How To Register on Boma Yangu

In today’s article, we will discuss how to register on Boma Yangu.

Boma Yangu is a government project under the affordable housing Program(AHP).

When the Uhuru Ruto government too office for the second time, they come up with significant four initiatives that they were to accomplish before the end of their term.

One of these initiatives is the affordable housing Programme initiative which is meant to ensure that medium and low-income families have access to affordable housing.

Therefore, Boma Yangu is a government portal that allows future owners of these homes to register to be allocated homes. What’s more, is that registration on Boma Yangu is free of any charges.

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Registration requirements on Boma Yangu

To be able to register on the Boma Yangu portal, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Own a valid national Identity card
  3. Be over 18 years of age

How to Register on Boma Yangu

Once you have met all the requirements as outlined above, you can go ahead and register on the Boma Yangu portal.

Follow these steps as outlined below:

  1. On the far right corner of the Boma Yangu account, select register

2. You will be redirected on a new tab for you to choose whether you are registering as an individual, employer, bank, or property developer. In our case, we will select an individual. Click on create an account

Boma Yangu 3. Once the registration form appears, enter your details as they appear on your ID and then click submit. 4. Upon successful registration, you will be notified if your listing is successful. The next step is to click on the activate Boma Yangu account.

5. Input the activation code that has been sent to the number you have used to register. Viola! You will be notified that your account registration was a success and that now you may log in Boma Yangu 6. You may now log in and edit all the details as required.

How to make contributions towards

Once you have successfully registered to Boma Yangu, you are required to make monthly contributions to the housing fund.

To ease this process, upon registration, you will be allocated a unique identification number that you will use to make contributions.

Moreover, there are three major types of contributions that are supported by the housing fund. These are:

  • Joint Contributor – this is meant for spouses or joint account holders whereby you can make contributions.
  • Voluntary Contributor – your monthly contributions will not be capped, and once you decide to withdraw, you will not incur any tax charges.
  • Statutory Contributor – Capped at 2500 per month per employer and employee.

NB: However, it is essential to note that contributions to the housing fund can be accessed not earlier than 15 years after the first month of donation.

How will the Allocation of Houses take Place?

As soon as the construction of affordable housing begins, then the allocation of houses will also start.

Moreover, the government hopes to allocate these houses to a fair, transparent, and regular human free intervention system.

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However, there are several factors, such as when one registered to Boma Yangu, their contributions, and family status, which will determine how soon one gets allocated a house.

Why should I register at Boma Yangu

  1. Registering at Boma Yangu will enable you to own a home at an affordable rate.
  2. More to this, if you are a voluntary contributor, you can save on taxes as your contributions will not be taxed upon withdrawal.
  3. There is a wide range of housing projects to choose from in different locations. e.g. Mavoko housing project, Park Road Ngara, Kibera Soweto East Zone, Mariguini informal settlement e.t.c
  4. There are more than 296,293 registered applicants at Boma Yetu and therefore implying with this buying power, it is hard not to get the best houses.

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