Technical University of Kenya Courses and Cluster Points

The Technical University of Kenya (TUK) formerly Kenya Polytechnic College was established as the first Technical University in Kenya line with the provision of the proposed Universities Act, 2012.

Currently, it is considered one of the best universities in Nairobi.TUK is located along Haile-Selassie Avenue in Nairobi next to the  City Square Post Office in Nairobi.

Technical university intakes include  April, August, December for short certificate courses, July for Diploma and undergraduate. And July For module II postgraduate courses as well.

Technical University of Kenya Courses

TUK offers certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate  courses including:

Certificate courses

  1. Certificate In Environmental Studies
  2. Science Laboratory Technology (Vacation)
  3. In Computer Engineering
  4. Certificate In Computer Technology
  5. Certificate In System Technical Support Short Courses
  6.  Nutrition And Dietetic
  7.  Health Records & Information Technology
  8.   Advanced Certificate In Computer Hardware & Network Support
  9.  Certificate In Software Development
  10. A Certificate In Information Technology Certificate In-Library Studies
  11. Advanced Certificate In Business Administration
  12. Certificate In Applied Electronics Certificate In Computer Servicing And Maintenance (Csm) Technician
  13. Certificate In Archives And Records Management
  14. Counselling Psychology Certificate In Information Technology
  15. Certificate In Civil Engineering,  Certificate In Fire Engineering
  16.  Electrical Installation Technician
  17.  Food Technology
  18.  Science Laboratory Technology
  19.  Disaster Management
  20. Certificate In Technology Options: Certificate In Architectural Draughtsmanship,  Certificate In Science Laboratory Technology (Slt),
  21. Distance Mode Certificate In Business Information Technology
  22. Advanced Certificate In Computer Technology
  23. Certificate In Electronics Technician Electrical Installation Electrician Craft.

TUK diploma Courses

They include

  1. Diploma In Technology In Mechanical Engineering Options

2. Technology In Mechatronic Engineering

3. Diploma  In Architecture.

4.  Geological Science.

5. Diploma In Technology In Atmospheric Science.

6.  Applied Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry).

7. Technology in Disaster Management

8.  International Relations And Diplomacy

9. Social Work And Community.

10. Development Diploma In Printing And Packaging

11. Diploma in Printing Technology

12. Higher Diploma in Printing Technology

13. Quantity Surveying

14. Quantity Construction Management.

15. Urban And Regional Planning

16. Diploma in In Biochemistry

17. Diploma in Technology: Molecular Biology And Biochemistry.

18. Secretarial Studies

19. Diploma in Management


21. Fashion Design And Garment Making

22. Journalism And Public Relations

23. Diploma in Music

24.  Information System.

25.  Communication & Computer Networks among other courses

TUK degree courses

They include

  1. Degree In Architecture
  2. Degree In Management Of Built Environment In Real Estate Or Urban Design In Kenya.

3.  Quantity Surveying

4.  Engineering

4. Degree In Building Construction and  Degree In Land Policy And Administration.

5. Degree In Fine Arts, Degree In Tourism And Traveling Management.

6. Degree In Hotel Management

7. Degree In Music and  Degree In Engineering.

TUK bachelor’s degree courses

They comprise of

  1. Bachelor Of Technology In Communication And Computer Networks Technology, Civil Engineering and  Bachelor Of Engineering In Civil Engineering.
  2. B.E in Electronics And Computer Engineering, Applied Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry) and biochemistry.
  3. Bachelor Of Technology (Telecommunications, survey engineering, Environmental Resource Management,  Power Systems, Instrumentation and Control and Applied Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry).
  4. Bachelor Of Philosophy In Technology Industrial Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation And Control. And in food technology.
  5. B.E in Geospatial Engineering
  6. Bachelor Of Philosophy Printing, Construction Management
  7. B.S  In Tourism And Travel Management
  8. Philosophy In Technology (Analytical Chemistry)
  9.  Biotechnology:- (Industrial, Medical, And Agricultural Options)
  10. Bachelor Of Technology (Technical And Applied Physics), Food Science and design.
  11. B.A in Food Technology
  12. Bachelor Of Technology In Journalism And Mass Communication
  13. B.A in Event And Convention Management
  14. Bachelor Of The Built Environment (Urban And Regional Planning)
  15. Bachelor Of Technology (Technical And Applied Physics),  Health Information Technology and Information Studies
  16. B.A  in International Relations And Diplomacy
  17. Bachelor Of Technology In Event And Convention Management
  18. B.B.A in  Office Administration (B. Tech. Oa)
  19. Bachelor Of Arts In Legal Studies Bachelor Of Technology In Business Information Technology Bachelor Of Economics among others.


TUK postgraduate studies

  1. Master Of Technology In Mechanical Engineering Technology Applied Statistics Mathematical Statistics Mathematics (Pure And Applied Mathematics)
  2.  Postgraduate degree in Environmental Resource Management School Of Biological And Life Sciences
  3.  Applied Parasitology
  4. Master Of Philosophy In Applied Parasitology Master Of Science In Applied Parasitology
  5. Science In Forensic Biochemistry Master Of Science In Applied Linguistics
  6.  Studies in Information And Knowledge Management Master Of Arts In Entrepreneurship
  7. Business Administration Masters Of Science In International Relations
  8. M.A  in Music In Music Education
  9.  Music In African Music Studies Masters Of Musical Arts In Composition and Master Of Musical Arts In Performance

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Technical University Cluster points

Cluster points directly affect students eligibility for a particular course. At TUK, cluster points necessitate the need for students to determine their cluster points before settling on a particular course of study.

Cluster points normally influence the grading system. TUK cluster subjects are classified according to groups.

They comprise of

Group I ( Compulsory 3)

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Kiswahili

Group II (At least two 2)

  1. Physics

1. Chemistry

2. Biology

Group III ( At least one 1)

  1. Geography
  2. CRE
  3. History & Govt
  4. Hindu Rel. Ed

Group IV Aviation

  1. Comp Studies
  2. Woodwork
  3. Metal Work
  4. Electricity
  5. Art and design
  6. Power mechanics
  7. Building and construction

Group V German

  1. Arabic
  2. French
  3. Business studies
  4. Music

 TUK Cluster points can be calculated using the formula below with the main critical denotations represented.


w Weighted Cluster Point

c Raw Cluster Point

an Aggregate Cluster Point.

m Maximum performance index per cluster for all students and subjects

r Raw cluster performance index per cluster for all subjects enrolled

API Aggregate performance index

spi Maximum performance index

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Technical University courses and cluster points conclusion 

Each year during course revision  KUCCPS  provides a list of cluster subjects for universities.

For one to qualify for a certain course there are a number of points you have to achieve in the four (4) subjects that are considered the most relevant for the course.

All academic course offered in higher learning institutions requires a minimum of four primary subjects. Thus, cluster point calculation encompasses these subjects irrespective of its group.

Cluster points are calculated using four grading subjects concerning the course cluster points. The average grading points include A 12, A- 11, B+ 10, B 9, B- 8, C+ 7, C 6, C- 5, D+ 4, D 3, D- 2, E 1

Subject Grade Grading points

  1. Mathematics A- 11
  2. Physics B- 8
  3. B 9 Chemistry
  4. Business studies A- 11
  5. 39 -raw cluster points
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