Safaricom Fibre Vs Zuku: Which is the Better Option?

safaricom fibre vs zuku

Safaricom is among the largest telecommunications company in Africa. Recently, this company decided to invest in the provision of home fibre to its customers. Zuku home internet, on the other hand, has been in the market for quite a while now. At the moment, Zuku has the largest number of subscribers followed closely by Safaricom. However, Which is the better option; Safaricom Fibre vs Zuku? Join me as we find out about this in this article.

Safaricom Home Fibre; What is it?

This product allows one to have the fastest, unlimited home internet with Zero buffering at the comfort of one’s home. Despite the package that one subscribes to, one is able to experience the ultimate convenience of being always connected.

Moreover, it’s worth to note that Safaricom home fibre does not only cover the high usage clientele but also light users. It has around four packages which are basically categorised into two;

A) Fibre only Packages

The fibre only category has two major packages. These packages have the following features.

Bronze Package – 5MBPS
Allows access to emails, standard movies social media as well as Music downloads
This package goes for only Ksh. 2,900.00 for 30 days.

Silver Package – 10MBPS
Unlimited internet services for media streaming from all sites
This package will cost only Ksh.3,999.00 for 30 days subscription.

B) Fibre Plus Package

In addition to the two packages explained above, Safaricom home fibre also has some value packages. These packages, in addition to streaming, they also offer HD TV programming. Here are the packages as well as the features.

Gold Package – 20MBPS
Access to downloads from multiple devices
High definition Television programming as well as movie and music streaming.
This package costs Ksh.5,699 for 30 days


Diamond Package – 40MbPS
An additional feature to this package includes Gaming, Connection of surveillance devices, as well as streaming high definition movies and music videos. This package will cost Ksh. 11,499 for 30 days

All that one needs to do is to find out if where they live is currently covered by Safaricom. This majorly because, Safaricom home fibre has not yet spread out to all the regions, unlike Zuku which is found almost everywhere.

To find out the areas covered by Safaricom please visit their site. If you find out that your area is not covered, you might need to reach out to them to know if there are any connections in the pipeline.

Why Choose Safaricom Home Fibre?

Below are some of the main benefits of choosing Safaricom home fibre vs Zuku home internet

  1. It will only take you 48 hours to be connected to Safaricom internet after reaching out to them and making the initial payment.
  2. Their customer service is at the top. It takes less than half a day to have any problem you have with your internet connection fixed. Another perk is that you don’t have to wait in line for long in order to find help. You can just dial *400# and describe your issue
  3. Reliability – with Safaricom internet, there is no buffering. That means you will spend your time as intended and no wastage of time.
  4. It will cost you absolutely nothing for the installation.
  5. If you are a content creator, then Safaricom home fibre is your best friend. This connection provides ease in uploading content.

Zuku home internet; What it is?

Compared to Safaricom home internet, Zuku has been in the market for a longer period of time. It is also mostly referred to as the cheapest option when it comes to getting a home internet connection. Over the past few years, Zuku has been the leading market share holder in regards to the provision of a home internet connection. It is very hard to visit an estate and miss a Zuku aerial.

Just like Safaricom, Zuku offers a wide range of packages for its clients. These packages are also divided into two:

  1. Internet only packages

For the internet only packages, Zuku, has two major packages:

Internet only up to 5MBPS
In this package: Installation cost is free, One also receives a free modem and high-speed internet connection.
This package only cost Ksh. 2,499

Up to 10MBPS internet only package
Like the other package, one gets a free modem and zero installation costs. As well as a high-speed connection for up to 10MBPS
The cost of this package is Ksh. 3,999.

2. Triple play packages

In addition to the internet only packages, Zuku offers a wide variety of triple play packages. These packages include:

Up to 5MBPS Tripple play and Up to 10MBPS
This is an upgrade of internet only 5 MBPS package above. In order to upgrade to this package, one needs to add Ksh. 499 to the initial cost.
The additional features are Tv decoder and
60 Tv channel both local and international.





Triple Play up to 100mBPS
One has access to 60 Tv channels, Free installation, modem, Zuku to Zuku calls. As well as handset at 1500 and get it while loaded with credit at the same cost. Cost is Ksh. 11, 299


Tripple play Up to 30MBPS and 50MBPS
The first package of up to 30MBPS will cost one Ksh.5, 299 while the 50MBPS one will cost 6,799.

The benefits of the 2 packages are similarly the same with the difference being the amount of internet received. These benefits are 60 tv channels,  free prime Asian channels, free modem, Tv decoder and installation. As well as Zuku to Zuku calls. With an addition of another Ksh.1500, one gets a Zuku handset loaded with Ksh. 1500 airtime.

Tripple play up to 250 MBPS
Access to 98 international and local TV channels, Free installation, Zuku to Zuku calls as well as a modem. free premium Asian packages. As well as a Zuku handset at an additional cost of Ksh.1500, loaded with the same credit. Cost for this package is Ksh. 22,499


Why Choose Zuku vs Safaricom internet?

  1. As I said earlier, Zuku offers value for your money. This is because one gets free Tv in addition to the bandwidth one has subscribed to.
  2. Zuku is available almost in all major towns. This basically implies that in some towns it may be your only option to subscribe to since there may be none other.
  3. Zuku has a very good rewarding policy for its customers who have subscribed with them over a long period. Like automatic upgrades without extra costs.

Moreover, despite the fact that Zuku home internet is almost everywhere, one has to confirm availability in their area. To do this, please contact Zuku directly.

Currently, Zuku does not have very good ratings when it comes to how they handle customer queries. Based on a lot of online reviews, most customers agree that their services are whacky and they need to improve on that side.

Conclusion on Safaricom fibre vs Zuku

However, in conclusion, When it comes to Safaricom fibre vs Zuku, it’s important to subscribe to an internet connection that best serves your purpose.  Ask yourself what you really need. Is it a faster internet connection as well as TV or is it just a faster internet with Zero buffering. Again, assess your needs, does your household have more than 2 people with smart devices or is it just you.

The other major question is whether the internet provider you intend to subscribe to is available in your locality. Assess whether you are a light or a heavy internet user as well. All these aspects will guide you in selecting the better option.