Top 10 Booming Businesses in Kenya 2020

Everyone, including me, has at one time been looking for Booming Businesses in Kenya, have you? If you have, then read on.

Most of what you will read in the post below will blow your mind. This post contains what financial advisers will tell you, your radio presenter possibly mentioned, or your favourite website has listed them. Maybe you, too, have considered them at one point in time.

Well, before we dive in and know about booming business in Kenya, I will recommend you read about New Investment Strategies Here.

These are the typical business ideas that get people talking and talking about and. You may have already heard about them and maybe never taken a keen interest in them, but this is the time you should.

List of Booming Businesses In Kenya

  1. Online Business.
  2. Beauty Workstations in CBD.
  3. Wines and Spirit Business.
  4. Movie shop.
  5. Car Wash Business.
  6. Taxi business.
  7. Goods delivery business.
  8. Farming business.
  9. Salon and Kinyozi Business
  10. Forex Trading

Let’s get into details of the booming businesses in Kenya.

1. Online Business in Kenya:

Branded as work at home jobs, some call them the best jobs for women and so and so. The target phrase here is that it requires very little capital to set up (Only the internet charges). Looking to Start a Serious Online Business, then this article on Starting an Online business is a must-read.

  1. Blogging: This involves setting up a blog. Read Here on How to set up a free blog and to place ads on your blog, affiliate marketing, Read Here on how you can start with blogging.
  2. Online freelance jobs: You can join, one of the best freelance websites, others that Kenyans use, and get paid well include ODesk, iWriter, Elance, Kenya Writing. I want to add to this category, such as work as Transcription and Academic Research jobs.

2. Movie Shop Business

You only need a computer and buy some latest movies in town and duplicate them, this is the kind of business you have heard of for some time now.

The best part is that you do it in your estates and villages, and your neighbours and friends are your customers. The truth is you will need around Ksh. 50, 000, and more for a profitable business of this nature to run smoothly.

3. Salon and Kinyozi Business

I recently talked to my cousin about starting a business. I was surprised when she mentioned starting a salon in her neighbourhood, she works for the government, yes, but she is seeking to start her own business, and a salon is her choice. Well, this is common to many who want to make that extra coin supplement their salaries.

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Salons and Kinyozi business do well in the popular neighbourhoods of Nairobi, make it look executive, and you are off to go. Some Kinyozis have employed beautiful women who massage the bald heads after the shave, this does the trick, and customers flow in well.

4. Wines and Spirits Business

I did not say that Kenya is a drinking nation, don’t tell that to anyone, but recently there has been an increase in the number of (let me call them Legal Changaa Dens) small pubs with the labels Wines and Spirits. Wines and Spirits is one of the lucrative businesses around the estates.

If you have been thinking about starting a pub or bar, but you hate the loud and the lewd behaviour of drunkards, then this is the kind of business you may think of st No one is allowed to drink at your premises, sell, and leave.

The obstacles in this kind of business are the right side of it as laws regarding alcohol are becoming stiffer and stiffer, and this has led to some of the ‘changaa dens’ to close and not profit the business owner.

You might be interested in these untapped business ideas.

5. Taxi Business

Technology has done wonders for Kenyans, and now, with the likes of Uber and Little cab, Taxi is one of the booming businesses in Kenya.

Anyone can do it, and with about 500K, you can get a car and sign up with these companies to start making money in  Kenya.

Check How to join Uber as a Driver

6. Goods Delivery

More and more Kenyans buy goods online, and there are plenty of shops online selling products. If you own a motorcycle or even an old car, you can sign up in any one of these sites to be their delivery guy.

You only need a valid driving license, a motorcycle carrier, and ethical conduct to get you started.

7. Beauty Workstation

The cosmetic industry is an ever-growing day in day out. This type of business doesn’t have seasons but goes with market trends in the fashion industry. Products are only affected by new entrants into the market that proves superior to the ones on the shelf.

8. Car Wash Business.

The car wash business goes hand in hand with other types of marketing. What I am trying to say here is that the booming of a car wash business is best suited to its geographical location.

You may want to start this type of business in places where there are other businesses. Such locations include; the entertainment joints, near the market, near mechanics, close to the malls, etc. People love to get their cars clean while engaging in other activities.

Final Words

The list of Booming Business in Kenya is not yet over I will be compiling more and more business ideas in Kenya that everyone is talking about, and everyone wants or is planning to start.

If you have some of the ideas, kindly post them in the comments section below, and I will do an update and add your thoughts to the list.

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