List of Top Audit Firms in Kenya

Have you ever wondered what the top audit firms in Kenya are? In this article, we will list the top audit firms in Kenya beginning with the Big Four International companies and then boiling down to the rest.

It is a legal requirement for limited companies to have their accounts audited and posted in the dailies once a year. As a result of this, it is necessary to procure the services of a professional audit firm that will ensure that your books are in order.

Moreover, if you are a graduate of any business related course and have a CPA K and are out of employment. It may be a really good idea to seek your next job from these audit firms. For as long as companies are in the business of making money, there will always be a need for audit firms to employ more people.

Without much further ado, let’s delve into the details of the top audit firms in Kenya.

List of top Audit firms in Kenya

These top firms include:

  1. KPMG Kenya

KPMG Kenya has been on the list of top 100 best employers in Kenya as long as there has been such a list. It is one of the Big four international companies operating in Kenya.

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In addition to providing audit services to its clients, KPMG also offers advisory services, tax and regulatory services as well as IDAS (International Development Advisory Services).

This to audit firm has offices all over East Africa in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Moreover, KPMG has an annual graduate recruitment program that creates jobs for at least a hundred recent graduates.

Location – ABC Place, Along Wayaki Way

2. Deloitte

Deloitte Kenya is one of the 150 International Deloitte firms located all over the World. This therefore means that under its brand there are thousands of audit and accounting professionals ready and willing to help you with all your needs.

As a result therefore, Deloitte makes it second to the list of the top audit firms in Kenya.

Location – Westlands Nairobi

3. PWC

PWC is another powerhouse of highly qualified audit professionals in Kenya. Just like Deloitte, this firm is in 158 countries internationally offering the high quality services to its clients.

On top of providing  audit services, PWC also offers tax services, as well as assurance services. In Kenya, PWC has more than 500 employees and also offers a business school.

4. Earnest and Young

Earnest and Young is on a mission of building a better working world. In Kenya, it is one of the top audit firms in Kenya.

Moreover, like the other international firms, Earnest & Young hires most of its employees through the graduate trainee program.

5. Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is a top audit firm in Kenya located at Avacado Towers in Westlands. This audit firm is dedicated to ensuring that organisations around the world achieve and unlock potential growth.

On top of offering Audit and services, Grant Thornton also offers accounting and payroll, tax as well as advisory services.

6. MGK Consulting

MGK consulting has been offering audit services in Kenya for the longest time. It is located on MayFair business center off Parklands road.

This firm is the best place to engage if you are a start up firm wishing to procure audit services of a reputable firm without breaking a sweat.

Try them about today!

7. PKF East Africa

PKF East Africa has always been known as a very good place for an accounting professional to grow from. It offers you an opportunity to learn from a wide range of audit assignments sprawled all over East Africa.

Moreover, in Kenya, it ranks among the best audit firms in Kenya. If you aspire to be an auditor, try out PKF today as an employer.

8. Mazars Public Certified Accounts

Mazaars is a Kenyan owned and bred accounting professionals firm that has grown over the years. This firm was formerly known as Koka Koimburi & Associates company.

This firm is suitable for all small firms and companies who would like their accounts audited.

9. GL & Associates

This firm started out in 2013 and has been offering top notch audit services in Kenya. It has its offices in Nairobi.

10. KKCO East Africa Certified Public Accountant

KKCO is one of the best and top audit firms in Kenya. This firm was originally known as Kimani Kerrets & company limited before re-branding in 2015 to KKCO.

If you secure the services of this firm, you will enjoy the highest level of professional excellence.

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