List of StarTimes Kenya Bouquets, Packages, Channels and Prices


StarTimes Kenya is a cable and satellite company and a subsidiary of the StarTimes Media, an international television company based in China. StarTimes is among the leading pay-TV service providers in Kenya, such as Gotv Kenya. Keep on reading for the New StarTimes Kenya Bouquets Channels and Prices

StarTimes Kenya provides both the pay and Free to Air (FTA) set-top boxes to its customers. The Free to Air set-top boxes do not accrue monthly subscriptions charges. Subscribers are only expected to pay once after which they can access all local TV and radio stations.

The FTA which comes with Pang and Signet channels which can be streamed from the StarTimes Kenya mobile app which also provides options where the subscriber can upgrade to Pay Tv.

The Pay-TV service bouquet is automatic once your set-top box is installed but, it can also be converted into FTA at a fee.

StarTimes Kenya bouquets channels & prices

Startimes Kenya local channels or call them StarTimes Kenya bouquets are divided into two categories;

  1. The Digital Terrestrial Technology Bouquet (DDT)
  2. The Direct to Home Bouquet (DTH).

The Digital terrestrial technology bouquet operates under a terrestrial (Aerial) platform while DTH runs on a satellite platform. Check the table below for prices and bouquets

StarTimes Kenya also has the HD Combo decoder which can receive DTH and DDT signals. The decoder retails at the cost of Ksh 1,999 and comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one-month DTH Unique Bouquet.

DTH bouquets, channels, and prices

BouquetMonthly Subscription FeeNumber Of Channels
Nova +Ksh 44935 Channels
IndianKsh 8997+ Channels Add-ons
SmartKsh 89969+ plus 25 Audio Channels
ChineseKsh 1,99969 Channels Plus 12 Chinese
SuperKsh 1,499100+ Channels, 4HD + 25 Audio

 DDT packages, channels, and prices:

StarTimes BouquetMonthly Subscription FeeNumber Of Channels
UniqueKsh 1,49976+ Channels
Classic BouquetKsh 99957+ Channels
BasicKsh 59937+ Channels
Nyota BouquetKsh 25910+ Channels

StarTimes Kenya payment methods

It is easy and relatively fast to pay for your StarTimes Kenya subscription via Mpesa, StarTimes Pay bill. Other payment Platforms are shown below:

  • Orange Money -Business Number: 585858
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Through Airtel Money – Business name: Startimes
  • iPay and various banks.
  • Coop Bank Mcash
  • Equity Bank EZZAY 247

 StarTimes Pay Bill number

  • Access the Mpesa Menu option on your phone.
  • Select Pay bill option and enter the Pay bill number 585858 as Business Number
  • Use your StarTimes Smart Card Number as the Account Number
  • Follow the Mpesa user prompt to complete your Payment

How do I change my Startimes Bouquet?

  1. Login, choose your smart card on Service page, press Bouquet button.
  2. Choose the Bouquet you want to change to and click the next button.
  3. Enter your decoder Number

Where to buy StarTimes HD decoder

StarTime Kenya decoder can be purchased from any of the local StarTimes dealers countrywide. Click here to view your StarTimes Kenya Favorite Channels and programs.

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  1. Have nyota but it doesn’t have Kiswahili and the promotion that you say to pay 150 kes for update 5.1.2 for 38 days have payed but it’s not updated,why?

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    my money says what bouquet …please

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