OPPO F7 Price in Kenya and Specifications

Imagine how your selfie would look if it was taken by a 25MP camera. Now add up an enhanced AI beauty software; you can only come out looking flawless. Only the best selfie camera phone can do this and you’re about to discover the OPPO F7.

Before now, there has been a lot of selfie cameras contending for the top spot of the best selfie camera phone. Contenders like Google Nexus, iPhone X, Vivo, LG, and others.

Top selfie camera phones before the OPPO F7.

Here’s a breakdown of the top camera selfie phones before now.

Vivo 7+: 24 Megapixel; f/2.0

OPPO R11: 20 Megapixel; 22mm; f/2.0

OnePlus 5T: 16 Megapixel; 20mm; f/2.0

Motorolla Moto X4: 16 Megapixel; f/2.0

Xiaomi Mi 6: 8 Megapixel; 27mm; f/2.0

Google Pixel 2: 8 Megapixel; 25mm; f/2.4

Apple iPhone X: 7 Megapixel; 32mm; f/2.2

Samsung Galaxy S8: 8 Megapixel; 25mm; f/1.7

This list above shows the best set of selfie camera phones before the OPPO F7.

What’s is so special about OPPO F7?

Update: You can now order the OPPO Phone Online Here.

Asides the outstanding camera which we’d examine in the next section, OPPO F7 comes with these amazing features below:

Bigger screen, smaller Phone

OPPO 7 comes with a very impressive screen size of 6.23 inches. Yet, this super screen size is on a compact body of 5.5-inch. This is possible because of the 88% screen and 19:9 aspects ratio that makes the screen look much bigger. Innovative right? It doesn’t end there…

Cool gesture and full-screen multitasking.

F7 utilizes gestures like swipe, drag, flick, and tap to give you interesting experiences with the device. You can also run multiple apps and do different things on the same screen at the same time.

Optimized Processor

OPPO F7 runs on MTK P60 Processor. This processor consists of two sets of Quad-core AI processor. Giving its an amazing speed and smoother experience during your gaming, image processing, and multitasking.

Optimum Battery life

Its battery power of 3400mAh is optimized using an intelligent power management tool. It learns your power usage and controls your app activity to save your battery.

Large storage space

F7 comes in 64 GB and 128 GB options and it is expandable to 256 GB on an external SD card.

Fast Facial unlock

Say bye to the slow and frustrating facial unlock, with OPPO F7 welcome to speed. It has an enhanced AI recognition technology that uses 128 recognition points to pick out your face and open as fast as possible.

Other features include a 4 GB RAM and dual 4G Sim.

Enough of these figures, let’s talk pictures – I mean selfie photos!

Why OPPO F7 is The Best Selfie Camera Phone Right Now

In this beauty is packed a whopping 25 Megapixel selfie camera resolution making it the best in the market.

The selfie camera has embedded in it an HDR sensor. So, whatever light exposure available, you can only get a flawless shot.

Just when you think you’ve had enough of this device… Think again!

It has an AI Beauty Technology that enhanced your selfies to look clean and beautiful. With this technology, it easily identifies a male or female to make them look the best.

You can also choose the vivid mode from the photo options to bring out your photogenic and natural beauty.

You’d agree with me that this is the heaven of selfie photography on mobile phones. Even the primary camera has as many functions with AI learning and AI scene recognition to make every photo memorable.

Here’s a summary of the full features of OPPO F7.

Operating System ColorOS 5.0 based on Android 8.1
Display 6.23 inch + FHD
Processor MTK P60 Processor (Octa-core)
Camera 25MP secondary camera
Storage 64GB, 128GB
Battery 3400mAh
Connection Edge, 3G, 4G
Other specifications AI beauty camera
Facial unlock

Don’t you just want to have this? I mean, think of the endless things you can do with the OPPO F7.

Thanks for reading through.

Asides the camera function, which of the features of the OPPO F7 amazes you?

Mine is the screen display technology.

Let me know yours in the comments section.


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