In this article, you will learn how to create a PayPal Account in Kenya via the PayPal Website.

PayPal has brought ease and safety to the world of online shopping and allows you to send money online. These days PayPal is a universal method used for online payments and, fortunately, it is no longer necessary to have a credit card to operate a PayPal account.

It is the easiest and safest way to make transactions because it allows payments without exposing your PayPal business debit MasterCard details to the seller.

In a country where there is an increase in the number of people working online, having a PayPal account is a necessity when it comes to receiving payment online.

I made this tutorial to hep you get you started in creating a PayPal account in Kenya the right away. You will also be able to check your PayPal Balance and receive money from anyone.

How to open a PayPal Account in Kenya

To Open a PayPal Account in Kenya, follow these steps:

  1. Visit on computer
  2. Choose the Type of Account (Personal or Business)
  3. Enter your personal information
  4. Activate the account via Email
  5. Link your debit card or credit card
  6. Use PayPal to send and receive money within Kenya or anywhere around the world.

It is easy to open a PayPal account, now let’s explore the above steps in detail.

What can you do with PayPal in Kenya?

With a PayPal account in Kenya, you can do many things online easier than before like:

  • Shop Online
  • Sell Online
  • Get paid online through Freelancing websites or from someone else or a business.
  • Receive money online

How to Make a PayPal Account in Kenya

PayPal’s mode of operation is very simple: the money is transferred to your PayPal account, previously created through your credit card or normal bank account.

You use the PayPal account (Usually your email account) instead of the credit card to make online purchases, payments that you want or receive money online.

A major advantage of PayPal is that when you send or receive a payment through PayPal, no sensitive financial information such as the number of your credit card or your bank account will be revealed to the other party.

For all this, there is cause for concern when the situation involves making payments to people whom you do not know.

The following is the process of how to create a PayPal account and begin sending and receiving money online in Kenya, the process is the same to everyone around the world so if you are not from Kenya, don’t stop here.

Step 1: Signing up for PayPal Account

First, you must go to PayPal site ( ). When you get to the platform, it will automatically redirect to because they have a Geolocation feature that will automatically detect your location.

This is because they have different policies and terms and conditions for different regions and countries, but that should not matter in any way. Registration is free, you have nothing to lose!

Registration is free, however, you will need to have an Email account that you can access and a very nice strong password. Just click sign up and you will see the following screen.

As you can see the country is pre-selected for you and the language defaults to English, you may wish to change these according to your language. Then you have a choice between an Individual account and a business account.

I will always recommend that you opt for the individual account at this time. There is always room for upgrading to a business account later on. Here is a brief overview of the two types of accounts.

Here is a brief overview of the two types of accounts:

Personal Account

A personal account is intended for all who buy online, receive money or withdraw money from your card an occasional basis. It is the most suitable for basic use.

Business account

A business account is useful to businesses, company or groups. You will use your business or company name and there are more advanced features such as the creation of invoices and more customer details that I will not go into at this level.

Now that you have chosen the type of account you want to use, just fill out the form with your details. Do not use false data, this can have serious implications, such as failure to verify your account and the overall closure of your account.

Then, just read the user agreement (recommended), click agree and create the account. If you follow this process correctly then you will have successfully completed the first part of the creation of PayPal account.

PayPal Kenya Signup Screen


Personal Account Signup 



Step 2: PayPal Kenya Account Activation

The next screen will be to link your credit card as shown in the screenshot below. If you have your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Nakumatt Card or Naivas Card), you can link from here.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the card now, you can close that window safely and follow the next steps.

Link Credit Card or ignore if you don’t have one and link it later

After you have completed the initial process, you must activate the account you created. To do this, simply go to the email inbox.

PayPal will send an activation email to the email address you provided during registration with a link. Check for an email with the subject: “Welcome to PayPal”

By clicking the Activate button in the PayPal e-mail you received. You will be directed to your account, where you must enter the password created upon registration.

After entering and confirming the password successfully, you must choose two security questions, write their answer and indicate the nationality, you should already be correct.

Finally, after all, these steps you will see a page with a yellow rectangle that says, “You have changed your questions and successful security responses”, just activate your PayPal account successfully.

Step 3: Linking your Card With PayPal

By linking your credit or debit card, you are charged a small fee. The amount is refunded to your account after your card has been checked.

You can use any card from your bank but first it is recommended to inquire from the bank to know the process. You can also read on How to link your PayPal account with Equity Bank account

How to Withdraw Money from PayPal in Kenya

Now, this is the most important process, after all, the reason we are opening an account is to transact online. Since for most Kenyans receiving money is what we will be using PayPal for.

You must know at the date of writing this, Kenyan Shilling is not one of the PayPal recognized currencies. So you will be receiving money in foreign currencies in your PayPal account.

You will then use the currency rates at the moment you can convert to Kenyan shilling when withdrawing the money.

The easiest and safe way to withdraw money from your Paypal Kenya account is by using Equity Bank. You need to open an Equity account if you don’t have one yet. They will give you either a Visa Card or MasterCard then you can link the card to your Paypal account.

However, you still cannot withdraw directly to your bank account, you need to visit this website and input your details and only then you will be able to withdraw your money. The waiting period is 5 to 8 working days or less, but Equity has the best rates for withdrawing from PayPal.

Watch Video on How to Open Paypal Account in kenya

Video Credit: David Mbugua on Youtube

UPDATE: It now takes about 3 days to withdraw from Equity bank. You need to create an account and link your current account to PayPal for you to use this service. Visit to create an account to be able to withdraw from PayPal using Equity Bank.


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