Startimes Kenya: List of StarTimes Packages, Channels & Prices

Updated on April 19, 2024 – Startimes Kenya has announced price changes for their packages, effective immediately.

StarTimes is among the leading pay-TV service providers in Kenya, offering a wide range of affordable packages with diverse channel options.

StarTimes Kenya provides both Pay and Free to Air (FTA) set-top boxes to its customers.

The Free to Air set-top boxes do not accrue monthly subscription charges. Subscribers are only to pay once after which they can access all local TV and radio stations.

The FTA which comes with Pang and Signet channels which can be streamed from the StarTimes Kenya mobile app which also provides options where the subscriber can upgrade to Pay Tv.

The Pay-TV service bouquet is automatic once your set-top box is installed but, it can also be converted into FTA at a fee.

StarTimes Packages & Prices

Startimes Kenya local channels or call them StarTimes Kenya bouquets are divided into two categories:

  1. The Antenna
  2. The Dish

The Digital terrestrial technology bouquet operates under a terrestrial (Aerial) platform while DTH runs on a satellite platform. Check the table below for prices and bouquets.

StarTimes Kenya also has the HD Combo decoder which can receive DTH and DDT signals. The decoder retails at the cost of Ksh 1,999 and comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one-month DTH Unique Bouquet.

DTH Bouquets, Channels And Prices

Bouquet Monthly Subscription Fee Number Of Channels
Nova Ksh. 549 42 Channels
Smart Ksh. 1,119 49 Channels
Chinese Ksh. 2,300 24 Channels
Super Ksh. 1,799 26 Channels

DDT Packages, Channels And Prices

StarTimes Bouquet Monthly Subscription Fee Number Of Channels
Classic Ksh. 1,149 75+ Channels
Basic Ksh. 749 56+ Channels
Nyota Ksh. 329 35+ Channels

StarTimes Channel List

Each StarTimes package comes with a unique set of channels catering to different interests.

Here’s an overview of some popular channels available on StarTimes Kenya:

  1. Entertainment Channels:
    • Africa Magic
    • Ebru TV
    • Maisha Magic East
    • Zee World
    • Star Plus
  2. Sports Channels:
    • ESPN
    • SuperSport Blitz
    • Fox Sports
    • Eurosport
    • NBA TV
  3. Movie Channels:
    • AMC Movies
    • TNT Africa
    • Star Movies
    • Fox Movies
    • African Movie Channel
  4. Kids’ Channels:
    • JimJam
    • Baby TV
    • Nickelodeon
    • Cartoon Network
    • Disney Junior
  5. Documentary Channels:
    • National Geographic
    • History Channel
    • Discovery Channel
    • Animal Planet
    • BBC Earth

StarTimes Kenya Payment Methods

It is easy and relatively fast to pay for your StarTimes Kenya subscription via Mpesa, StarTimes Pay bill number.

Other payment Platforms are shown below:

  • Orange Money – Business Number: 585858
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Through Airtel Money – Business name: Startimes
  • iPay and various banks.
  • Coop Bank MCash
  • Equity Bank EZZAY 247

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 StarTimes Pay Bill Number

  • Access the Mpesa Menu option on your phone.
  • Select Pay bill option and enter the Pay bill number 585858 as Business Number
  • Use your StarTimes Smart Card Number as the Account Number
  • Follow the Mpesa user prompt to complete your Payment.

How to Use MPESA to Pay for StarTimes Kenya Channels and Packages

To make a payment to StarTimes via MPesa paybill, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the MPesa menu and choose “Lipa na Mpesa.”
  2. Select “Pay bill” and enter the StarTimes business number: 585858.
  3. Input your StarTimes Smart Card number as the Account number.
  4. Enter the amount corresponding to the package you wish to pay for.
  5. Provide your MPesa pin and confirm the transaction.

After completing these steps, you will receive text messages from both MPesa and StarTimes confirming the transaction.

Customer Support

Customers seeking assistance with StarTimes services can contact the customer care team at 0719077077, email or visit StarTimes offices situated at Victoria Towers, Kilimanjaro Road, Ground floor, Upper Hill, Opposite Crown Plaza. Moreover, there’s a self-care USSD code *858# accessible on Safaricom and Airtel networks for self-service options.


How much do StarTimes packages cost in Kenya?

Prices for StarTimes packages in Kenya are subject to change but typically range from Ksh 749 for the Basic Package to Ksh 1,799 for the Super Package.

How do I change my Startimes Kenya Packages?

Here is how to change StarTimes bouquet:

  1. Dial *858# on your Safaricom or Airtel line.
  2. Select option 4, which is “Change package.”
  3. Choose the type of decoder you have.
  4. Select your preferred bouquet.
  5. Enter your Smart Card Number (input the first 11 digits) and send.

What is the price of the StarTimes dishes, antennae, and decoders?

These are the costs for different combos:

  • For a DTH decoder, dish, accessories, and a 1-month Super bouquet subscription, the total is ₦13,200.
  • If you opt for a DTH decoder, dish, accessories, and a 1-month Smart bouquet subscription, it will be ₦11,200.
  • For a DTT decoder, antenna, and a 1-month Classic bouquet subscription, the total comes to ₦9,400.
  • Lastly, if you choose a DTT decoder with a 1-month Classic bouquet subscription, it will cost ₦7,600.

Where can I find more information about StarTimes packages, channels, and prices in Kenya?

You can visit the official StarTimes website or contact their customer care team for the latest information on packages, channels, and prices in Kenya.

Where to buy StarTimes HD decoder?

StarTime Kenya decoder can be purchased from any of the local StarTimes dealers countrywide. Click here to view your StarTimes Kenya Favorite Channels and programs. We will update you on StarTimes decoder price in a future post.

Are there any special offers or promotions available for StarTimes packages in Kenya?

StarTimes occasionally runs promotions or offers special discounts on packages. Check their website or contact customer support for current offers.

What payment methods are accepted for StarTimes subscriptions in Kenya?

StarTimes subscriptions in Kenya can be paid using various methods, including MPesa, bank transfers, and debit/credit cards.

Is StarTimes available in other countries besides Kenya?

Yes, StarTimes is available in multiple countries across Africa, including Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and many others.


StarTimes offers a wide range of packages for potential customers to choose from. These packages differ based on signal reception technology, prices, and channel lists. With affordable pricing and a wide selection of channels, StarTimes continues to be a popular choice for digital TV entertainment in Kenya.

Choose the package that best suits your interests and enjoy a world of entertainment at your fingertips with Startimes Kenya.

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    On 12th June 2020 I paid 259/-but was denied viewership with explaination that I did not pay the full 299. Disconnection was done on 29th June. 40/- denied me 2 weeks of viewership.

    If weekly is 100/ which does not tally with 299 per month, then I should have had at least 3 weeks to view.
    You are only concerned when I do not pay but you do not respond to complaints sufficiently.
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