Best Companies to Work for in Kenya

In this article, I will reveal the best companies to work for in Kenya.  Read on.

If you would have a hall full of people and ask them what an excellent company to work for is, you will still get tons of different answers.

Sadly you can’t choose where you want to be, it’s your qualifications that will take you there.

What defines the best company?

There is no clear definition of what the best company looks like. According to a Smallbusiness blog post, the best company is one that has a clearly defined purpose. And cultivates the attitude that purpose is more important than the process.

That means that supervisors stay focused on how productive employees are in doing their job. Not just whether or not they followed the procedure to the letter.

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Best companies to work for in Kenya

Brighter Monday released a list of Top 100 companies to work for in Kenya in the last quarter of 2019.

The study was collected from current, former and prospective employees. The survey was sent to over 800,000 users of brighter Monday, and a total of 3,448 valid responses were used in the final analysis with data from two studies – external and internal.

Among those that were rated the best companies to work for are:

1. Safaricom

Safaricom PLC, as of 2019, had a total of 6,477 employees working across all their branches in Kenya.With the majority of our employees being Kenyans in their 30s, based in their 30’s.

The best employee rating comes as a result of several benefits the company offers to employees besides their regular services.

For instance, when you work at Safaricom, you are eligible to up to 4 months paid maternity leave, insurance, health and wellness, among many others. The firm has on-site crèches at its premises for its staff, allowing nursing mothers to express milk or feed their children comfortably.

2. United nations

The United Nations Office at Nairobi, also the UN headquarters in Africa is headed by a Director-General.

It performs representation and liaison functions with permanent missions, the host-country and other Governments, and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations in Nairobi, as well as other organisations of the United Nations system in Kenya,

It also provides administrative and other support services to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

The company boasts of flexible working hours, a hefty salary, and benefits which have ranked it to the best company list.

3. Deloitte

Deloitte is among the best companies you should work for in Kenya. It boasts in providing audit, tax, legal, financial advisory, risk advisory, and consulting services—yet our shared culture remains the same.

Its history begins in 1907 with the formation of Ramsay & Gill. In 1915, this firm became Gill & Johnson and for several decades served many successful clients under this name before the eventual transition to Deloitte. Today, it has 24 Partners and 470 employees in offices in Nairobi and Mombasa, Deloitte is among the largest, most reputable firms in Kenya.

Following several reviews on, the company offer the best working environment for employees, including regular pieces of training and fair treatment for all.

4. Unilever

Unilever is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, England, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Its products include food, energy drink, ice cream and beverages, cleaning agents, beauty products, and personal care products.

The company rates among the top best companies to work for. The vast amount of experience the company offers to the employees and a competitive salary, among other benefits makes it one of the best employers in Kenya.

According to an online review by a former employee, he concluded that Unilever is a  Multinational business strategy with opportunities for career advancement as a global citizen.

5. Coca Cola

As Africa’s largest Coca-Cola bottler and the world’s 10th largest – Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) bottles and distributes trademarked beverages owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

The company has 2700 employees in Kenya and four bottling plants in Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru and services millions of customers with a host of international and local brands.

Besides that, the company has been rated as the best company to work for in Kenya. This is because of several traits that the respondents have noted about the company.

In the brighter Monday report, robust and relatable company goals and values, open effective
management, flexible working hours, transparency, health programs are among the values that rate the company high.

6. Kengen

Kenya Electricity Generating Company or simply KenGen, is the largest power producing company in Kenya, providing about 69% of the electricity consumed in the country.

Kengen is among the companies that have been ranked top at the top as best employers in Kenya. The top management is listed as the key driver of the organisation. The company is innovative and organised. Besides that, employees can balance work and family, which gives them more flexibility to work.


KBL has been a leading brewer in Kenya since it began operations in 1922. The KBL Brewery is located in Ruaraka, near Kenya’s capital Nairobi. This state-of-the-art facility has generated significant savings in the cost of production as well as improving quality.

Key brands include Tusker Lager, which is the flagship brand, Tusker Malt Lager, Pilsner, White Cap, White Cap Light, Senator, Guinness, Allsopps and President Lager.

The company is characterised with excellent performance, excellent bonuses and paychecks as well as proper employee management.

8. KCB Bank

KCB Bank offers a range of finance products like savings accounts, loans, insurance, investments, debit & credit cards and other banking services. The company has been ranked consecutively as one of the best companies to work for in Kenya.

This is because, Kcb commits to giving professional, timely and friendly service, and always treating you fairly and ethically. Besides, it motivates staff with reasonable welfare policy and job security.

9. BIDCO Africa

Bidco Africa is East Africa’s leading manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Started in 1985 as a soap manufacturing plant in Nairobi, Bidco has continuously grown over the years to be the home of some of East Africa’s most loved brands across the edible oils & fats, Hygiene and Personal care and most recently Food and Beverage brands.

The company is characterised by, a pleasant working environment which most employees yearn for. It also offers a variety of opportunities to employees, considering it is a large corporation. You learn a lot of skills by interacting with many people.

10. Airtel Kenya

Airtel is characterised by Great talent, giving you a chance to learn new skills. They also have flexible working hours for employees. Other notable characteristics comprise of reasonable compensation and medical benefits, which have contributed to the company being voted among the best employers.

Following a review by one of the employees, he would recommend airtel because of the flexibility, ownership and enjoyable working culture.

Best companies to work for Characteristics

1. Have a well-conceived plan

Best companies are summed up with sound strategic plans, considering adequate finances, product development, distribution and marketing plans.

Proper planning is a component of a company that ensures the smart running of a business. Businesses that have developed planning and structures always adhere to the processes.

For example, in Kenya, it’s mandatory for all public limited companies to announce their profits. This allows them to absorb and interpret the information in a reasonable amount of time, resulting in a more organised reaction when trading begins again.

2. Have a strong and positive leadership

Best companies have decisive leaders when it comes to steering the organisation’s course. They know how to build strong relationships and provide open communication with their employees. They motivate their team and hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability.

3. Inspire a positive corporate culture

Also, among the qualities of best companies is the motivation to do more than simply achieve financial success. Whether owners and their management teams are fueled by the love of business or the love of the product/service they are providing,

they allow employee free participation in the workplace, listen and implement the suggestions they make.

They pass the inspiration to employees and encourage as part of the company’s corporate culture.

4. Have a healthy work environment

A healthy company work environment is another essential characteristic of the best company you can work for. Workers should be suited to the jobs they do and have policies that are designed to motivate them to achieve success.

Best companies have resources set aside to train employees,  as well any independent contractors with whom they work.

Best companies to work for in Kenya: conclusion

There are over 100 companies that are rated the best to work for in Kenya. But considering we have over 45 million people in Kenya. The employable age-group represent around 60 per cent of the population which means the named best companies cannot accommodate everyone.

Secondly, it is not easy to choose where you want to work for considering the highly competitive job market. To meet the criteria of such companies always make sure you an outstanding CV, look out for any opportunities that may arise so that you can apply for consideration.

Also, there are still so many other companies not in the rating but offer higher value add to employees. They as well have good paychecks and are financially stable.

Lastly, when you get employment somewhere, love your job. Consider delivering your assignments on time. Such considerations may be available, but if you are not providing, you will never feel the joy of working in the company.

While applying for a job, don’t stick on picking on the best company to work for only. Match tour qualifications to what the employer wants and then make the application.

Happy job searching for you!

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