BEST Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

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We researched and found the best car insurance companies in Kenya. This article will show you only the best you can work with.

We all know accidents do happen And your car could get damaged, or you may end up losing it through theft. If you value this investment, why not protect it?

While the majority of the people in the country despise insurances, car owners can testify the importance of having one.

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Still, remember that it is a legal requirement for all car owners to insure their automobiles.

This being the case, let’s look into some of the best insurance companies in the country which offer the best quotes for you.

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From the third party to comprehensive covers, it is good to remember that insurance will compensate you when the least expected damage occurs to your car.

This damage could emanate from natural calamities like floods and fire or malicious destruction. What this should tell you is, no matter how good you are as a driver, you require insurance for your car.

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Best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Here is the list of the best car insurance companies in Kenya that will give you the best cover.

1. Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee Insurance is a favourite among many insurance clients who like their flexible and tailor-made insurance products. Jubilee’s car insurance covers; Private & Commercial Car Comprehensive, third party Bodily Injuries, Theft & damage, Special perils such as floods, wind, fire, and storm.

2. CIC Insurance

Also known as Co-operative Insurance Company that provides world-class car insurance. CIC has, over time, created customised products for their clients that have cemented their position in Kenya and the East African region as a trusted insurance and financial services provider.

Some of the benefits of their car insurance include; Personal Accident Cover for the family & one indoor employee, trauma counselling for persons involved in an incident, 24hr roadside assistance services countrywide and Replacement of Lost Car Keys

3. Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance Company is one of the insurers who cover private vehicles only including Saloons, Station wagons, Estates, and large Four Wheel Drives. The insurance covers; Loss of spare parts/ keys, windscreen and towing services, vehicle damage, and car Tracking

4. APA Car Insurance

This company is a merger between Apollo insurance and Pan-African group. APA Insurance Company has always performed well in rankings in Kenya.

APA also deals with general Insurance risks like Motor, Liability, Agriculture, Marine, Aviation, Property and Micro Insurance, Health Insurance and Risks like Individual and Family Health Insurance.

5. Britam Insurance Kenya

Operating in the East African region as well as Malawi and Mozambique, Britam comes out as one of the best car insurance companies in the country today.

Britam covers for stolen and damaged vehicles as well as third parties. Besides, it also provides emergency medical cover for victims involved in an accident.

6. AMACO Insurance

Africa Merchant Assurance Company is a well-known motor insurance company in Kenya for a while now. The company provides both Third Party cover and comprehensive cover for its clients.

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7. UAP Motor Private Insurance

This is one of the oldest insurers in Kenya, and UAP Motor private insurance is the most former branch of UAP. UAP offers a wide range of services for different coverages like cars, fire, theft, livestock, and marine, to name just a few.

The car insurance covers; Vehicles for loss or damage, car Tracking Device & Services, 24 hour Road Rescue, Emergency Medical Expenses after accidents

8. AIG Kenya

This is one of the best car insurance in Kenya.  It was at one time the largest insurance company in the world, and it’s still among the best insurers worldwide.

Its services are unique, and that has earned them total customer trust. AIG provides motor insurance for Private Motor Insurance and Health Insurance.

Benefits of Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

  • You will have your car Repaired/or cash payment in case of loss or damage to the vehicle
  • The insurance shall follow through the Settlement of claims arising from third-party Bodily injury and third party property damage
  • Your insurance shall provide an Alternative vehicle for use in case the insured is involved in an accident, and it’s in the garage
  • The insurance shall take care of any expenses incurred in processing claims, including having an advocate appointed to represent you in court for third-party claims

In 2019, Motorists will receive a Digital motor Insurance certificate.




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