Best Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

These days more and more organisations are using recruitment agencies to fill job vacancies. Recruitment agencies in Kenya have become more convenient and effective because they can be able to fill in a position within a brief period.

Therefore, as a job seeker, you are at a more considerable disadvantage if you don’t regularly check the jobs advertised by recruitment agencies. As a result, we will look at the list of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

  1. Summit Recruitment and training
  2. Flexi Personnel
  3. Janta Kenya
  4. Workforce services group
  5. Frank Management consult
  6. Corporate Staffing Services
  7. Recours 4 Kenya
  8. Career Options Limited Africa

Let’ts now delve into details below:

1. Summit Recruitment and training

Summit recruitment and search is specialised in talent outsourcing for executive search and organisations. This company operates not only in Kenya but across South Africa, East Africa as well as other African countries. To make sure that only the best are selected, Summit recruitment employs a portfolio of psychometric assessment tools.

Some of Summits biggest clients include Bata, DusitD2, Tropical heat among many other companies. The success rate of this company is 96% for recruitment and 100% for executive search. They are making it the best place to start when looking to be placed quickly.

This recruitment agency is located at Blixen court, Karen road, Karen.Telephone: + 254 (0) 713 461 279 or +254 (0) 738 555 933. Email:

2. Flexi Personnel Recruitment Agency

Flexi personnel is a recruitment agency established in 2008.  The company provides a wide range of human resource solutions to its clients. Some services offered by Flexi personnel include:

  • Headhunting
  • Human resource management consultancy
  • Outsourced payroll management
  • Labour management
  • Expatriate relocation support

This recruitment firm values integrity and only delivers what is best for its clients without discrimination. Moreover, it has a presence in more than seven countries in Africa. Part of the Flexi personnel client base includes:

  • Vivo energy
  • Uber
  • Highlands
  • Mastercard
  • IATA
  • Carrefour
  • Embassy of Israel

This is the best recruitment agency to use because, on its website, it provides job vacancies from all over the world.

How to reach Flexi personnel

Location: Marsabit Plaza, 2nd Floor, Nairobi, Kenya. Email: Mobile: +254 20 2500211. Telephone: +254714702443.

3. Janta Kenya Recruitment Agency in Kenya

Janta Kenya is one of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya. The timely delivery of its services measures the company’s service ethos. Apart from offering consultancy services, Janta Kenya also offers training and development as well as recruitment.

This recruitment agency has an excellent Website with a good usability interface. An employer can post a job directly from their office on this website. As an individual job seeker, Janta Kenya offers professional resume writing services, career training as well as career counselling.

Moreover being one of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya, Janta Kenya has a strong social media presence.

Here is how to reach Janta Kenya

Email: Mobile: + 254 726 061 607 / 718 850 693 Telephone: + 254 (020) 522 6464.

4. Workforce services group

Workforce services group has been in the recruitment industry in Kenya for the longest time. This company specialises in recruiting from middle management to the executive position for all forms of organisation. The firm has a presence all over East Africa.

Away from recruitment, Manpower also offers training to its clients on a wide range of topics like:

  • Over 20 Non-Monetary Staff Motivators
  • How to Manage Organization Change
  • World-class customer care
  • Senior managers courses

The firm boast of having the most prominent companies and corporations as clients such as:

  • Safaricom
  • KenGen
  • NHIF
  • Magical Kenya
  • KCB

If these and more companies listed on their website are your dream companies that you would love to work in, please contact them through:

Location: Manpower Kenya(Head office), Manpower Services Group (K) Ltd. Real Towers, 14th Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Next to KASNEB.

Email:, Mobile: (+254) 0720-765496 / 0733-629960 Telephone: (+254) 020-2710550 / 020-2718667 / 020-2712265.

5. Frank Management consult

Frank Management has been in business for the past 15 years. According to Frank’s management, this recruitment firm is a premier recruitment and training company. In addition to the services above, it also offers:

  • Background checks
  • Human resource audits
  • In-house training
  • career development advisory
  • Recruitment

To reach out:

Location: Nyaku House, 1st Floor, Argwings Kodhek Rd, Hurlingham. Email:, Mobile: +254 700777201 Telephone: +254 20 2724724

6. Corporate Staffing Services

Corporate staffing Kenya is probably the only recruitment firm that is accredited by the Institute of human resources management. It is also accredited by the Ministry of labour in Kenya. This company has a huge database of qualified professionals and therefore making it the best place to hire from as a company.

Corporate staffing services offer the following services:

  • Payroll services
  • Hr Consultancy
  • Staff recruiting services

Some of the recruitment agencies clients include:

  • UN Women
  • Weetabix
  • Hass Consult
  • Domino’s
  • Windsor
  • Honda

To reach Corporate staffing, please contact them through:

Location: 4th Floor, Mayfair Suites, Westlands, Nairobi. Mobile: 0798 56 86 38, 0798 56 86 43, Telephone Line: 020 516 0045, 020-4442601. 0718-610 023, 0722 735 216.

7. Recours 4 Kenya

Recours 4 Kenya is among the best in the list of recruitment agencies in Kenya. The firm has won various accolades in the world of consultancy and recruitment firms. Therefore, it is a firm that specialises in youth-focused recruitment, training and hr consultancy firm. The firm also offers resume writing services for its clients.

Some of the previous clients for this recruitment firm include:

  • Sportpesa
  • Toshiba
  • Action Aid
  • World Bank Group
  • Panasonic

This firm is famously known as the leading youth-focused recruitment and training firm in Kenya. Their clients trust the firm as an extension of their team, and they turn to it for the best recruitment, soft skills development training, talent management, and retention solutions.

8. Career Options Limited

Career Options Limited is among the list of recruitment firms in Kenya. However, it carries out its recruitment differently. The firm generally drives more focus to the passive candidate, who has always proved to be the best over the years.

Some of the primary services offered by this firm include:

  • Talent Acquisition for companies and organisations
  • Background Checks
  • Psychometric tests
  • Staff outsourcing.

The firm has been operational since 2007 and has continuously and religiously delivered high-quality services to its clients. Moreover, the firm focuses on sourcing talent globally for blue-chip companies in Africa and the Middle East.

9. Reach Recruit East Africa Recruitment Agency in Kenya

Reach recruit East Africa is a recruitment firm that hires and employs people for outsourcing to other organisations. The primary core value for this organisation is the celebration and appreciation of difference.

Moreover, the firm has a straightforward and interactive website which those seeking jobs could easily access and do so.

10. Selective Outsourcing Solutions Kenya

Selective outsourcing solutions Kenya is a recruitment agency in Kenya that offers the following services to its clients.

  • Workforce recruitment solutions
  • Consulting services
  • Training and development
  • Outsourcing services

Each of the four segments above is further categorized to various other services which the firm’s clients can easily access. The firm also recruits for the middle east for multiple positions such as drivers, cooks, house managers, among others.

Recruitment Agencies in Kenya Conclusion

In conclusion, it is imperative to do prior research and reviews before engaging with any recruitment agency in Kenya. There have been several cases in which people have been duped to get into dubious agreements. The first rule of thumb for engaging with any recruitment agency is to do your homework.

If you need jobs abroad be sure to check out this list of abroad recruitment agencies.

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