10 Best Ways of Making Money Online in Kenya

Looking for extra cash? People may be using the internet for different reasons but you can turn your free time to making money online. Many are already earning from the comfort of their homes. Here are some of the best ways of making money online.

1. Posting Youtube Videos

Millions of people right now are earning a lot of money from YouTube. You only need to open a Youtube channel, post quality videos on your channel and you will start earning.

How do you earn from your videos ? When you reach the minimal number of viewers and subscribers required by Google. They place paid adverts on your channel and you are paid after reaching their minimal threshold. Opening of a YouTube is totally free. Meaning if you have your PC and access to the internet, you can start doing this even right now.

2. Blogging

Think of a topic or a niche that you know you are good at, and then open a blog website like Blogger, Wix and WordPress. There are many blog website builders but using Blogger as a beginner is recommended as it is free and simple to use. After getting familiar with blogging, you can now upgrade to other blogging builders like WordPress.

How can you earn from blogging ? Many people are making a lot of money from blogging.The two major ways you can earn from blogging is through Google Ad sense and Affiliate Marketing. For you to achieve this, you need to create an engaging content that will attract readers to your blog. In other words, the more people read you blog, the more views hence more earning.

3. Online Option Trading

This is another real online deal where many people  are making money online. Online trading is simple, it only involves selecting over two options whether the price of a commodity or currency will go up or down.

Depending on your selection, you will either gain or loose if your selection came true or false after a specified period of time. The good thing about option trading is that you can end up earning a lot of money overnight. This is because it’s you who select the amount of time an event will happen. It starts with as little as one minute.

Everything has its pros and cons, and this kind of opportunity involves high risk of losing your initial investment. If you decide to involve in option trading, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.

4. Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrency in the world that has entered into the control of the economy of the entire world. This has reached a point where people are now using this currency to buy goods and services on the internet. This is because it’s neutral, worldwide, secured  and there is no specific person in control of it.

The price of the bitcoin for overtime has been changing by rising and falling against  USD. Those who are experts in forex  exchange and trading have really made maximum profits from Bitcoin. For you to participate in this business that can really change your life financially, you need to be updated with the current trending movement of the bitcoin price.

5. Creating Websites

In Kenya right now, technology is on high note and it’s like everyone want to get online. If you are an expert  in creating websites, you can turn it into an income opportunity. There are many individuals who want to create  websites but since they have no skills in doing that, they will always look for someone  to do it and pay them.

Apart from individuals, many companies and business want their own websites and people to maintain and update them. An average professional website in Kenya can go for about Ksh. 85,000. This is good money in Kenya which can sustain you for some time.

If you are good in this, you can market yourself online to companies and individuals.

6. Betting on Games

This is another way people are claiming to be earning money in Kenya. Betting on sport has become so much common here in Kenya as you can see the betting bookies advertising themselves everywhere on the internet. You have heard those who have been lucky enough to an extend of earning Ksh. 100,000,000 in sing one jackpot bet.

All in all, this could be lucrative  income opportunity but requires some strategies put in place .

This is because it involve some high risks of losing your all stake.Please if you decide to engage in sports betting, use your spare time and spare money, come up with a strategy and be consistent.

7. Data Entry Jobs

This jobs majorly involves typing data. There are many companies on the internet where you can register, get hired and be paid. You can be given a job to type data from a specified given page to another page. Instruction regarding this work are given to guide you work under given jurisdiction.

For you to succeed in this type of online opportunity, you need to try as much and possible to do the right work, submit your work on the specified time.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way one can easily start making money online in Kenya.

Here, you only need to register with a site or a company. After registering as an affiliate marketer, a link is generate for you which you are to share online. Whenever a person buys or uses the services under you link, you are paid a commission.

In most cases, registering as an affiliate marketer is normally free, meaning you can start doing it today. For you to be more successful in affiliate marketing and earn more, you need a website. There are sites you can create a free blog or website.

9. Reselling Online Products

This is another way you can easily start making money online comfortably in your home.

Maybe you may be wondering what online products are. These are products that can be bought and sold online without any physical touch. A good example are e-books, websites, software and online games.

An online seller buys a product with a wholesale price and sell it with retail price with a profit. Starting this kind of business requires some initial capital.

10. Freelancing

You can start right away making money at home by doing other peoples work through the internet. Freelancer is one of the site you can open an account and start off.

Here, you only need to be an expert in a certain field where you will be hired and perform specific tasks. Freelancing becomes so really good when you have gained more experience and have high ranking. This is because many people who are beginners are always put in doubts ,in result, you may place your bid many times before you are taken.

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