10 Quick USSD Loans to Mpesa

Today’s article, we will identify 10 quick USSD loans to Mpesa that you can access without a smartphone.

In Kenya, Microlending the fastest and easiest way which people use to access money. Whether you need to get a quick loan to increase your biashara stock or to pay school fees, a USSD code will save you.

The good news is that you do not have to cram all these numbers. Just select one lender that you feel has your best interest at heart.

Once you have them, it will be very easy to cram just their USSD number. These days there is no limit to how quick your dreams can be made true. Especially if they cost less than Ksh. 10,000.

Instant USSD Loans in Kenya

1. Equity Bank

Equity bank has been named by Business daily as the best bank in Kenya. It does not charge excessive interest charges on its borrows neither does it have stringent conditions. If therefore you would like to access an instant USSD loan from Equity bank, it is very easy.

Just dial *247# and you will be redirected on the steps to take. You can also download the Eazy 247 app from both the play store and the App Store.

2. Timiza Loan

Timiza Loan is offered by Absa bank formerly known as Barclays bank. In order to access a loan from Timiza, dial *848# and follow the instructions provided.

3. Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank offers its customers quick USSD loans to their Mpesa. All that one needs to do is to dial *208# and you will be on your way to getting funded.

4. Eco Bank

Eco Bank Kenya understands perfectly well that you don’t have to own a smartphone in order to need a quick loan.

They have made it easy by providing a USSD number for each country they operate in. In Kenya, to access the quick USSD loan just dial *335#.

5. Mco-op cash Loan

If you own a business account with a Cooperative bank, you are able to access a quick USSD loan. One only has to dial *667#.

6. HF Whizz Loan App

HF Whizz loan app is made available by the Housing Finance Corporation (HFC). You can easily access a USSD loan by just dialling the following number on your mobile number *618#.

7. KCB Mobi Bank

KCB Bank Mobi loan ranks number 1 among the 10 quick USSD loans to Mpesa. Just dial *522# and enter your pin to proceed.

8. Jamii Bora Bank

Moreover, Jamii Bora Bank has also not been left behind on this wagon of offering loans to clients using USSD numbers.

Their USSD code is *344# and once you follow all instructions as provided, the money will be sent to your Mpesa. Please note this is applicable to their customers only.

9. Credit Bank

Through *669# any Credit Bank customer is able to easily access a loan to their Mpesa. Discover the world of infinite possibilities through the credit Bank.

10. Sidian Bank

Sidian Bank formerly known as K-rep bank is the last on this list of 10 quick USSD loans to Mpesa. Simply dial *527# and you will be all set.

Remember for every coin you borrow, you will have to return with interest. Happy borrowing!

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