Where to buy Pure Gold Jewelry in Kenya

Are you looking for pure gold jewellery in Kenya? Read on as we will show you where to buy in Kenya.

This article, we will look at where to buy pure gold in Kenya, inclusive of the prices. Some of us might have been looking forward to purchasing a piece of gold jewellery either for themselves or a loved one. However, this scandal may have thrown one-off strategy. But don’t you worry, I got you covered. Therefore fear no more and follow through this article.

List of shops selling pure gold jewellery in Kenya

Here is a list of shops to purchase pure gold in Kenya

  1. Kenya Jewellers
  2. Zaveris
  3. Deluxe Jewellers

Let’s now dig into the details of each shop in more information below:

1. Kenya Jewellers

This is one of the shops in Nairobi Kenya that offer pure gold to its customers. It’s worth to note that this shop has been in operation for over 60 years, emphasising on the fact that it will offer pure gold products. This shop offers a vast collection of jewellery that is matchless from their competitor’s collection.

In addition to the gold pieces of Jewelry, Kenya Jewelers also sell diamond jewellery and other bespoke pieces from gemstones and precious stones. The gold pieces from Kenya Jewellers are custom made to the designs of one’s preferences.  Such pieces may be either necklace, engagement rings, wedding rings, as well as bangles.

In addition to selling brand new gold pieces, this shop also offers repairs from their in-house repairs shop. This is a unique offering as it means that if you bought a wedding ring from them and the ring suddenly grew smaller. You could take the ring back to them to make adjustments but of course at some cost. The good news is, since you bought the rings from them, you will not have to dig very deep into your pocket for these adjustments.

Please reach them through EMAIL:[email protected]

2. Zaveris

Zaveris is also a family run business that has been operating in Kenya for more than 24 years. In Nairobi, Zaveris has built a reputation of being the most reputable jewellery shop of all generations. Moreover, this shop specialises in all types of jewellery, ranging from bridal jewellery, engagement rings as well as wedding bands.

These rings are made from a wide range of precious stones as well as metals. For instance, there are diamond rings, gold rings, silver jewellery, semi-precious jewellery, among others. Other services offered by Zaveris include:

  • Valuations to access the prices for insurance reasons
  • As well as designing services
  • Repairs and enlargements
  • Pearl restringing
  • engraving
  • Polishing

It is effortless to purchase a piece of jewellery from Zaveris. One could log into their website and make a request and then Lipa na Mpesa through their pay bill number. Moreover, they also offer fast delivery and gift wrapping services. Here is how to reach out to them.

Website: Zaveris
Email us: [email protected]
Contact us: +254 701 44 24 34

3. Delux Jewellers

This jewellery shop has been in existence for the longest time for over 150 years. For all these years, this shop has been customising Pieces of jewellery for its customers. However, its worth to note that this shop specialises in only gold and diamond.

Moreover, Delux Jewellers promises the best to its customers, and this is shown by the reviews online. Currently, This shop has a 4.7/5 from google reviews. This is, therefore, an accurate indication that Deluxe Jewellers offers only pure gold to its customers.

Deluxe Jewellers has shops in most shopping malls in Nairobi. All you have to do is visit them and get the measurements done then get your gold. I could not find the Deluxe Jewellery website, but here is how to reach them at Tmall.


In Kenya, more shops are offering Diamond and silver jewellery than there are specialising in Gold. However, the three shops discussed above are the best of the best in Kenya. Therefore, if you had planned to buy your loved one some real gold jewellery don’t shy away now, go ahead and visit any of these shops.

We wish you the very best of luck in your plans.

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