Birth Certificate Kenya: How to Apply For One in 2020

Do you want to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya? In this article, we will take you through the process of getting a Kenyan birth certificate.

The birth certificate is the first step towards the full exercise of citizenship. It proves your existence, your place and the date of birth, and it is a legal document that shows and provides the names of your parents.

How do I get my birth certificate from Kenya?

This is because of the birth certificate number, Kenya. Without this document and the birth certificate number, citizens are deprived of their most fundamental rights and have no access to social programs and other government services.

These services and documents include; National ID Cards, passports application, visas application, application for employment, or even registering for final exams in primary and secondary schools.

Where do I get a birth certificate?

Getting a Birth Certificate in Kenyans falls is same as registration of persons in Kenya is done under the office of the president in Kenya, the ministry of interior and co-ordination of National Government of Kenya, immigration and registrations of persons.

With this Digital Age, you can now apply for a birth certificate in Kenya online through the government eCitizen portal check below for instructions on how to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya through the eCitizen website.

Different scenarios for birth certificate application

  1. You have a new child – (Immediately after birth, less than six months old)
  2. Late registration (after six months of birth)
  3. You are living abroad and want to register
  4. An adult

Birth Certificate in Kenya Application Requirements

If you are a new parent, i.e., you are registering for your newborn baby who is less than six months old. This is the best time because it is much easier to go through the process. This is a very vital step in a child’s life because it marks the first step of being recognised officially by the state as a citizen of this country.

Requirements to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya:

  • A copy of the baby’s father ID
  • A copy of the birth notification
  • The original birth notification
  • Your unique ID
  • A fee of Ksh 90/ – Ksh 200/- ( The price may change from time to time).
  • Application Forms (BDA – Birth and Deaths Registration form) duly filled.

Please note that a birth certificate is given free of charge if the application is made within the first six months of birth. However, a convenience fee of Kshs 50 is charged to facilitate the process. The cost is different for late registration or registration as an adult.

All you need to do is obtain and fill out and submit a form from the District Birth and Death Registries. However, if your child was born at home, the Sub-Chief is authorised to register births in his location. In Nairobi, all deliveries are registered at the City Hall.

Applying for Late Birth Certificate in Kenya

Any birth that has a notification that has not been forwarded to the immigration department within the first six months after the child is born is termed late registration.

For this, you will need the following to register for a birth certificate.

  1. Municipal notification of birth.
  2. Certificate of doctor or midwife who attended the birth.
  3. Child immunisation clinic card.
  4. School leaving certificate.
  5. Baptismal certificate.
  6. Identity card or passport
  7. Letter from employer indicating the date of birth
  8. Filled out an Application for Registration of a Late Birth

Applying for a Birth Certificate in Kenya While Abroad

The third scenario is when you are living abroad and would like to register for your child. You need to visit the Embassy where you live. This process takes much longer than the others since your documents have to be sent from Kenya. This is only applicable if the child was born outside the country but to Kenyan parents.

  • The procedure to follow to obtain a Kenyan Birth Certificate outside the Kenyan Border
  • Two(2) Application Forms (BDA – Birth and Deaths Registration form) duly filled
  • Two(2) photocopies of both parents’ passports. The copies of the Kenyan parent’s passport have to include pages29-32(for the A SeriesPassport), pages45-48(for the B-series Passport), pages61-64(for theCSeriesPassport), and the photo page.
  • Two(2) photocopies of the child’s Birth certificate or notification issued by the civil authorities or the hospital in the country of birth (either an international version or copies of the original and an official English translation)
  • Two (2) self-addressed, stamped A5 envelopes for postage purposes.
  • Two(2) copies of parents’ marriage certificate either international or translated into English if legally married.
  • Anon-refundable fee of $10.00for each certificate payable only by bank transfer (Embassy of theRepublic of Kenya, IBAN:
    DE63100400000266014004) or EC-Debit card at the Embassy. Cash payments will not be accepted. Overpaid amounts will not be refunded. Enclose a copy of the bank transfer slips together with the application.

Please note that the processing time takes three months or more, depending on the time it takes for the authorities to verify parents citizenship details.

Applying for a Birth Certificate as an Adult

Adults with notification cards can visit the nearest District Birth and Death Registrar, armed with a copy of your National ID Card. The Officials will give the B1 Form to fill. Baptism card and primary school certificates may be accepted in exceptional circumstances. A fee of Kshs 100 may apply.

How to Register for a Birth Certificate on eCitizen

The government of Kenya has made it more convenient to apply for a Birth Certificate from wherever you are. All you need is time to create an account on the ecitizen website and continue the registration process. The good thing about this is that you can do it from the comfort of your smartphone and complete all the money transactions and pick it at Bishop House at your own time.

All you need is for creating an account is your phone number, National ID Card Number, and an E-mail address. Upon successful registration, you will log in to your account, and you will see several services that are available that you can request. Look at the image below for what to expect.

Applying for a lost birth certificate in Kenya

The following is the process for Birth certificate Kenya replacement procedure in Kenya. Do most people often ask What to do if I lost my birth certificate in Kenya? How do I replace a lost birth certificate? Well, it is easy than you think and just read on.

Huduma Center birth certificate replacement

All you have to do is visit any Huduma Center closest to you, and they will take you through the process of applying for a lost birth certificate. You will get a new one and be able to access essential government services.

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