NCA registration requirements for contractors working in Kenya

In today’s article, we will look at NCA registration requirements for contractors working in Kenya.

Firstly, we will try to explain what NCA is and why it is important. Then thereafter we will look at the quick steps to register one’s construction company.

What is NCA?

NCA stands for National Construction Authority. The mandate of this authority is to regulate and coordinate the development of the construction industry.

What are the Benefits for contractors for registering with the NCA?

There are various benefits that accrue to contractors as a result of registering with the NCA. Chief among those benefits include:

  1. Access to annual training at a subsidized rate, therefore, enabling the contractors to keep at par with changes in the industry.
  2. An opportunity to network with other contractors who are industry leaders
  3. Access to research publications in order to enhance the contractor’s industry knowledge
  4. Through registering with the NCA, contractors get opportunities to get information from other worldwide contractors seminars and conferences.

List of NCA registration requirements for contractors working in Kenya

Here are the top registration requirements before being registered as a contractor by the NCA:

  • Copy of your contraction companies certificate of registration – All companies should be incorporated under the Kenyan law.
  • Tax compliance certificate from KRA
  • For all the technically qualified directors, provide certificates and testimonials
  • A certified copy of the business permit should be the current one
  • The relevant financial information as well as 3 years of financial records
  • Contractors association membership certificates
  • A certificate from the energy regulatory commission if applying for electrical engineering
  • CR 12
  • Lastly, certified copies to prove ownership of assets

How then do I register to be a contractor in Kenya

Once you have made sure that you have all the documents as listed above. Follow the steps below in order to ensure that you have registered your construction company in Kenya.

It is important to note that all this registration will be carried out online.

  1. Visit the National Construction Authority website
  2. Click on the contractor tab and the select register to be a contractor (Local, Foreign)
  3. Click on register and fill in the details required in order to open an account. You will be required to fill your ID/Passport number as well as a password.
  4. Select the ‘New application tab’ and then ‘New contractors registration’, select view registration documents, and upload and submit the documents as listed.
  5. Once you have submitted your online registration, you will receive an invoice stating the amount you are to pay and how to pay it.
  6. After you have paid, key in the M-Pesa transaction number or the bank slip transaction if you paid via bank.

Categories of Contractors registration

Contractors upon registration are categorized based on their value limits

  • NCA 1 – unlimited value
  • NCA 2 – up to 500 M value
  • NCA 3 – up to 300 M
  • NCA 4 – up to 200 M
  • NCA 5 – up to 100 M
  • NCA 6 – up to 50 M
  • NCA 7 – up to 20 M
  • NCA 8 – up to 10 M

NCA Registration Fees for Contractors


NCA registration requirements for contractors
NCA registration fees – credits NCA website

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