List of Equity Bank Kenya Business loans


People often find themselves in a fix when it comes to business progression. Equity bank business loans are now available to sort you out.

Among the many banks or lending institutions in Kenya, Equity Bank Kenya stands out above its competitors.

This status can be attributed to the efficiency and availability of Equity Bank Kenya business loans.

As such, the demand for Equity bank Kenya loans has soared over the years.

Take a look at the Equity Bank Kenya business loans and interest rates.

SME Business Loans

Available to SMEs operating in Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Health & other services sectors.


  1. Both customers and non-customer can qualify for the Business Loans
  2. Flexible repayments period up to 60 months
  3.  Minimum of Ksh1,000,001and a Maximum of Ksh50,000,000.
  4.  No guarantors required unless borrower is a limited Company.

Micro Business Loans

This is a new product targeting the youth which forms the bulk of the population. This product seeks to empower them with the tools they need to build and grow a business.

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