Cost of Single Business Permit in Kenya

What is the cost of a Business Permit in Kenya? And why does the government hate hawkers? No, Gok doesn’t hate hawkers. Then why does the county government engage them in a chase game all the time? The answer is simple; the hawkers do not have a license or permit to operate.

This brings us to the topic on the cost of a single business permit in Kenya. If you want to operate peacefully in any part of Kenya without trouble with the county officers, then you should ensure that your business has a single business permit.

Could the cost of a single business permit in Kenya be too expensive? We will find that out in a few.

Single Business permit
Single Business permit for Nairobi County

A single business permit is vital in ensuring that a business complies with the established rules for that specific type of business. The procedure for obtaining a business permit is the same, but the cost might vary depending on the size, model, and location of the company.

Requirements to Apply for a Single Business Permit in Kenya

Individuals who intend to obtain a new business permit should go to the ward office and get a BR-1 form, or you can download them online.

  • Fill the form and give it back to the ward licensing officer.
  • The officer visits your business within 1-3 days to verify the company.
  • The information obtained by the inspection team determines the fees to charge for the permit.
  • The BR-1 form is then stamped, and you are referred to the main office, City Hall.
  • The form is approved, and the data entered in the Sbps database.
  • The generation of an invoice bill follows this, and payment is made to the cash office.
  • The business permit is signed, and you are advised to collect it from the dispatch office.

What is the cost of a Single Business Permit in Kenya?

  • Application fee – Kshs. 200
  • Large Trader (21-50 employees) – KShs. 20,000
  • Medium Trader (5-20 employees) – Kshs. 10,000


Single Business permit
BR-1 Form

Before applying for a business permit, it is essential first to register your business to ensure you already have a business ID number, and address, and a business name.

Required Documents

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of business ownership
  • National ID/ Passport No


  1. Once you have registered your company or business, secured a business name, and obtained the necessary documentation, you can apply for a business certificate/permit at any county government offices in Kenya.
  2. The business permit is obtained from the county government in whose jurisdiction it operates.
  3. There are fees charged for registering a business but which vary depending on the number of employees or size of the establishment.
  4. The business permit is renewed annually.

Required Information

  • Business Name
  • Personal ID name
  • Land zone and plot number
  • Number of employees
  • Business physical address
  • Postal Address of the Business
  • Activity code for the business
  • Details of whoever is obtaining the permit

Why you need a Single Business Permit in Kenya

A Single business permit (Sbp) is required for the smooth operation of any business in Kenya. It ensures that a company complies with the established rules for that specific type of business.

The procedure for obtaining a business permit is the same, but the cost might vary depending on the size, type, and location of the business. The license will also come in handy when acquiring a loan and applying for government Tenders.

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  1. I believe the process is too expensive for the common mwananchi…. A small shop cannot be expected to remove 5000 shillings over a period that does not ensure its success. To open a barbershop requires 11k jameni. A barbershop within the slums is being expected to remove 11k surely for startup….. The government should look into this.

  2. Comment:my business is worth 5k how am i expected to pay 5k for it surely the goverment is not serious they should consider us


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