Davis & Shirtliff inks distribution deal with Kurita Europe

Davis and Shirtliff has entered into a water and effluent treatment chemicals distribution deal with Kurita Europe GmbH.

Kurita is a German-based water treatment firm, a subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries from Japan.

The deal was made in an effort to expand the two firms’ product portfolio, reach and customer base.

This is the first deal of its kind for Kurita within the East African region.

Davis and Shirtliff CEO David Gatende said the partnership will see the company introduce a wide range of Kurita’s products.

The products include manufactured industrial water and wastewater treatment chemical products.

The company will capitalize on its wide customer base and a broad geographical reach that spreads across African countries.

“Kurita has a long history of innovation and technical expertise and with access to the wide range of innovative Kurita chemicals as well as its global expertise and footprint, Davis & Shirtliff will now be able to increasingly grow its capabilities in industrial water and wastewater treatment and offer cost-effective solutions in a wide range of products and services,” said Gatende.

Founded in 1949, Kurita has over 6,500 employees worldwide, generating a turnover of approximately 2.3 billion USD.

Kurita is mainly engaged in the provision of water treatment-related products, technology and maintenance services.

Davis & Shirtliff distribution deal with Kurita Europe

The Company operates in two business segments.

  1. The Water Treatment Chemicals segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of water treatment related chemicals and related equipment, as well as the provision of maintenance services.
  2. The Water Treatment facilities segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of facilities related to water treatment and wastewater treatment, as well as the provision of services related to maintenance, ultrapure water supply, tool cleaning, soil remediation and chemical cleaning.

Some of the Kurita products that Davis & Shirtliff will be distributing across Africa include Ketamine, the latest technology in Boiler water treatment and the Biocide Kuriverter IK 110 which is used to prevent bio-fouling in Reverse Osmosis membranes.

The Kuriverter IK 110 is the only approved biocide with an NSF certificate for on-stream use.

It eliminates the use of chlorine traditionally used for preventing RO membrane biofouling.

Also eliminates dosing of Sodium Metabisulphite for dechlorination before the water enters the membranes.

The distribution pact with Kurita is however not limited, more partnerships are already in the works between the two firms.

Kurita has acquired the order and supplied cooling tower chemicals to Olkaria Unit 5 Geothermal plant.

Davis & Shirtliff is also working with Kurita to develop a range of treatment options for the country’s geothermal power plants through Kengen Olkaria.

The business will in future be transferred to Davis & Shirtliff because of the company’s position as Kurita’s local partner.

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