How to Get Rid of Bedbugs in Kenya

Are you struggling with the Bedbug problem? Well, here is a solution on how to get rid of bedbugs in the most effective way. Read on.

Bedbugs in Kenya are a type of small oval-shaped non-flying insects that feed on human blood usually at night. Today we will learn how to get rid of bedbugs.

The bedbug family surprisingly has over 90 species of bedbugs, but only three of the 90 species feed on the human blood.

There are two known species of bedbugs in Kenya. They comprise of the C.lectularius, C.hemipterus and the L.boueti. The C.lectularius and the C.hemipterus have similar characteristics. They nest in household items, especially mattresses, sofas, and carpets.

L.boueti species is found mostly in tropical areas such as  West Africa and South America. This type of bugs are primarily interested in bats and only suck human blood when convenient.

Bedbugs In Kenya include the  C. lectularius and the C.hemipterus. They breed in dark corners, furniture, including mattresses, box springs, and bed frames.

The bugs are most active at night, that is when they bite.

They have an annoying nature and its difficult to get rid of them. However, several solutions can control them.

How to get rid of bedbugs in Kenya

Here are some of the most effective ways of getting rid of bugs in Kenya:

1. Vacuum cleaning

You can use a sturdy house attachment and a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the bedbugs. The vacuum cleaner sucks them and the eggs from the surfaces

To achieve the best results, You should vacuum at least every few days while battling an infestation. Be thorough and use the vacuum on the mattress, bedding, and soft furniture like sofas and cushy chairs.

Also pay special attention to the carpet, floors and any cracks in the walls or floorboards. Check electrical appliances like fans and even your laptop for signs of an infestation.

2. Steam cleaning

Bedbugs cannot survive on temperatures beyond 140 degrees; hence steaming can be an effective way to get rid of them.

Once they are exposed to heat, the bugs and the eggs will die at high temperatures.

However, this method does not apply to items such as electronics and also things that can get damaged when exposed to heat. Mattresses as well can be cleaned by steaming but can be difficult to hence not advisable.

3. Silica gel

The gel is packed in little packets found in packets of food products, clothes, bags, and shoe pockets.

To use them, grind up the beads and spread the powder around the source areas. One of the cons of this method is, kids and pets can easily take them and end up eating poison which is harmful to their health.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda sucks the moisture. When used as a treatment to get rid of bedbugs, it sucks the moisture out of their bodies hence end up dying.

The powder can be spread in all areas where bedbugs have habituated, including cracks and crevices. This method can be useful if reaped frequently and the place vacuumed too.

5. Lavender

The smell of lavender makes a bed bug feel nauseous and can even lead to their death, especially in undiluted solutions.

Alternatively, you can triple the effectiveness by washing items with lavender soap, spraying diluted essential oils and spreading leaves over affected areas.

Another alternative is the peppermint leaves which have the same effect as lavender.

6. Indian Lilac

The leaves of Indian Lilac have a similar impact to other plant-based, herbal remedies. You can crush the leaves and spread them about. Alternatively, boil the leaves, strain the solution and add it to your bathwater.

This technique can be useful for the closet and clothes infestations. Spray the solution in closets, on sofas, and around the home to repel these critters.

7. Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a higher acidity level that kills the bugs and the eggs. The smell of the lemongrass also serves as a repellent.

8. Pyrethrum

The flowers of these plants are a natural pesticide. When sprinkled in the affected areas, it kills the bedbugs by attacking their nervous system.

9. Cayenne pepper

When mixed with other natural items like ginger and oregano, cayenne pepper kills the bugs spot on.

You can mix a single teaspoon of cayenne pepper, ground ginger, and oregano oil. Then strain the ingredients to achieve the pesticide.

Fill it in a spray bottle and spray the bugs away.

10. Fumigation

This is so far the most effective way to control pests and bedbugs in Kenya. ‘

Fumigation is a technique of pest control that fills an area with gaseous insecticides and pesticides.

It works by suffocating or poisoning pests within premises, soil and produce. Fumigation eliminates all pests regardless of the stage of life the pests are at, for example, eggs, pupa, larvae, and adults.

Many pest control measures typically take a more extended period to work, but fumigation frequently takes effective overnight.

How to get rid of bedbugs conclusion

In conclusion, the most apparent cause of bedbugs is a lack of awareness. This is because when you lack any information about them, it won’t be an easy task for managing them.

This awareness includes knowing ways to control them, how to kill them, and how to prevent them from prom infesting your place.

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