Arts & Culture: Our National Heritage

Art is everywhere around us; culture is part of our heritage and we never can do away with it. The beauty of art is that it appeals to each person differently; this makes it unique and fulfilling.

Kenya is proud to have 43 tribes of which all fall under under three ethnic communities. This is so much diversity for one country; I am proud to be Kenyan.


All I am and who I have become, I owe to my roots. The things I have learnt thus far; the habits I have developed; are all a result of my socialization.

Kenya is a beautiful country to live in, it is full of beautiful people who are high-spirited and value togetherness. Hospitality is our second name; Happy is our third name.

How To Experience Kenya’s Cultural Heritage Through Museums.


Kenya can be compared to a very fertile portion of land that brings forth bountiful harvests. From food, to fashion, entrepreneurship and travel; Kenya has more than she currently offers.

There being so much, let us focus on things to do/ how to experience Kenya’s heritage in Nairobi. On a random day, take yourself to one of these places, expect to have a good time.

1. Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen Museum was once the center piece of a farm at the foot of the Ngong Hills owned by Danish Author Karen and her Swedish Husband, Baron Bror von Blixen Fincke.

Located 10km from the city centre, the Museum belongs to a different time period in the history of Kenya. It is open to the public everyday (9.30 am- 6pm).

2. Nairobi National Museum

National Museum

Located at Museum Hill, Nairobi National Museum is just a 10 minutes drive from the CBD. It is accessible through both public and private means.

The museum was built to celebrate nature, cultural and contemporary art. It offers these attractions: art gallery; temporary exhibitions; botanical gardens and nature trail; shopping and dining facilities.

3. Nairobi Gallery

Nairobi Gallery

This has become a home for the Murumbi Collection Exhibition for a long time now. Located at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway, the gallery holds many temporary exhibitions.

Entry charges can be as low as Ksh 200/- however each exhibition might have its own costs.

4. Kenya National Archives.


Located in the heart of the city between Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya Street, The Archives is a landmark for most first timers. It is also a convenient meeting place.

With as low as 50/- you will gain your entry into the space. While inside, one is taken back to the pre-independence times. It is a time capsule.

The space too it quite a site to behold.


The purpose of museums is to preserve what existed before our time and what exists now for the sake of the coming generations.

It isn’t such a difficult to access these museums. Next time you find yourself in town visit one of them and learn a thing or two about Kenya’s past.

It is important to note that Nairobi has been voted as the third best rising destination globally according to Trip Advisor 2018;






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