10 Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Are you wondering what unique Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend would be appropriate?

Being a lover’s day, it’s natural to get her a bunch of red roses, a teddy bear and a bag of chocolate.

However, there are other gifts you can buy her that are not only unique but also express your love in far much better and lasting ways than the usual Red stuff.

Getting Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend should not be a stressful exercise but you agree its a challenge especially to men.

Here’s the good news, in this article, we are going to give you a list of 10 gifts that you can get her at an affordable rate.

Gifts that will not only express how much you value her but will leave a lasting impression on her and your relationship. Let us dive in.

10 Unique Valentines Gifts For Your Girlfriend

1. An Oil Diffuser Bracelet

We all know the benefits of essential oils in our day to day lives. How about you get her an essential oil diffuser bracelet this Valentine’s day?

A few drops of the oils on the bracelet will keep her in good moods all day. Apart from being a unique valentine’s gift, it’s a clear indication that you care about her happiness.

This is a plus for you and your relationship.

2. Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt

An oversized Sherpa blanket sweatshirt is a unique valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend. It is not only comfy after a stressful day but it also keeps her warm.

The warmth is not only of the body but the heart too will be filled with the warmth of your love for her.

3. Custom Made Portrait

Why not surprise her with a portrait of her or both of you this valentine’s day?

It will not only make her fall in love with you more but it will also personalize your relationship.

You can have it customized just for her and sit back and watch the magic it performs on your relationship.

4. Heart-Shaped Bamboo Flowers


Remember we are getting out of the norm this valentine. What better way than to get her a set of bamboo sticks made into heart-shaped flowers?

The flowers are long-lasting unlike the normal bouquet of roses that need to be put in water and wither after a few days.

5. Custom Made Neckless

This gesture is not only romantic its also the best way to personalize your relationship.

You can have it customized by writing her name, nickname or a lovely message to her on this special day.

6. Warm Cozy Slippers

Just like the sweatshirt the slippers ensure that her feet are kept warm as she relaxes.

Every time she slips them on she is reminded of how much you care for her.

7. A What I Love About You journal

Now, this is a sure way to express exactly how you feel about her.

Fill it up with things you love about her, events that both of you hold dear, Such as the day you first met, Your first kiss and the place you first took her on a date.

On the other hand, you can also share jokes or even a game telling her how much you love her and that you always think about her.

8. A Romantic Wooden Picture Frame


Another unique Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend is a romantic wooden picture frame.

Ensure that your girlfriend does not forget about you by putting a picture of you and her on a romantic wooden frame.

Have it stand on a shelf or as a table decoration that she will cherish for a long time.

9. A Date Night Bucket List

The bucket list comes in a jar of 25 ideas that will make you feel like you just met.

with the ideas on the sticks, you can create a whole new world of romance by following what is written on each one of them.

10. Conversation Heart Soap

This is truly a game-changer. You can imagine how your girl will feel each time she picks a heart-shaped soap with an engraved love quote to bathe.

Mind-blowing should be the answer. You can rest assured that you will have a happy lady throughout the day if you gift her this beautiful set of soaps.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Valentines Gift For Your Girlfriend

  • The gift you choose must speak clearly about your feelings to her.
  • Avoid buying purely sexual gifts like lingerie. It may make her think that all you care about is sex and have no feelings for her as an individual.
  • Even if your girl is of a humorous nature avoid buying humorous gifts for her. If anything this is not a day for laughter but love.
  • Do not buy too cheap or expensive gifts. This does not mean that you get her substandard gifts. On the contrary, this is your girl and you want the best for her. But don’t you think that too cheap or too expensive might get her thinking of your affection to her in terms of cash?

To sum it up, whatever you decide to buy for your girlfriend this valentine’s strive to make it personal.

Be careful not to send the wrong signal unintentionally of course.

Always remember that the things that matter most to you are invaluable and are a pure reminder of what she really means to you.

Armed with the information above you are able to get a unique Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend.

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