5 Most Ridiculous Reasons for a Millennial Relationship Breakup

What’s so interesting and strange about modern 20-somethings? Obviously, the way they socialize. Being awkward offline and totally and outrageously outgoing online, these bizarre creatures, raised and nourished by the Internet, memes, and social networks tend to build their relationships in a very odd way.

But today we are going to focus on the reasons the millennials break up with their
partners in love relationships. The most ridiculous motives, of course!

1. He didn’t like my posts on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Oh well, the millennials are often accused of being attention seekers as they invest too much time in creating their online images. As a result, liking and commenting their posts on social media is often essential to healthy relationship development, even though it sounds utterly unhealthy. So, pay attention to your Ukrainian lady’s online profiles to not miss fresh shots she just posted!

2. His taste in music is just awful. When it comes to the generation X, their preferences in music, movies, Netflix series and any other kind of art may seem a bit ludicrous. But here’s another thing: they treat their love to a specific piece of art as a part of their personality, fully integrated in their minds and hearts. And while 30-something can get by without paying too much attention to what their romantic interests listen to, modern young people can even end the relationship because of this. Yikes!

3. He was my safe option. You know how they say – there’s always a better option. Sometimes modern youngsters start a relationship to not be alone without clearing that out in advance. And you yourself become a victim of a toxic person in a constant search of someone he or she would appreciate more than you. It’s almost okay to start such a relationship if you are both now into no-strings- attached kind of relationships. But
breaking up with someone who trusted you and was emotionally invested in your relationship may cause a huge hurt. Millennials are heartless at times!

4. You live too far. Yep, transportation issues may become a reason to put an end to your partnership. It would make sense if we talked about long-distance relationships or you being divided by thousands of kilometers by specific circumstances. Yet we are talking about people who live in the same city but are just too lazy and self-absorbed to come a long way to cuddle each other. That’s just too much!

5. It gets boring. The most frequent (and the most coldblooded, indeed) reason to sabotage a relationship is just plain boredom. Young adults tend to start a relationship without knowing each other all that well, and it often ends with people just being tired of each other often because they never clicked in the first place. Under the surface of an interesting online personality, charming physicality, and seemingly good intents there’s rarely something really exciting. That’s why millennials get bored so fast.

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