How to Start a Car Wash Business in Kenya 2020

Is starting a car wash business in Kenya 2020 a good idea?

I say it couldn’t be any better because there are at least 2.5 million vehicles on the Kenyan roads, according to the  Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis.

This is 21 and 15 times more cars as compared to the vehicles found in Tanzania and Uganda, respectively. Moreover, there is an annual growth of 11%, which is 5 million more cars on the roads by 2030.

How to start a car wash business in Kenya

In the segments that follow, we will discuss each factor that one needs to consider before they decide to invest in a car wash business in Kenya.

These factors include:

  • Market research
  • Business permit
  • Location
  • Revamping Site
  • Equipment needed

Market research on Car wash business in Kenya

Just like any other business opportunity, it is essential to do your homework.

  • Know what your customers want.
  • Learn from those already in business
  • Find out what an ideal location of starting a car wash business
  • Determine the distinguishing factor, to make your customers stick

Getting Business Permit

It is crucial to ensure that before venturing into any business, you have the right certifications. A single business permit is required to start a car wash in Kenya.

However, it is essential to note that the cost of this permit varies from city to city. This means that significant towns like Mombasa and Nairobi will have higher charges when it comes to acquiring this permit.

Once you start the process of acquiring a business permit, you can now go ahead, look for a good location.

The Location

A good location is one of the critical determinants of whether your car wash business will succeed or not.

Historically, a car wash business has thrived when located near Nyama Choma grill and bar, a Mechanic’s workshop, or even near bus stops.

The other determinant is that the established selected should be near a busy road or a busy shopping center.

If one intends to open this business in Nairobi, it would be ideal for choosing a place near or inside the parking yard. This will be quiet convenient for the customers because of accessibility.

Revamping the Site

After choosing a suitable site, it is prudent to go ahead and make the place more accessible to your customers.

For instance, if the land has bushes, you can clear the site and even fence it. If you have more cash to invest, you could level the ground and cement it so that it makes the cleaning job very easy.

Revamping might also include adding some security features to your yard to ensure safety for the customer’s vehicles.

Acquire the necessary pieces of equipment

Once the car wash site is prepared and ready, you will need to start looking for the required equipment to start.

A car washing machine is a technology that has come to make work easier for us. To start, one could go for the most basic device performing the essential functions.

Various types of fuel power these washing machines. For instance. Like if the place you intend to start the car wash has a history of frequent power outages, it might be wise to consider a diesel-powered machine.

Away from this, remember to consider other things such as pressure options, spray gun as well as weight.

Moreover, you might want to look for someone who will be running the car wash business, if it’s a side hustle.

Consider someone who has little experience of how to use cars. It should also be someone good with people.

The other thing to consider acquiring might be a water tank—the size of the container should be based on the water availability patterns of the locality. However, the bigger the tank is, the better for your business.

Additionally, a car wash business will also require detergents, brushes, towels, squeezers, and buckets.

For you to get the best deals on these items, it is essential to purchasing them from manufacturers or wholesale traders.

A car wash business does not require a lot of cash to start it. The car washing machine and the yard to place will be the most expensive to be covered. Leasing a yard first may be the cheapest option and then buying it with time.

Conclusion on Car Wash business in Kenya

It is worth noting that this business is projected to grow with time for as long as people own cars. It is, therefore, prudent to start small and build your car wash business as it develops.

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