AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

Recently, lead generation businesses in Kenya have become very popular especially among the young people. While some of them are scams, others will just drain your time and money and fail to deliver what they promised you. It is important to understand a business before you jump into one. This is the number one mistake that I have seen my young friend do. They do not take the time to investigate whether what they are about to get in to is worth their time or not.

AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

I love taking risk, but I also advise people to calculate the risk and establish if it is worth it. The motivation for writing this article is in review of GIF (Global internet Fortunes) and AIM global and tell you the painful truth that you won’t be told elsewhere.

As their popularity grows, so are the numbers of people joining them.  After a short time, most of those that joined bail out with nothing to boast about. As much as people would hate to hear it, most of these digital networking opportunities operate on a clever pyramid scheme that benefits those at the top.

However, they can be good places to make cash if you have several friends who are willing to join under you. This is where the skill of lead generation is much needed. Most people will give up after convincing several friends and family member to join but nobody seems to respond or at least show concern for the opportunity. You will have to agree with me that the amount that these companies ask for is not easy for most Kenyans to afford or at least let go easily.

Should I join or not

If you are at a crossroads and wondering whether to join or not, I would have two answers for you. One: do not join if you are not ready to sweat and get disappointed or at worse not even recover your investment.

Two: Join if you are pretty confident about your marketing skills and you have a generous number of friends who you are sure will join you and remain active.

AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

You see, one thing that people really have to understand is that Lead generation is not the promise of easy money that these companies promise you.

As a matter of fact, it is more engaging than a full-time job if one if to seriously make a living out of it. So let no one fool you that you can make over 10000 shillings from a part-time gig.

Let’s say regardless of the justifications I have given you, you still want to join and test it for yourself. I would recommend that you lower your expectations since the journey can be a little unforgiving, punishing and disappointing.

You will have to market yourself to people around you and beyond. To do so, people often use Facebook Ads or free adverts and also post on other social media platforms.

Pushing the limits

I am quite sure that you have come across a picture of a guy on Facebook with M-Pesa messages besides the guy. Those are some of the extents and boundaries that you have to push in order to capture some unsuspecting Kenyans.

AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

However, a majority of the senior youths on internet are already aware of this and it has become a laughing stock. Trust me you do not want your friends to know you are associated with these things. Those that have been there know you are trying to extract water by squeezing a rock.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get a few people willing to join in your first month but these people will only be enough to get your initial investment back. The puzzle comes after you have exhausted all the people in your list and have nobody else to convince.

The Verdict

You ultimately come into a screeching halt after a month of high hopes, and expectations. I find it bizarre that AIM global will tell you that you have to have a suit that you will use to take a photo that will be used as your profile.

Right, they are profiling and packaging you like a person who has already made it in life while in reality it is the complete opposite, you are a starter trying to get a footing. And if you start by living a lie and profiling yourself falsely, I can’t imagine of a better future.

AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

Joining AIM global and GIF will genuinely disappoint you at some point, you can take my word for that.  You will have wasted your time and energy. So listen to me that money that you have, use it to do something else or buy yourself something nice as you figure out what other direction your life will take.  Tafakari ya Babu

Brian Mwangi

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