How to Apply For a National Identity Card in Kenya

It is the most important document that you will need after 18 years but yet, many people still do not know the procedures they should follow to apply for it. Nonetheless, I will guide you on how to apply for a national identity card in Kenya. The Kenya Identity Card is the main and legal identification document recognized in Kenya.

How to Apply For a National Identity Card in Kenya

For Kenyan citizens, applying for a national Identity Card is quite easy. However, without the needed documents, the application process can be quite hectic. The process and the documents needed to make the whole process easy and successful are as follows.

The process of Application

The first thing that the applicant must produce is an original birth certificate and a copy of the same. If the document is available, the applicant should also produce their school leaving certificate. The applicant is also required to produce original national identity cards of both parents. A photocopy of each of the documents is also needed.

The second thing that the applicant should do is go to the office of the District Officer (DO) to get a form with which they apply for the national identity card. The applicant should fill out the details on the form that concerns them without any errors. After filling out, the form should be taken to the assistant chief or the chief for signing.

When this is done, the form should be taken to the office of the District officer where the details on the filled form are scrutinized and verified. The District officer then appends a signature to the form.

 If the form passes this stage, fingerprints and a passport size photograph of the applicant are taken. They are sent together with the form to the relevant offices mandated with the creation of the national identity cards.

The applicant is then issued with a waiting card with which they can use as the national identity card as they wait for their national identity card to be processed.

The waiting period may last up to two months. When the time has elapsed, the applicant should then go the office of the District officer to collect their national identity card.

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