M-Pesa menu and do a standard transaction but not withdrawal as if you have enough cash on you. You can also pay for goods and services using Lipa Na Mpesa or till number without panicking.

Important: The best part is that every time you transact using Fuliza m-pesa, you receive an SMS with the outstanding Fuliza amount. This means that you can use it as many times as possible provided that are within your overdraft limit.

You can also try Branch Loan App to access loans on your phone.

Fuliza Mpesa Charges

Safaricom charges a 1% access fee and a maintenance fee on the outstanding balance as per the table below. Always remember that standard M-PESA transaction rates apply. More information about Fuliza M-Pesa terms and usage can be found on the Safaricom PLC faqs website.

Band TariffPromotional Tariff for 30 days from Launch
0-100one time fee of Ksh 2one time fee of Ksh 0
101-500Ksh 5 per day
501-1000Ksh 10 per day
1001-1500Ksh 20 per day
1501-2500Ksh 35 per day
2501-70000Ksh 30 per day


Here is a 30-second video on how to #Fuliza M-PESA.

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