10 Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya (Updated 2020)

We are going to look at some of the most profitable business ideas in Kenya. We know times are changing and they are changing fast. What used to be the best idea of yesterday is probably futile by now, and this will continue to happen because this is a dynamic world we are living in.

Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya

Here are the latest profitable business ideas in Kenya; you can start with little capital and earn a living in Kenya.

  1. Jewellery business
  2. Personal training business idea
  3. Home Gardening
  4. Catering business
  5. Fashion Design & Tailoring
  6. Tuition services
  7. Soap Making Business
  8. Daycare and babysitting
  9. Online Business
  10. Carpet and rub making business

When we were schooling, agriculture and tourism were the backbones of this country, but today, the knowledge economy has taken over where service industries are taking over traditional business ideas. This article aims to enlighten you on new business ideas you can implement in Kenya that can earn you a handsome income.

According to business daily, Supporting SMEs is key to unlocking economic growth in Kenya.

The beauty of some of the ideas is that one does not require a physical office; hence, you can operate from anywhere. You can also check out this list of untapped business ideas in Kenya.

Latest business Ideas in Kenya

Depending on the capital, one can choose to start a small, medium or big business anywhere in Kenya and generate revenues.  However, to do so, you need a single business permit (Learn more about the cost of a Single business permit in Kenya) before starting operations.

New business ideas in Kenya

Here is the in-depth view of some of the big business ideas in Kenya you can try in 2019 and beyond.

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1. Jewellery making

People like jewels and the market of this kind is not yet explored fully. You only need skills and some income and a homeroom as your place of work. Ornaments are in different types, e.g. glass, wood, beads, shells.

Latest business Ideas in Kenya

It can be African design or just western design, all in all; this will put you some good income in your pockets. You can even export bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Make jewels that have people’s names.

Again start with your friends as your first customers. You can start it at home as part-time and supply to your co-workers, Chama, and even family members. Jewellery making is a small business idea that requires little capital of about KES 3,000 for beads and strings and ink for decoration and scalpel. When promoted correctly, you can easily turn these into trending products that could help you generate a large source of income in the long run.

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2. Personal Trainers business ideas in Kenya

Almost everyone is concerned about their health, but we all keep it a secret. But people have the right to privacy and to think in this channel of a personal trainer as business ideas will be great.

You come from home to meet your client for Gym Instructions, Health instructor, swimming trainer, how to lose weight.  Think big in this way of businesspeople want a secret kept.

3. Home Gardening business

The demand for organic vegetables is increasing by the day, but people do not want to get their hands dirty or break their pretty nails. If you are the daring type, then you could leverage this opportunity. Use these business ideas to start a home gardening business.

How? Glad you asked if you have or can find a small land around your home that is idle and virgin. You can become millionaire farmers.

There is always a demand for common vegetables in every Kenyan Kitchen, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and coriander. Prepare your land and buy seeds. Leave a section for a seedbed.  Some packets of seeds are less than Ksh 500.

4. Private caterer

Catering is an art and a skill. The only thing you require is yourself and your client’s kitchen. If you are an experienced caterer, this is a business idea that you can readily start.

You only require your kitchen as a place of your working then have some experience and knowledge of some food recipe that is healthy and unique to cook.

You can start with your friends as your first network then, later move to your church. Showing new skills on how to cook some African delicacies and even other meals.

You can start by how to bake cakes using yellow sweet potatoes or how to bake yellow bread using yellow sweet potatoes. You can get your first market by offering free lunch.  The idea is to be creative and does what other people are not doing so you can stand out.

5. Fashion Design and Tailoring

People are continually looking for new designs on the internet and looking for professional tailors who can replicate the plans for an affordable price. For this profitable business idea, you need a reasonable room or space.

Then you have to have the love for fashion and creativity in design. Your first customer will be those who like your designs. From there, curiosity will drive customers to you. You can also train some people to help you for a fee.

6. Home Tuition Services

A parent will do anything to see their children excel in the subject they are weak in. This type of service must be genuine to help a particular child understand the vulnerable subject. If you are done with form four or university and waiting for the next step.

Starting this will be useful as you help and you get paid. Who knows you can get to open your private school, in the long run, both the student benefit and you get paid for service done.

7. Soap Making business ideas in Kenya

Although this looks like an idea of yesterday, the business idea is still viable. The secret is to be unique in this industry.

While there have been reports of harmful and toxic chemicals in industrial soaps, home soap makers are using organic materials to make their soaps hence making them healthy for use. Get the right ingredients and make soap.

It requires low capital like 1500 you can get a 100% profit for 20 litres. Start small with your neighbours, friends. Build a brand, register your company name then see your earnings and opportunities knocking. Market to the car wash, cleaning companies, and roar into the business.

8. Home daycare/ Baby Sitting

Parents are busy, especially in urban areas, and they do not have enough time to take care of their children because they need to go to work.

Parents always want to leave their loved ones in safe hands, and daycare is among the best places to leave children.

You can market your business and take care of the child for a fee. It can be a full-time business or part-time. But you will need helping hands as clients increase.

9. Carpet and Rugs business

Carpets add extra warmth and sparkle to a room. Most homeowners are on the market for beautiful carpets, and these could be your customers.

You can start making carpets and rugs as a small home-based business for profit while you wait for a job.

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You will be shocked how it can become a full-time job that makes you money due to the demand. Some shops sell tapestry and needles in Nairobi CBD Muindi Mbingu street measured meter by meter.

10. Online Business

The Internet is the future of businesses in Kenya. You can use the internet as a tool to run your business. Where you use social media channels for advertising and getting customers, or you can run your business online. The internet has a plethora of profitable business ideas in Kenya.

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