10 Mind Blowing Valentine’s Gifts For Your Boyfriend

There are a variety of mind-blowing valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend or husband. With Valentine’s day around the corner and people are scratching their heads thinking about what gifts to get their loved ones.

Traditionally men are the ones who’ve been on the forefront getting Flowers, chocolate and other romantic gifts for their women. But don’t you think that they also need some loving? Men desire to be loved, to be shown love by their girl.

However, choosing the right gift for him can be a daunting task. That is why in this article we take a look at the 10 mind-blowing Valentine gifts for your boyfriend/ husband. So, if you are one of them, sister, read on.

10 Mind-Blowing Valentine’s Gifts For Your Boyfriend/ Husband

1. Great Booze

If your guy is one who enjoys taking bear occasionally, why not surprise him with a monthly subscription of his favorite brand of alcohol?

Or, maybe you could go out of the norm and get him that brand that he always desires to have but has not been able to.

2. Letter writing

With the invention of the internet, letter-writing tradition has faded off. Therefore writing your boyfriend/husband a letter would be a nice surprise this valentine.

Go back in time and write him romantic letters. Tell him how he makes you feel, the way he makes your world go round and any other lovely message that you want him to always remember.

Let him open the letters one at a time especially when he is feeling down.

3. 1000 Adventures Big and Small Bucket List

This small book is packed with 1000 adventures on other continents.

Getting it for your man will definitely get his adventurous side raging.

Who knows it might make him reward you with a real trip to one of the destinations.

Set it on his favorite sitting spot in the house so every time he sees it he is reminded of how you care.

4. Compact Leather Key Holder

Do not allow your Guy to walk around with hanging keys anymore. This valentine, get him this cute leather key holder.

A compact leather key holder allows him to carry his keys with ease. Saving him the jingling noise in his pockets.

5. A Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

This watch is undoubtedly a perfect Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend/husband.

Its main features are a titanium case, a stunning black dial and what’s more, it doubles up as a calendar watch too.

It’s a long-lasting watch that means that he will wear it for a long time and it will be a reminder of your love for him.

6. A Wallet

Most men don’t know how to choose a long-lasting wallet. They will settle for anything they think will carry their stuff with ease.

But, as a woman, you know that these low-value wallets are not what your man should be carrying around. So, this Valentine, go get him a wallet.

An Elgin Leather Card Case could do the trick.

7. Temperature Control Smart Mug

This mug enables your man to take his coffee or chocolate hot until the last drop without compromising its quality too.

Getting him one of this temperature control smart mug is a superior gesture of how much you care.

8. An Engraved Wooden Docking Station

Nothing irritates a man more than waking up in the morning not knowing where to find the car keys or his mobile phone.

If you have such kind of a man then the Engraved wooden docking station will be the ideal gift this Valentine.

9. Wooden Portrait


A wooden portrait is a personal reminder that you love your man no matter what.

Get him a wooden pallet that suits him and put a picture of him or both of you on it. Don’t forget to have a sweet message written on it just for him.

10. We Found Each Other Puzzle

We found each other puzzle is one of the best gifts you can find your boyfriend/husband this Valentine.

It contains 300 pieces of puzzles. Trying to solve the puzzles will remind him of when you first met and what you’ve been through to date.

It’s a constant reminder of your love and how special he is to you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Valentines Day Gift For Your Boyfriend/Husband

  1. Choose a gift that is romantic and thoughtful. Something that will communicate clearly how you feel about him or what you desire of him. Unlike women, men don’t read between the lines so let your gifts do the talking.
  2. Ensure that you know his likes and dislikes. It doesn’t make sense to buy him tickets to a fashion show when you know very well that he’d prefers tickets to his favorite football match.
  3. Do not be too extravagant. Instead of buying him an expensive gift why not get him something creative and sentimental? Hand made gifts are a great way to express your love to your boyfriend.

Lastly, this Valentine’s day should not be a one-man show. Flowers, a bag of chocolate and a teddy bear just for you?

Get out of your comfort zone and surprise your boyfriend or husband with one or two of the above-mentioned gifts.

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