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Taking Stock: Personal Development Plans- PDP

Taking Stock: Personal Development Plans- PDP
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Congratulations! You have lived through the first month of year 2018. How has the ride been? Easy? Tough? Well, I am happy to inform you that you have come this far, unscathed (or at least I hope so). Hoping against all hope that you have in one way or another achieved any of the set plans you made as we entered 2018.

Stock taking isn’t something we like to do, mostly because it reminds us of how far behind we are lagging. It calls us out on our irresponsibility, it reminds us that we need to straighten things should we want to get to the next level.

What Are Personal Development Plans?

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This is a breakdown of your life goals in every area of your life. Life as I know it is a puzzle made up of many tiny pieces. There is need for all these to balance for one to lead a healthy life.

A personal development plan document is therefore an outline of all you intend to achieve over a period of time: 1, 3, 5 years. I understand how simple it is for us to set short term goals and disregard the long term goals. Let me interest you with this findings.

On his post, How To Set Goals, Chad Howse takes you through a step by step process of setting audacious goals. He gives a perfect way on how to set goals that will keep you awake and kick you out of your comfort zone.

What’s The Process?

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To draw up a personal development plan document, follow the following steps.

  1. Building Spiritual Capacity (Moving from Just Relationship to Quality Fellowship with Your God)
  2. Inspirational and Motivational Books to Read in 2018 (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  3. Professional And Career Development Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (Either Paid or Free)
  4. Mentors and Coaches you must connect with in 2018, which will add great value to your life and work.
  5. Relevant/Additional Skills to Develop or Sharpen to enhance your ability to SERVE people and EARN more.
  6. Events, Places, Cities And Nations To Visit for personal relaxation, recreation and education.
  7. Networks or Associations to join, that will serve as leverages for opportunities and connections (online or offline)
  8. What Products or/and Services will you be creating in 2018 to multiply IMPACT and increase INCOME.
  9. Negative Relationships or Friendships to cut off (that drain personal energy)
  10. Wise and Intelligent Investments to undertake in 2018.
  11. Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviors to confront and conquer.
  12. Positive Habits, Attitudes.

Are You Ready To Step Into The Unknown?

In an interview with his mentee, Lewis Howes asked this of John Assaraf, “Are you interested in achieving these goals, or are you committed?” to which Assaraf responded, “What’s the difference?”

Howes responded, “If you’re interested, you come up with stories, excuses, reasons, and circumstances about why you can’t or why you won’t. If you’re committed, those go out the window. You just do whatever it takes.”

Knowing all this, are you ready to do what ever it takes to reach you limit? Be audacious today, and you will thrive!



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