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Have you ever wondered how your life would turn out to be if you were a U.S citizen? Or rather have you ever desired to live overseas in the U.S and experience the American dream? In this article, we will look at how to apply for an American Green card while in Kenya.

A green card is a requirement if one would like to officially migrate to the U.S. Moreover, the card also gives one certain responsibility and rights as a US citizen. More to this, if one would like to naturalize their citizenship an American Green Card is also required. There are multiple agencies in Kenya that offer this service to Kenyans. However, most of them are just conning sites. So today we will learn how to  Apply for an American Green Card and secure an interview.

What are some of the Green Card Eligibility Categories?

There are about six or more main categories that one can use while applying for an American Green Card. These categories include:

  1. Green Card through Family
    Under this category, one may be eligible to apply as:
    a) An immediate relative of a U.S citizen
    b) Family-based preference category if one is other relatives of a U.S citizen
    c) Fiance’ of a US citizen or the fiance’s child
    d)A U.S citizen’s widower
    e) Victim of extreme cruelty or battery
  2. Immigrant worker
    Immigrant workers with preference are those with extraordinary abilities in education, science, athletics, and business. Professors and multinational managers.
    Second preference immigrant workers are those that are seeking a national waiver, members of the profession with an advanced degree.
    The last preference of immigrant worker is those that are skilled (in a job that requires less than 2 years training), those in a profession as well as those not skilled.
  3. Special Migrant is the other category of using while making an application for a green card. This category is mostly applicable if one is Special Migrant Juvenile (SIJ). A religious worker who will be working for a non Profit is also eligible. Moreover, an international broadcaster, and if one is an employee of an international organization or NATO.
  4. Refugees and Asylee category
  5. The other category is for those that have continuously lived in the U.S since 1st January 1972
  6. Additionally, there is also a category for application for human trafficking and crime victims.
  7. The other categories include; Anyone born in the U.S to a foreign diplomat, A diplomat stationed in the U.S and is unable to return home, Lautenberg parole and Indochinese parole among others.

Once you have found out which category would be suitable for you, the next step is to make an application. Here is how to go about applying to the US.

How to make an Application for American Green Card

  • To make an application to the U.S Green Card, you have to fill in Form I-485 – Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.
  • The first part of this form requires only your basic information that is your name, surname and your country of birth
  • Part 2, is whereby you get to select the category you are filling for.
  • Moreover, in part three, you are required to fill in additional information about yourself.
  • Part 4 is all about your parent’s information
  • All the information about your marital status is on part 5
  • Then information about your children on part 6
  • Your biographic information should be filled in in part 7 of the application form
  • The largest part is part 8 whereby an applicant for the U.S Green card should disclose any criminal violations and acts
  • If you have any disabilities or impairments, Part 9 deals with accommodations for people with disability.
  • One should also disclose their statement, signature as well as contacts on Part 10, if the applicant is not the one making this application, then the person doing this should be able to provide his statement, signature and contact information.
  • For any other additional information, it will have to be provided on Part 14.

Once you have submitted your application American Green Card, USCIS will review your application and then schedule an interview with you

An issued Green Card is usually valid for 10 years.

After the 10 years, one may make an application for renewal of their Green Card.

Here is a form of the schedule of costs to be incurred in case of the following cases.


It is worth noting that there are many scammers these days that dupe people into believing that they can get them a Green Card easily. However, all this is not always possible as good things take time to be. Therefore if you would want to win a Green Card for the U.S, please follow these steps and you will get it through. Moreover, for more information on this, please visit the State immigration department website for more. It is always good to follow all steps articulated to apply for an American green card.

All the best in carrying out the applications.

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