Nakumatt Global Card for Online Shopping

What is A Nakumatt Global Card?

A Nakumatt Global Card is a prepaid debit that is MasterCard branded, it is a multi-currency non-personalized prepaid card that doubles up as a loyalty card has access to more than 33 million retailers and businesses across 210 countries where MasterCard is accepted.

The Card was Launched on October 23, 2013, by Nakumatt which is one of East Africa’s biggest retailer in partnership with the MasterCard, Kenya Commercial Bank, and Diamond Trust Bank.

The Nakumatt Cybercash loyalty card has now been replaced with the Nakumatt Global MasterCard Prepaid, thus allowing customers to load money onto the card which in turn can be used for purchases at POS terminals, cash withdrawals and online purchases.

Despite being used at Nakumatt stores across East Africa, the card can also be used by other retailers who accepts MasterCard payment cards worldwide.

Card holders are able to earn Nakumatt loyalty points on every purchase they make at any purchase points where MasterCard is accepted. The points earned are only redeemable at Nakumatt stores.

The Nakumatt Global MasterCard Prepaid card uses a special feature of PayPass technology, which is ideal and effective for quick payment environments where speed and convenience matter most.

PayPass is supported by multi-level security protections, which is a state-of-the-art security protections of the MasterCard payment system that includes an advanced encryption of PayPass radio frequency transaction transmissions.

Where to get the Nakumatt Global Card

Visit any Nakumatt Store countrywide or KCB/DTB branch to get the new Nakumatt Global Card and enjoy the great world of shopping. Remember to carry a copy of your ID to be attached to an application form.

A card which is obtained from Nakumatt can be used immediately, However, you’ll have to wait for 72 hours for a card obtained from either KCB or DTB Bank.

A card is obtained at a cost of Ksh 100 at Nakumatt branches and Ksh 500 at KCB and DTBup Branches respectively.

How to Link your Nakumatt Global Card with PayPal

One of the benefits of using Nakumart Global is shopping online, To do so, you need to link your card with PayPal first.

After you have signed up with PayPal, you will be requested to link a card, ensure you have at least 2K or less so that PayPal will debit your card.

You will receive an SMS with the PIN that you can use to verify your PayPal account. Easy Huh!

How to Top Up you Nakumatt Global Card

It is free to top up your card at any Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or DTB Branch, you only need to present a copy of your National ID or Passport.

Top up Nakumatt card Via Mpesa

Remember Mpesa charges will apply when topping up via Mpesa. Use the DTB PayBill number 516606 and your mobile number as account Number. For KCB, use the KCB PayBill number 522522 and your 16-digit card number as Account Number.

How To Manage Your Nakumatt Global Account Online

Steps for Login into the Nakumatt Global portal.

Remember use internet explorer as the recommended browser but you can use any other, I have not faced any difficulties with them.

  • Visit the Nakumatt Global website to log in to your account.
  • Input the first 6 digits of your card number and click on the “Enter” button.
  • When logging in for the second time, use your full card number as your user ID or your phone number that you used to register.
  • Key in the 8 digits sent to your phone when you were issued with the Nakumatt Global card.
  • You will be redirected to a one-time registration page.
  • Enter your birthday
  • For the card pack ID field, type in your loyalty number that is below your card number on your Nakumatt Global card.
  • Select any one of the security questions given, and provide an answer
  • Click “continue”, you will be redirected to the next page to reset your login password.

You will have to wait patiently for redirection don’t click anywhere, doing so results in your session timing out prompting you to start all over again. Remember to allow pop-ups when using other browsers.

You can now log in with your card number as a user ID and the new password you set as the password.

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