Businesses to start in Kenya with only 20K

Businesses to start in Kenya

We all want to be businessmen and women at some point in our life. The most deterring factor when it comes to starting a business is usually capital. Here are some of the businesses to start in Kenya with as little as 20k.

However, there are some businesses that do not require a lot of money to start. Some of those businesses even give a 100% profit on investment or at times even 150% returns. Today, we will discuss the various businesses to start in Kenya with only 20K.

Businesses to start in Kenya with only 20K

Pedicure/Manicure business

Beauty standards in this century have really changed. It is not only women who seek pedicure and manicure services these days, but even men also do. This business is really booming in Nairobi and other towns as more and more people embrace getting their nails and feet done.

To start out, one could start out by doing house calls. Another easier way is to provide your services to an already established salon and then grow your client base before renting out. For this particular business a minimum of Kes. 15,000.

Selling Fresh fruits and Juice

In the advent of people seeking healthy living options, this business is practically booming. One could start out small by selling fruit salads and juice in offices. To do this, one has to select a good location that has a lot of offices.

Fruit selling business is a good idea since its very low on its capital demands. The City market and Muthurwa could be a good place for a vendor to get fresh supplies each day. As a result of this with less than 20k, one could be able to start out the business.

Selling Women Handbags

Ladies love looking good and fashion. It does not matter if they already have ten handbags in their closet, they will still go ahead and buy another one if they like it. This here makes this business perfect to start with less than 20K.

One could buy the handbags from Eastleigh on wholesale and then resale them at even double the buying price. However, one has to select good handbags made of quality materials and even fashionable ones.

There also some shops opposite the old Tusky’s beba beba that also sell quality handbags at a cheaper price. One may not need a physical shop in order to start the business, Instead social media could come in handy in marketing and distributing the product.

When it comes to handbags, importation from other countries is also an option. There are many companies these days that help business people to import products from overseas at affordable rates. Countries like China and Uganda, are ranking high when it comes to importation.

Selling Second Hand Clothes/ Mitumba

This has always been the go-to business for me. Gikomba and Toi are the best places to get cheap quality clothes for resale. All that one needs is to be able to identify the best suppliers for the second-hand clothes that they would want to start selling.

Some of the best second-hand clothes to sale include ladies dresses, T-shirts, as well as Ladies and Male Jeans and chiffon tops. Another thing to be aware of is the best days in which bales are opened. For Gikomba, those days are specific as to the type of clothe that one needs to purchase.

Take, for instance, the best day to buy dresses is on Tuesday Morning ( as this is when new bales are opened. It is important to note that, there are many groups on facebook that provide detailed advice as to where to buy what.

Businesses to start in Kenya-Selling new Shoes

This is another lucrative business idea to carry out in Kenya with less than 20K. One has to identify unique brands that the targeted customers might want to purchase. It is good to note that various types of shoes are also largely dependent on the season and target market.

Kamukunji market in Nairobi is a very good place to purchase shoes on wholesale for resale. The market is open each day from Monday to Sunday. The best day to buy shoes has always been on a Saturday. This is because most shops are usually restocked by then.

Car Wash Business

This is another Lucrative business in Kenya. To start a car wash business, select an area with a good supply of water and then purchase a car washing machine. To make the business attract even more customers, locate your business near a Nyama Choma base and you will be assured of customers.

With a dedicated staff, one could keep a target of at least 10 cars a day at Kes 200 that is like kes 2000 to start with.

We really need to do away with the mindset that Carwash business is for the less learned in society and embrace it. A good thing to note is that even women are embracing the business these days.

A ladies Beauty Shop

The 21st-century woman is made up of many things. One of those things being Make-up and other beauty accessories. To start out, select a location with a lot of foot traffic, as well as salons.

One could get the products to sell from Dubois Kenya or even the shops opposite Tuskys OTC. You will never go wrong with ladies beauty products because we are always reinventing yourself. With ladies, it’s not about our age, its always about how do we look.

Smokies and Boiled eggs business

If you have little money and need to start a business then this one is a good idea for a small business.

One only needs eggs, smokies, a good location with people traffic as well as a smokie trolley. To sell out in this business, one has to be extremely clean. In order to get a good bargain on smokies, it is more economical to buy your supplies from Kenchick shops.

In Conclusion, A successful business only requires dedication, determination, and hard work. Therefore, it does not really matter how much you use to start a business as long as you have the virtues mentioned above.

All the best as you start out your business.


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