How Social Media Affects Work Performance

Businesses have priorities that need to be attained. Small businesses have the advantage of only the owner or 3 other individuals working in it. Therefore, not a major hustle compared to large corporations with hundreds and thousands of workers employed in the company. Many employers have complained of low employee productivity, citing social media devastation such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is worrying when workers turn work time into leisure time talking about nothing and hanging around chats. Companies have taken strict steps against lazing around and wasting time on online socialization. Employers fires some employees and others warnings. Certain sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been blocked to ensure that job descriptions are fulfilled.

Effect on Leadership

Many employees have no ambition and will rather wait for instructions and direction from their leaders. They believe in “following” the leader. This harms the team. Part of leading people means being able to incorporate each person’s difference and working together for a common goal. Many leaders struggle with this part and thus not able to influence their teams for the better. Employees who have no ambition and a leader to guide them will easily be destructed with things and social media just happens to be a victim of the circumstance.

Leadership is all about influencing people to do what they need to do. A good leader should set an example to the employees by continuously improving his or her leadership skills. People will always oppose situations that infringe on their rights and freedom and leaders will never lead people successfully by use of cruel methods like; intimidation, harassment, or power plays. A good leader stands to lead the way and is happier to note that people are following by just observing him. Such a leader is keen to gain confidence from employees because they believe that he or she knows what is supposed to be done and doing it.

The way seniors treat their employees affects them. If a leader treats employees with respect, they will in turn treat him/her the same. The leader needs to communicate with employees to hear their views and also provide direction for them. However relying on employees’ information may be misleading sometimes as they may paint a different picture; a leader needs to keenly follow to daily happenings and assess situations to make sound decisions. The most important thing to note is that leaders build genuine relationships with people which act as the basis of influence.


It is evident that employees who are finding it hard to produce in their work places have weak leadership. We have explained how a leader has such influence on his or her people to a point where things fall in place because the head is doing what is needed and connecting with the rest of the body. I dare challenge the firms having problems with employee’s productivity and citing social media as the greatest destructor to stand up and assess the kind of leadership in place. Change in leadership may just be the solution to the thorn in the skin of many firms.

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