5 Best Flexible Laptops to buy 2019

Technology changes every day specifically to do with electronic gadgets. Sometimes you need a laptop and sometimes you need a tablet too, this is why having a flexible laptop (two in one) is becoming handy.

A couple of laptops producing companies are really pushing hard into the market with their latest Technologies. today we have come up with a list of 5 Best flexible laptops fro these companies. our discussion will be based on the general ones rather than actual ones, so here are the five best flexible laptops you can have in 2017 or next year.

5 Best Flexible Laptops to buy 2019

1. Lenovo Yoga Laptops

Kicking up on top of our list is the Lenovo Yoga laptops series. When Lenovo showed off its first yoga laptop way back in 2012 it became a hit, five years later Lenovo is still producing great yoga laptops. for example, the Lenovo Yoga 920 which comes with an Intel 8 generation processor, and flips 360 degrees so essentially you can use it in different positions that fit your lifestyle. What is really interesting about this laptop is its powerful hinges.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro

This is the tablet-style hybrid to beat, the newest versions of Surface Pro has a couple of fanless models, if you opt for the surface pen, it is also upgraded to handle more levels of pressure. The latest Microsoft Surface Pro laptops come with both the laptop cover and a keyboard cover.

Flexible Laptops

3. HP Specter X360 Flexible Laptop

There are two models of the x360, a 13 inch and 15-inch version. Both of these laptops are beautifully designed, with the focus on creating a premium experience. Both of these versions have great keyboards and tack pads.

4. Lenovo Flex

The Lenovo Flex might not feature to have the best design out there but, it is a solid performer, it can handle both work and infotainment. The flex line is a lot like the Yoga line but, a lot cheaper. The 15-inch flex model starts at under 72K.

5. Google Pixel Book

Probably the best chrome book you can get but you will pay for this. The Pixel Book starts at around 100K, it is just a little bit over 10 millimeters thin and weighs around 1150 grams.

That brings us to the end of the 5 Best flexible Laptops you can keep on your wishlist.

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