KiliMall: The first Kenyan Online Shopping Mall

While online shopping platforms have been increasing in the global market, few can be called Kenyan. Although Jumia is well known to many Kenyans, it is owned by a German company and operates in several other African countries. However, this changed when KiliMall, the first Kenyan online mall was opened.

There has been an increasing trend of online shopping in Kenya and other Developing African countries. With increased internet connectivity, we can anticipate more online shops and greater convenience as the industry continues to evolve.

Since its launch, Kenyans have embraced online shopping through the online platform. Some few years ago, many people did not understand the aspect of E-commerce in regard to solving physical shopping. Key to note is that E-commerce is supposed to offer cost-effective products and above all, the quality of products should be better.


Incredibly, Online shopping should break long chain of commodities from manufacturer to the final consumer. This will eventually reduce purchasing costs making quality products available to people with cost-effective rates. In realization of how cost affects purchases, KiliMall provides better prices on products compared to other online shops in Kenya.

While all generations can engage in online shopping, it is a trend that is especially being adopted by younger people. Mainly because they are aware of online shopping and how to go about it. It cuts the transport cost and saves on time that would otherwise have been used to go for shopping.

Like other online shops, one can purchase an item any time of the day or night and wait for it to be delivered in the shortest time possible. KiliMall also offers several products some of which you cannot find in a conventional store.

Products sold in KiliMall

  • Computers/Laptops AND Tablets
  • Men and women Shoes
  • Home and Living
  • Men and women Clothes
  • Office Products
  • Bags and Fashion
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Books and Music
  • Sports and Outdoor wears
  • Beauty and Hair products

Most online shops often have an Affiliate program that helps to promote its products. So does KiliMall, one can enroll for the program and earn commissions for each good sold through their affiliate link. It is an opportunity young people can tap into and generate patio income for themselves.




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