7 coolest gadgets you will see in 2018


Just when you think you have seen it all, new innovations keep crawling and amazing us. Here are some of the coolest innovations in 2018

LG’s rollable TV

This is LG’s giant 65-inch 4K OLED TV. This is a rollable TV concept that can emerge when you want it to. It goes back into its home box when not in use. You can adjust the height of the TV for certain types of content.

cool gadgets

Sunflower Shadecraft

This is a robotic umbrella going for a staggering KES 900,000. The Sunflower Shadecraft moves with the sun. It has a built-in entertainment system. It comes equipped with its own security camera.

Razer’s “Project Linda”

Razer’s “Project Linda” concept turns your smartphone into a laptop. It has a laptop-shaped dock for Razer’s phone.

This becomes the touchpad you’d normally have on a laptop. It will automatically display what is on your phone to the laptop screen.

Samsung’s modular TV “The Wall”

Meet Samsung’s new modular TV. They call it “The Wall.” It can change sizes to best fit your environment. Its standard size is 146 inches.

Google’s Lenovo Mirage Solo

Google’s Lenovo Mirage Solo is a smartphone in VR headset form. It’s their first standalone VR headset with high-tech hardware. It doesn’t require a smartphone, PC, or video game console to render VR graphics.

Toyota’s self-driving e-Palette

This is Toyota’s self-driving e-Palette concept vehicle. It will serve as a multi-purpose delivery vehicle, mobile office, or storefront. With Toyota’s recent partnership with Pizza Hut, the vehicle could be used to deliver pizzas In the US.


LG revealed their ThinQ AI TV. It’s stunningly thin, OLED, and has 4K resolution. It can be controlled by Google Assistant.

These gadgets are absolutely wowing. With this trend, I am oblivious of what the future holds

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