Top 12 Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya 2021

In this article, I will take you through a list of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. Have you been considering venturing into the business world in Kenya? Are you wondering what the most profitable business that you can start is?

List of Profitable Businesses in Kenya

  1. Internet/Cyber Cafe business
  2. Selling snacks at the office
  3. Travel agency
  4. Owning a fleet of Bodaboda
  5. Cake making business
  6. Garbage collection
  7. Mobile Money transfer shops and bank agents
  8. Butchery
  9. Photography
  10. A car wash business
  11. Wines and Spirits business
  12. Selling Second Hand Clothes

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Let us now delve into details:

Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya

Kenya is one of the rapidly developing countries in Africa today. Therefore, it is one of the best countries to invest in a business right now in East Africa.

1. Internet / Cyber Cafe’ store

A good number of people still visit cyber cafe despite the availability of cheap computers.

According to the statistics on the ground, most small cyber kiosks are doing very well.

One only requires to select an excellent location, ideally near a university, college or a betting shop.

To start, one needs one work station, to be divided into four sitting spaces. Some licenses from the county government and of course computers and internet.

Apart from providing internet services to the customers, there are other services that a cybercafe can offer:

  • Printing services
  • Photocopying
  • Selling computers and accessories
  • Internet connection to the customers living nearby

2. Selling snacks at the office

In the recent past, there have been success stories of people who are making it big in the snack selling business.

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This is the kind of company to venture in if you are an excellent cook and also passionate about it.

Most of us avoid bringing food from home to the office for the 10 o’clock tea. Start with just bringing some few snacks which your potential customers may like.

The most popular ones include mandazi, mahamri, samosa, soft chapatis, and cakes.

3. Travel agency

The Travel Agency business is among the best in this list of the most profitable business in Kenya today.

More and more people are interested now more than ever to discover their country as well as the neighbouring countries.

Therefore, making this business idea very profitable. One does not have to start with a fleet of tour cars or aeroplanes and jets.

Just select the best places to visit, let your customers sign up and then liaise with a tour company.

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One will earn profit from the difference between what the customers pay and what you pay to the tour company. With time, one could add up the profit and buy tour cars, buses, and airplanes.

4. Owning a fleet of Bodaboda

The Boda Boda business is flourishing in Kenya. This has been facilitated by the fact that the government waived taxes charged on an imported motorcycle.

This business also cuts across counties.

One only has to find some excellent licensed riders, some motorcycles and you’re ready to start. Good motorcycle costs between Kes. 50,000 to 100,000.

To thrive in this business, set clear work guidelines with the riders on the minimum amount of money expected from them each day.

Then direct the funds to a specific bank account where you can get financial aid promptly.

5. Cake making business

These days, any celebration requires a cake. Be it a birthday, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, to name but a few.

All that is needed to make a profit in this business is to select a good location. One is also required to possess some cake-making skills as well as marketing.

Make sure that the business has an excellent online presence and that you offer good bargains to your customers. One can start this business with as little as Kes.50,000.

6.Garbage collection

The garbage collection service of the county government has been devolved nowadays. Private companies can now offer this service to residents in estates and towns.

There is good money in this business since it is not yet overcrowded. Its future also looks bright as more and more real estate companies opt to develop properties out of main towns.

The first step is to visit a few houses, agree on a specific cost say Kes.150 each month and then you are ready to start.

On top of all this, make sure that the people you employ are trustworthy.

7. Mobile Money transfer shops & bank agents

Mobile money transfer is here to stay. This means that mobile money shops like Mpesa and Airtel are here to stay.

So is Kop Kwa Jirani, KCB and Equity agents. This is a very hassle-free business to start. You need to have money in your account, select a good location with human traffic and also rent a secure shop.

One can even start with a Mpesa shop first and then eventually graduate to the other service.

Additionally, one could also sell other products in the shop like phones, computers as well as computer accessories. Therefore ensuring that the space utilization for the rented shop is maximized.

8. Butchery

Butcher business also ranks on this business list the highest. Meat is a special delicacy to most of us.

Therefore starting this business will ensure that you succeed.

The most important thing to note is that the company should be located in a busy environment such as a market, bus stage, and residential area. A place like a Pipeline might be perfect to start this business.

 9. Photography

This business is thriving. It has now become one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. Most people these days want professional photographs of themselves.

These days, organizations are also hiring professional photographers for their company events and celebrations.

All that is required is a good camera with the right lenses, excellent camera skills, and being active on social media to be known.

One can even specialize in a single aspect and make money out of it, such as Family photographer, wedding photographer.

10. A car wash business

As long as there will be cars on the roads, there will be car cleaning businesses doing well on the side.

This is one of the most profitable businesses to start in and within Nairobi right now. It also requires minimal capital to start with.

Starting a car washing business will need a good location, a car washing machine, a business permit, and a few other things.

11. Wines and Spirits business

Despite the crackdown that goes on from time to time to bring down these shops, people are still making good money out of it.

Therefore, Wines and spirits business is still one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya today. A good location is vital to succeeding in this business.

One should also be able to find an affordable supplier. As well as have all the necessary business permits required to run these wines and spirit business.

12. Selling Second Hand Clothes

This business idea never grows old. Despite there being a lot of people who have ventured into it, anyone can succeed in it if they carry out outstanding market research first.

For instance, it is imperative to know what kind of customers you are targeting and their specific needs.

If one intends to start a business in a place where there are a lot of students, one may decide to focus on lady students, for instance.

These targeted customers, according to those doing well in the business mostly need pretty dresses, Skinny Jeans, Mothers Jeans, and mostly anything trending.

Gikomba is a perfect place to source Second-hand clothes at cheap costs. For instance, one can get beautiful dresses at Ksh.

One hundred per dress and decide to sell it at Ksh. 300 and hence making around 150%profit.

The most important thing to keep in mind while starting this kind of business is the targeted customer base, and one will smile at the bank.

Summing up!

In the end, for the activity to be productive, one requires to have two crucial things: Good customer service skills and selection of a good location.

The other aspects include proper bookkeeping and record-keeping skills.

It is, however, essential to understanding that one needs to pursue a business they are passionate about.

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