What to Use as a Post-Workout Fuel to Boost Muscle Growth

Muscle building is arguably the main driving force behind the hard efforts we put into our every day’s workouts, but do you feel this toil really pays off? If you are not quite happy with the results you yield, you are not alone. A great bulk of lifters do not actually think they get their dream muscles, what’s more, many of them do not even believe they are on the right path to reach the desired goals.

Let’s face it, building muscles is one of those things which are much easier said than done, simply because it’s a complex process that requires not only plenty of effort but also a sustainable plan. Yes, you read it right, every aspect of your project, from training to nutrition, has to be carefully elaborated or you might never reap the benefits of your hard work. You have not only to adjust your eating habits to workouts but also know exactly what to do before, during, and after your training sessions. 

Despite what you may think, your strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be so strict that you can’t really enjoy the whole story, but once you set certain rules and priorities, you will have to stick to the plot. That’s why it is very important to develop a viable plan, the one you can follow without being frustrated by a plethora of pointless restrictions. A winning combination of efficient workout and proper fueling your body at all times always delivers, regardless of whether you are just a newbie or a seasoned pro being stuck in a training plateau.

Many fitness experts highlight one interesting fact – a big number of gym buffs have a strong focus on the “before” and “during” of their workouts but do not pay decent attention to the “after” part, which is a big mistake that often costs them dearly. If you think you are the one who fits the description, check out the tried and true tips below on what to use as a post-workout fuel to boost muscle growth and achieve the results you want.

What Exactly Boosts Muscle Growth?

Before you even start creating your plan, it is essential to know the physiology of muscle growth. It will help you better understand the process your body is going through in order to add some mass to the frame. Plus, when you know how things actually work, you won’t waste time and money on a myriad of stuff you do not really need.

As incredible as it may seem, your muscles don’t grow during workouts when you actually lift the weights – they grow while you rest after the workout, and that is why everything you do and eat throughout the next several hours after your gym session is so important. To put it simply, after you are done with the exercise, your body launches the process of repairing or replacing damaged muscle fibers by merging fibers to create new muscle protein strands called myofibrils. The latter tends to get thicker and results in muscle hypertrophy – that’s the term used to describe the process of the adaptation of our muscles to the continual exposure to resistance training.

Glycogen Is Key

It’s common knowledge, glycogen is the primary fuel source for skeletal muscle tissue during intensive and lengthy exercise. Experts from Wilson Supplements explain that when you workout, you drain the glycogen resources of your muscles. But without a sufficient amount of precious substance, your muscles are not just able to grow but they just can’t function properly and are likely to weaken. 

Therefore it is of utmost importance to make up for the shortage after your every session. To increase low levels of glycogen, you have to consume high-GI carbohydrates but carbs, unfortunately, are known for increasing insulin levels that, in their turn, slow the rate of protein breakdown. That used to be a pretty big issue until recently some top-tier brands introduced a new range of products enriched with the right dose of glycogen able to boost muscle growth. Professional bodybuilders worth their salt swear that those extras not only help keep muscles volumized but also bring other benefits such as faster gastric clearance or proper hydrating. Anyway, it is always a good idea to do your due diligence to choose the best option and dosage for you.

Eat Protein Food Rich In Calories

Everyone knows that protein is the base for muscle building but not all food that is rich in protein will help you add mass to your frame. If anything, protein-rich diets are also great for those who want to slim down and get lean muscles – doesn’t really sound like your dream shape, right? To gain enough volume, you have to opt for food that is also rich in calories, hence do not forget to include in your eating plan fatty fish like salmon, almonds, and kidney beans. You can take advantage of one of the numerous apps and calculate your daily intake of calories that can ensure you gaining one pound per week.

Treat Yourself To The Bowl Of Ice Cream

We sincerely hope you love ice cream (who doesn’t?) because a bowl of this delicious treat eaten 2 hours after your workout session is the easiest way to take control over the process of muscle protein breakdown at the right time. Reach out for your favorite flavor and rest assured that it will trigger a surge of insulin that reduces post-workout protein breakdown, so your muscles can get sought-after rest. By the way, a combo of carbs and proteins half an hour before you go to bed will also help you gain the desired pounds. Why not try a cup of raisin bran mixed with a cup of cottage cheese for sleep with the purpose?

Whatever your muscle-building goals, if you want to reach them in the foreseeable future, make sure your strategy covers a post-workout phase. Do not forget that sufficient levels of glycogen and high-calorie food jam-packed with protein are crucial for success.

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