Top 8 Online Payment Platforms in Kenya

In this article, we will discuss the top online payment platforms in Kenya.

Payment systems have revolutionised over time with the advent of technology. Moreover, businesses and people no longer have to use cards and cash to make payments. There are better, safer ways to make and receive payments online.

List of online payment platforms in Kenya

Here is the ultimate list of the top online payment platforms in Kenya.

  1. PayPal
  2. Pesapal
  3. DPO
  4. iPay
  5. Skrill
  6. Payu
  7. DusuPay
  8. Rave

Online Payment Platforms in Kenya Details

Let’s discuss the following online payment methods in details:

1. PayPal

PayPal is simply the simplest way to get paid from anywhere in the world. More to this, Paypal is available in over 230 countries and support over 25 currencies. Finally, in Kenya, one can now move funds between your PayPal and M-PESA accounts. Therefore supporting the slogan, Your money, your choice! More to this, one can also be able to transfer their Mpesa balance to Paypal and use it to make payments online.

This account is best-loved by online writing freelancers as they require you to have a PayPal account to be paid. It, therefore, gets effortless to manage one’s bills, payments, and even shopping for those of us who love shopping.

It is straightforward to join PayPal in Kenya, either as an individual, business or even partners and developers. To sign up, you will need an active email account as well as a debit card. In 2020, PayPal is fast becoming a leading online payment platform in Kenya.

2. PesaPal

This online payment method is above the best payment methods in Kenya. This method is already available in eight African countries. These countries in Zimbabwe and Zambia on top of the East African countries. It has secure online payment methods that ensure the security for both the buyer and the seller.

Just like Paypal, one has to have an active email address to sign up. The email address will serve as your account to Paypal. It is this created account that will enable money transfer from one medium to another. Some of the banks in Kenya connected to Pesapal include Equity bank as well as the cooperative bank.

More to this, Pesapal is also liked to Mpesa and Airtel money, thereby promoting convenience to spend money.

3. Direct Pay Online (DPO)

This is an online payment method that operates in all over Africa.DPO empowers your business by delivering an all-currency, all-payments solution. Thereby making your customers be able to pay you with their currency of choice, via Direct Pay Online.

Like the other two methods of online payment, DPO also offers mobile money transfer option to its customers. More to this, one can also add their debit and credit cards. Through online payments, small businesses have been able to grow to great heights.

4. iPay

This is among the best online payment systems in Kenya currently. This online payment method rides on Airtel, Mpesa, Visa card, Mastercard, Equity, Equitel as well as Kenswitch. Moreover, its very simple to receive payments if one is a merchant. Another huge benefit to signing up to ipay is that one can receive theirs instantly.

The other significant benefits of joining iPay include:

  • Free account opening
  • Receiving instant payments
  • Ability to withstand/withdraw funds
  • 100% control over one’s money

The elipa wallet allows one to send and receive both local and international payments. Make bulk payments, as well as full transactions, reports. While for merchants, the ability to receive instant payments is quite enticing. iPay customers service is always online, and therefore, it’s straightforward to get help when you need some.

5. Skrill

Skrill is the best online payment method e-commerce online platform. It is among the top ten platforms in the world apart from only Kenya. If you have successfully signed up for a transcription account,  this would be the other good platform to give as your payment method. Moreover, one can also receive money in any currency in Skrill and transfer it to your Mpesa account.

The good news is that transferring money from Skrill account to bank is free. Skrill is convenient, instant and instils confidence in its customers. Having an account with Skrill is also simple; all that one has to is sign up, begin receiving or making payments and then start withdrawing.

6. PayU

PayU is among the best online payment systems in Kenya at the moment. This payment platform is available in over 18 markets globally. Globally, this account services over 200 merchants globally. Moreover, it has more than 14 years of experience. Each day, there are about 1.2 payments made every single day on this platform.

Currently, PayU has not yet integrated MPesa into its withdrawal options. However, one can be able to withdraw from this account directly to their bank account without any hassle. This system has robust security and fraud security system and thereby ensuring that clients money is well secure.

7. Dusu Pay

This platform provides the most reliable, efficient, fast and straightforward infrastructure and process payments globally with Africa. Get started for free. In Africa, Dusu pay is trusted by Multimillion-dollar companies. However, for a merchant account, one has to buy one as it is not free.

  • The basic package is free if a merchant is only bound to receive 50 transactions in a month
  • The standard package is charged at only 9.99 pounds
  • The enterprise package is billed monthly and costs like 29.99 pounds.

Good news is that mobile money transfer is available in Kenya if an entrepreneur uses this service.

8. Rave

This account is among the best online payment methods in Kenya. Rave lets you efficiently receive payments with secure credit card processing & easy integration. Therefore, Rave offers the merchants who sign up to its rich customer data, customised experiences, global access; Zero set up fees as well as top-notch technology to secure your funds.

  • Sign up for free
  • Link your bank to your account
  • Start accepting payments from customers

Online payment platforms in Kenya conclusion

It’s lovely to note that now it does not matter the country you reside as a merchant. One can now be able to access clients and suppliers from anywhere in the world and be able to make receive payments instantly. Additionally, these best online payment methods, therefore, ensure that businesses are growing and achieving their maximum potential.

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  1. I believe you left out one of the easiest and local online pay service. JAMBOPAY. Nearly all Motorist in the country have interacted with this platform hence its the most familiar and i think it is one of the best here in Kenya having no complains.


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