11 Best Companies to work for in Kenya

In today’s article, we will look at the 10 best companies to work for in Kenya.

These companies will be ranked based on Brighter Mondays best companies to work for in Kenya 2019 report. Brighter Monday is a leading jobs website in East Africa.

We will discuss the companies as ranked in this report. Moreover, we will outline the methodology used in ranking these companies.

Best Companies to Work for in Kenya

Kenya is a very vibrant market hosting some of the best international brands. As a result, it becomes very hard to guess which company will be the best for you to work for.

In this list, however, we will outline the most sought after employers and why they have sought after.

  1. Safaricom

The recent report released by Brighter Monday revealed that Safaricom is the best company to work for in 2020. This company has a very strong culture in matters that its values are easily relatable to employees.

Employees these days are looking for more than what a traditional employer used to offer. There is a need for the best company to provide flexible working hours, as well as have a comprehensive health program and engagement programs.

Safaricom beats all the other companies in Kenya by meeting the needs of both their current and future employees as they would like.

More to this, their salaries and benefits are on another level.

In addition to all this, Safaricom is committed to helping communities improve livelihoods. Who would not want to work for a company that is genuinely concerned for the needs of its community?

2. East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL)

East Africa Breweries Limited is one of the best manufacturing companies to work for in Kenya.

Most people who have ever worked for EABL or are working for it now pride themselves on being employed by the best.

EABL has the best transparent performance management system. Performance evaluations are one of the main pain points for employees especially when they are not seen to be fair and transparent.

Moreover, the Employees at EABL are comfortable that their jobs are secure as the company is financially stable.

3. United Nations

United Nations has always been an employer of choice since time immemorial. Who would not like to work in an organization that assigns them a car with red number plates?

Apart from this, the United Nations offers a competitive health care package as well as a welfare package for its employees.

Performance management is objective and employee growth is guaranteed. Therefore making the United Nations one of the best employers in town.

4. Kenya Commercial Bank Kenya (KCB Bank)

KCB Bank does not only come up with innovative products for its customers but also for its employees. This bank understands that without it having satisfied employees, it can never satisfy its customers.

That is why it has the most growth program for its employees as well as competitive benefits and salary package.

Banks have time and again been known as the worst places to work for because of the ungodly hours one has to out in and hostile culture. However, KCB bank is above all this as it is the first and only bank ranking among the 10 best companies to work for in Kenya.

5. Kenya Revenue Authority

Of all the government agencies that one can ever dream of working for, KRA ranks as the number one best company to work for.

For those of us with old school parents, they will pray and hope that one day you get employed by KRA. And when you do, every person in your village will have to know that their daughter/son is working for KRA.

KRA offers a competitive salary package as well as career growth prospects to its employees. Therefore making it one of the best companies to work for in Kenya.

6. Kenya Pipeline Company

Here is another government agency for you to consider working for. It has the best health programs in Kenya. In addition to this, the Kenya Pipeline company offers the best welfare programs to its employees.

Although getting in requires a lot of work, once you get in, you are assured of job security and growth over the years you decide to work with them.

7. Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)

KenGen ranks among the top best companies to work for in Kenya. This company offers essential electricity services in Kenya.

It has an open, transparent and effective management system. Therefore ensuring that decisions made are fair and promote equality throughout the organization.

More to this, KenGen offers a competitive salary package as well as a benefits package.

8. PWC

PWC beat all its other big four companies in Kenya to be the best company among them to work for in Kenya.

According to the report by Brighter Monday, this is facilitated by the fact that its culture is a bit relaxed and accomodating.

You do not have to dress in suits all week as long as you can dress your day. More to this, PWC offers prospects for continued career growth to its employees as growth is well defined.

If you have ever always wanted to work for the big four, try out PWC and you will not regret it.

9. CocaCola

Cocacola is a big brand all over the world with thousands of employees. Getting an opportunity to work at Cocacola means that you will be integrating with people in different countries and cultures all over the world.

In Kenya, CocaCola is the top best company to work for in Kenya. It is so as it offers competitive remuneration, health and welfare packages. Its employees identify with the organization’s culture.

If flexibility in work schedules is key for you, try out CocaCola as an employer.

10. Kenya Airways

Despite Kenya Airways making millions of losses, it still treats its employees right. In Kenya, Kenya Airways is one of the best companies to work for.

It offers the most competitive salary package. Moreover, most employees identify with their benefits package.

Kenya Airways as an employer is considered the best among the best in Kenya.

11. Deloitte

Deloitte is the second big Four Company to rank among the best companies to work for in Kenya.

It has the most transparent performance management programs. Its employees feel valued and needed as the company as a well-structured career growth program.

Conclusion on the Best Companies to Work for in Kenya

These companies were ranked based on a survey sent by Brighter Monday to both current and former employees of these companies. The survey measured both the intrinsic and extrinsic traits of companies as ranked by respondents.

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